Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Erotic Tease: Playing

Waking up horny she couldn’t help but touch her aching clit.  Letting out a moan to fill the empty space in the room she needed more.  More moans, more stimulation.  Reaching for her laptop she opened her private folder and casted one of her favorite videos to the tv.

Getting the volume level right, she slid her hand down her panties and started to rub as she watched her former lover smile as he went down between her legs.  She remembered filming it, holding her phone to get every bit of the action as he teased her beautifully.

Now as she laid back and heard her own moans, the sounds of his pleasure, she could practically feel his expert tongue teasing her once again. Even though she knew how this movie ended, her whole body wanted nothing more then to let it play out exactly as it did that night and let her relive it all over again.

Thank god for smartphones…

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