Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Distracting You from the TV

You were in the living room watching your favorite crime show, eyes glued to the screen as you got lost in the plot.  I should know better than to want your attention at this time of night, but how could I not want your attention all the time?

Seeing how you were on the edge of the couch, it didn’t take much for me to walk over the back and slide in behind you.  Before you realized what was happening, you were sitting between my spread legs, my hands on your shoulder.  Leaning forward I kissed the side of your neck. “Just watch your show.”

You let out a little laugh, and I’m pretty sure it was because I implied that even this would be enough to distract you from the TV set.  Nope, the attraction you felt to it was too strong, and besides, I was around whenever you needed me, your favorite show was only on for one hour each week.