Monday, April 29, 2013

Monday's Tease: The Ravishing

I've said that this was a place for not just finished stories, but also for snippets and teases.  So today I have the first few words of my next story.  It's now available for purchase!  So, I know you're curious... here's a little tease of how I would start ravishing you.

I want you.

It is just that simple.  I want you completely.  Tonight my wants shall be satiated.

When I arrive at your house, you open the door slowly.  You peek around the edge of the door and I look past your glasses and into your eyes while not saying a word.  I don’t need to say anything because my look reveals a deep hunger for you.  You can see your reflection staring back and seeing yourself through my eyes causes your cheeks to become flush.  You place your hand on your cheek to hide it and in doing so you feel the heat against your palm.

I had emailed you earlier in the day to tell you how much I wanted you.  You are under no illusions; we both know that this visit is so that I can ravish you tonight.  In preparation you have decided to wear your sexiest outfit that you own.  So as you open the door fully I am greeted by you wearing a black corset with blue highlights that hugs your body tightly, pushing your ample breasts up and over the top.  My eyes are darting back and forth between your invitingly shy smile and your outfit which highlights your wonderful cleavage.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Blogging, Writing, Twitter, and Balance

It seems that there is certainly a balancing act that needs to take place when creating a blog.  First and foremost this blog is about being able to share my stories with you.  Little flights of fantasy that my mind takes now have a home here on my blog.  It's great to be able to have an outlet that I control.

The question is how to get people to find this little spot of the world wide web?  I've been trying to use twitter to let people know when there are stories and new posts added.  It seems like there's a sea of screaming voices there and I'm not sure how loud my shouts are.  I have noticed an uptick of viewership since I started, so I'm keeping it up.  However, as anyone on twitter knows, this takes effort.  If you haven't please follow me @jsatifiction.

If you've found this blog because you're looking for erotica, then please make sure you follow it.  If there's a post that you find interesting, erotic, or just worth commenting on, then please do so!  I want this to be more of a community where there can be a dialogue between readers and me.  Or readers and other readers.  Writing in a vacuum is not nearly as fun as enjoyable as having interaction.

I've got to find that balance point where I can write new works, edit existing ones, and still have time to tweet and read other's blog posts and writings.  I'm still new to this, but please help me and join me on this journey.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Writing Porn

Somehow, lying on the bed naked for me, you start to get second thoughts about this whole idea.  It was your idea that you threw out without a second thought.  You loved my stories so much you wanted to be the blank page that I filled with my words.  You wanted a story written just for you, but not only that, you wanted it to be written on your body.

We talked about it and you told me what you wanted.  You even showed me that picture of the sexy woman with well formed text across her whole body.  You said you wanted written on in sharpie and that you were afraid you’d be too ticklish to go through with it.  I had a solution to that as well.

That’s what you’re thinking about as you find yourself about to be tied up, spread eagle, to the bed.  We both know that if you mange to move that would ruin the entire effect we are going for.  So your heart beats as you feel each limb get spread wide, and then bound to a corner of the bed.  Each limb starts as a free object and faster than you anticipate you are completely locked in place.  If I tighten the ropes anymore you would be hovering over the bed.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Restroom Rendezvous

God you look so hot in your black corset and jeans. The black leather jacket you are wearing over it just completes the outfit perfectly. With your brown hair cascading down your shoulders, you are something that walked out of a fantasy of mine.

Feeling emboldened by my arousal I walk up to you and smile. "Pardon me, but I'm not from around here and I'm looking for" I pause because I know that ‘a good time’ is not the right response.   "For a place to eat. Is there any place that the locals like to go?"

You flash me a smile that melts me, your lips shiny and red from your lipstick. "Sure, there's a place on Main that's great. It's not far, just a few block behind you and then two blocks to the right. It's on your left you can't miss it."

"Thanks!" I say and turn around.  I try to get my bearings and I must look all befuddled. "Two blocks behind me and then a few blocks on the right and it's on my left. Got it." I repeat your directions before I take off.

Something about me catches you off guard and you do something you never do. "No that's all wrong. Here, I've got the time, let me show you."

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Dreaming A Little Dream of You

I woke up today thinking about your pussy.  It was the first thing on my mind, probably because it was the last thing I thought of before I went to sleep.  I want to taste you, to tease you, and of course, to please you.

I wish I was there to take your body and transform it into something that is only sexual.  Thinking of you naked makes my cock so fucking hard, and inspires my imagination.  I want tune your body’s sexual response like a world class musician would tune his/her instrument.  I want to play you until wonderful music escapes from your body.

I think about you there in bed, peaceful and relaxed.  I imagine watching you sleep, breathing gently and not aware of the world around you.  I’m starting to prepare to tease you but doing so quietly so you do not wake up before I’m ready for you to do so.

I attach restraints to the four corners of the bed as quietly as I can.  It takes a lot of effort not to wake you, and I’m constantly checking that the noise and movement isn’t spoiling the surprise.

I expect to wake you immediately upon touching your right hand, but for some reason you do not wake up.  I quickly tie it down to the restraint and then move to the left hand.  As the restraint around your left wrist is locked down, you start to wake up, although you haven’t completely made it to the land of the living.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Welcome to Erotic Satisfiction

Hi my name is John Satisfy, and this is my blog.  I've been looking for an outlet for my erotic writings and will be posting stories in progress and finished here for your enjoyment.  If you like what you see, let me know.  And better yet, if you have constructive criticism, please share so I can get better.  Like all crafts, the more you work, the better you become, but having feedback helps that process.  So thanks and I hope you enjoy yourself here and find some satisfiction.