Friday, November 18, 2016

Polishing Jewel

By John Satisfy

As you open the door to the bathroom, tendrils of steam slip out.  The door opens wider, and I see you standing there surrounded by the mist, like Venus surrounded by sea foam.  You simply look ravishing.

As I lift my jaw off the floor, my gaze slides up your body, drinking it in.  You’re leaning against the door frame, your hip thrust out, your pink corset enhancing all over your lovely curves.  Behind the cascade of red hair, I see that playful smile on your lips. We both know how much you’re enjoying watching my desire build.

“Jewel, you look fantastic.”

“Honey, you haven’t seen anything yet.”  As your lips close, you flip your head back and spin around slowly, allowing me to drink in the back of your outfit.  I’m fascinated at the way the lace is cinched up, helping to accentuate your amazing ass.

Leaning forward, I watch as the strings tickle between your cheeks as you sway your ass seductively. It’s too much for me.  As I take a few steps forward to close the distance between us, you lean forward and the palms of your hands rest flat against the cold tiles on the opposite side of the tub.

As soon as I’m within reach, my hand slides over your silky skin, feeling your hot, moist flesh. Moving my hand to the small of your back, you’re kind of trapped, unable to move out of the position I’ve got you in.

My free hand glides down your ass cheeks, feeling the impossibly soft and firm flesh.  My cock bounces with appreciation of your perfect body. I look over to the side of the tub and I see that your waterproof rabbit is lying there, and I know that you were enjoying yourself as you soaked in the pleasing bath water before inviting me in to join you.

My hand moves to your inner thigh and I push lightly and you spread your legs for me, causing your hands to walk down the wall so your stance could be stable.  As you did this I could smell your scent fill the bathroom, mingling with the remnants of shampoo and bath bombs.

It was too much for me, and I fell to my knees so that I could properly worship the goddess before me. As my knees sank into the memory foam bath mat my hands rested on your ass cheeks.  With a little down and outward pressure, your cheeks spread and I could see your puckered asshole winking at me.  Without skipping a beat, I leaned forward and ran my tongue around it.

You were so fresh, and your skin so eager for the sensations of my tongue that you pushed your ass up and closer to me.  I felt your hole open and close as I ran my tongue around the outside and up and over the opening.  I kept the same movement up as you began to moan for me.

As I continued licking, my right hand clumsily searched the ledge of the tub for your toy.  When I finally managed to grab it, I brought up to your pussy and it slipped in easily.  With it buried in your body, I adjusted my grip so that I could start it buzzing deep within you.

When the toy started your body jumped and I heard your moans become louder.  This only made me redouble my efforts at your asshole. With my tongue slipping around faster and faster, your hips were pushing back against me.

With the way your hips were rocking, it was hard, but I managed to grab the toy and start to fuck you in time to my licks.  It only took a few thrusts before my hand, my tongue and your body was moving at the same rhythm.  As your ass rocked against my face, I felt my cock throb as well.  We were a machine designed for one purpose: pleasure.

As I pushed the toy in, I started making the rabbit ears slide around your clit, nestling it within their vibrating grasp.  As I did so, you moans became screams, and I could even hear your hands slap against the wall as your sweaty palms made it hard to keep you vertical.

I couldn’t take it anymore, I needed you to cum for the first time tonight.  Without thinking, I pushed my tongue against your asshole. Between the amount of saliva I was producing and your horniness, it slipped past your tight ring.  I could feel your body clench and relax around me.

Your hips were moving at full steam as I tongue fucked your ass and toyed your pussy.  Your screams were constant, animalistic noises lacking all semblances to human language.  Still I knew exactly what you were trying to say, you wanted to cum right now.

I began to move my tongue and hand faster and faster until your body couldn’t keep up.  I felt your whole body shaking faster and faster.  I could tell you were about to lose control. Then I pushed my tongue in as deep as I could and swirled it around.

Instantly your whole body exploded in bliss.  Your hands slid down the wall as you screamed out in pleasure.  Your body lost it’s ability to move smoothly, instead it shuttered and jerked against my face.  All the while I kept swirling my tongue and pumping the toy in and out of your dripping pussy.

When your orgasm finally subsided, I slid the toy out of your and stood up.  I looked at the amazing sight before me and couldn’t help but stroke my cock lightly once or twice.   Then I walked around and grabbed your hand, helping you to stand up.  As soon as you did, you spun around and sat on the edge of the tub, a huge smile on your face.

I looked down at you, your chest heaving, your nipples visible of the top of your corset.  Then I looked into your jewel-like eyes  and smiled back.

“What a great start to the evening.”  You said, the grin never leaving your lips.  “Now I think it’s your turn to see what kind of pleasure I can give you.”

I flash a devilish smile.  "Not yet, Jewel.  I’ve just got to taste your sweet nectar first.“

Your only response is to spread your legs inviting me to get a taste from the source…

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