Tuesday, May 26, 2015

An Offer I Can't Refuse

by John Satisfy

When I walk into the room you are lying their naked, a smile on your lips.  Slowly, you spread your legs wide, letting your aroma waif up and fill the space between us.  My gaze moves from your eyes and glides down your body in tandem with your hands.

You place your left hand on your mound and move it over to your leg, spreading yourself open for me.  Then, deliberately, you take your right middle finger and run it over your clit.  You let out a moan as you tease your body.  It wasn’t enough and you start tapping it with your index finger, sending pleasure throughout your core.

You’re licking your lips as you grab your clit hood and start rolling it between your fingers.  I’m watching as your juices leak out of your slit and glisten in the warm light from the candles.  I move my gaze back to your adorable face and I can see the glint of lust in your eyes.

Your breath is starting to become ragged and you breathe in sharply.  As you exhale you manage to form words, “Want a little taste?”