Monday, April 29, 2013

Monday's Tease: The Ravishing

I've said that this was a place for not just finished stories, but also for snippets and teases.  So today I have the first few words of my next story.  It's now available for purchase!  So, I know you're curious... here's a little tease of how I would start ravishing you.

I want you.

It is just that simple.  I want you completely.  Tonight my wants shall be satiated.

When I arrive at your house, you open the door slowly.  You peek around the edge of the door and I look past your glasses and into your eyes while not saying a word.  I don’t need to say anything because my look reveals a deep hunger for you.  You can see your reflection staring back and seeing yourself through my eyes causes your cheeks to become flush.  You place your hand on your cheek to hide it and in doing so you feel the heat against your palm.

I had emailed you earlier in the day to tell you how much I wanted you.  You are under no illusions; we both know that this visit is so that I can ravish you tonight.  In preparation you have decided to wear your sexiest outfit that you own.  So as you open the door fully I am greeted by you wearing a black corset with blue highlights that hugs your body tightly, pushing your ample breasts up and over the top.  My eyes are darting back and forth between your invitingly shy smile and your outfit which highlights your wonderful cleavage.

My eyes travel down the length of your body and I start to pick out more details of your outfit.  You have black silk panties on and a garter belt that connects to the fishnets that tantalizingly covers your legs.  Your hair is a bit damp from the shower you had in preparation of my arrival, and I can almost see your heart fluttering in anticipation of my touch.

I reach out and grab your wrist, and then pull your entire body against mine.  You are so soft, so curvy, so sensual, that I am completely turned on.  The whole drive over I thought about finally feeling your body pressed against me, and now that I have you we are both aware of my cock throbbing against the roundness of your belly.  My hands slide down your back to the globes of your ass, and I pull you even closer to me.  I look into your eyes and can feel your whole body throbbing in anticipation.  I lean down and kiss you softly.
With my lips press softly against yours, you are surprised at how tenderly our kiss is.  You were expecting a bit more urgency in the first kiss of the night and tonight is not about your fulfilling your expectations.  It’s about fulfilling mine.

It is almost as if our entire bodies are reduced to our lips as we both lose ourselves in the kiss.  Your silky lips are heavenly as they lightly tease me and you feel my mustache tickling your upper a lip.  While our lips reach out for each other, I pull you up towards me by your ass.   Feeling your soft cheeks in my hands and your breasts against my body while we kiss is enough to drive the little bit of restraint out of me.

As we kiss, you feel me lead you backwards, further backwards, and never letting up on our embrace.  Since you are so focused on the sensations that I’m sending through your lips, you are surprised to find that your back is pressed against the hallway wall.  You are trapped between the hardness of the wall and my advances and loving the sensation.  I continue to push forward towards you, into your soft body while my tongue snakes out tracing your lip's opening.  Your mouth matches mine and opens slightly.  I can tell you are expecting my tongue to enter, but instead I suck your lip into my mouth and nibble at it.  You let a soft moan escape from your throat and that only encourages me.

Pulling away from you, I look down and smile at you.  Your face is red and your glasses are crooked, but there is a big smile spreading across your lips.  This close to your body, it is impossible not to feel it humming with eroticism.  I am pretty sure your pussy is getting nice and wet for me.  I take you by your hand and lead you gently to your bedroom.

As I walk in, I can tell you followed the directions I sent earlier to the letter.  The lights are off, your shades are closed, the bed is made and candles are lit around the room.  In the golden light of the flames your skin glows like the precious material that it is.  I keep you at arms length and just watch as the light flickers over the shiny material of your corset.  I am transfixed at how arousing you look, however I manage to look back into your eyes.  I can see the flames dance in your pupils and I’m not sure if it’s a reflection or your soul.

We kiss again and in moments I am pushing you backwards. You are unable or unwilling to stop my advances and soon we’ve crossed the length of the room.  With a shock, you feel the back of your knees hit the bed.  I continue to kiss you passionately and you tumble backwards on to the soft mattress.  I follow, controlling my fall on top of you.  When the shock wears off, I'm already on top of you and have you under my control.  My hands on your wrists, my legs on your thighs and you are pinned down under me.  I lean down and kiss you again, but this time a bit rougher as my thirst for you pushes me forward...

So was that tease enough?  Do you want more? Read a bit more of a sample and then buy it!  Now available at:

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