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Besides the short stories I share here, I have longer form work available at some ebook sellers.  These stories take a more indepth look at the same themes of the shorter works on this site.  Check out my author page on:

Sin City Stripping

You are Jessie, a shy wife, who decides to get Ryan, your husband what he’s always wanted for his birthday.  You send Ryan down to Las Vegas with his friends, Kyle and Neil, get them a huge suite in a posh hotel and let them have their fun.  Little does Ryan know that the private entertainment you have lined up for them are your two best friends; bubbly, friendly Erin, and tough, playful Nicole!  Dressing up as slutty strippers the three of you arrive at Ryan’s suite to strip for their pleasure.  As clothes come off, inhibitions are lost and almost anything goes.  As the night continues, Jessie will find herself doing things and seeing things she had only read about before, and loving every moment of it.  Live your fantasies, let go of your preconceived notions, and head to Sin City.
Published: March 3, 2013
Approximate Pages: 42
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The Ravishing

I want you and you are ready to submit to my wants. The Ravishing documents the night that I came to visit you, tie you up, and have my way, making you come multiple times for my pleasure. This is a light Bondage story.
Published: May 21, 2013
Approximate Pages: 33
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Teased & Pleased: An Erotic Anthology

Five hot tales of pampering, pleasing and power plays.  With three stand alone stories, and one two part story, this anthology showcases some of John's finest work.
1.  Breakfast in Bed - It's Saturday Morning and what could be more delicious than having your breakfast in bed?  Maybe sharing the experience with your captivated partner.
2.  Teased & Pleased - Waking up after a crazy night, I see you lying there and can’t help but want to pamper you this morning.  A long, delicious shower followed by a nice massage, maybe a few treats along the way.
3.  Blissful Awakenings  - I've had the sweetest dreams of you, and now I’m going to make them a reality.  Imagine the look on your face when you wake up to that!
4.  Good End to the Day - Coming home after a day at work, you’re surprised by dinner piping hot on the stove, being bathed, and then the most incredible sex you've had in a long time.
5.  The End is Just the Beginning  - Picking up right after a Good End… I wake up and I haven’t had my fill of you yet.  Once you've woken up you find you need your desires satiated as well. 
Published: July 25, 2013
Approximate Pages: 70
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Playful Punishments

Sometimes, you want to test your boundaries, sometimes, you want to see what you can get away with. Sometimes, you want be punished. In this anthology of three stories, these women find out what it feels like to be punished by a well placed hand. Even with their bottoms stinging they are enjoying the spankings! Put yourself in their shoes and feel the pleasure of some Playful Punishment.
Published: September 22, 2013
Approximate Pages: 19

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