Thursday, June 27, 2013

Story Snippet: Sin City Stripping

This is the story of Jessie, a housewife who decides to give Ryan, her husband, a birthday he will never forget.  She sends him and his two friends down to Vegas to have a good time.  Little does he know that Jessie and her two best friends are also in town.  And they have decided to be his entertainment for the night.  So meek Jessie and her two friends start dancing for the guys...

“You guys know what the rules are.  You can enjoy everything you see and we can touch you as much as we’re willing to.  However, you better keep your hands to yourselves or else we’ll cut this show short and take off, do you understand?”  Nicole stops fooling with the switches now that the lights are sufficiently dimmed and the boys are just staring at Nicole’s leather wrapped curves.

Not receiving an answer, Nicole stamps down with her boot and says loudly, “Do you understand the rules or do we have to stop before this starts?”

Ryan is the first to speak up.  “We understand, Nicole.”  This is followed by acknowledgements from the other two as well.

“Good.”  Nicole says.  “And Ryan, you know that even goes for this innocent one here, right?”  She nods in your general direction and Ryan grunts an affirmative.  “Ok, then.  You boys know the rules, now why don’t you turn those chairs around, sit back, and enjoy the show.”  Nicole turns around and then looks over her shoulder and adds, “Oh, and don’t forget to have fun!”

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Reviews are In!

This has been a very exciting week here at  After waiting on pins and needles for reviews, two have come in!

I would like to thank Travel Nurse (@budda1114) for her review of my book Sin City Stripping.  It is the story of Jessie who decides to giver her husband a surprise by sending him to Vegas for his birthday.  Little does he know that she and her two good friends are planning to be their strippers for the evenings entertainment.  While she starts out shy, she soon loosens up.

To quote from the review... "You know how with some books, you feel the need to skim over the "dry" parts, well, with this book there are no dry spots to skim over.  "

Be sure to check out her blog post and see what she had to say!  It's right HERE.

I also need to thank Maralyin over at ReviewsbyAM (@ReviewsByAM).  She reviewed The Ravishing.  There is a sample of the story on this blog and it recounts the night that I visit you and please you in my own special way.  It's a playful story, two lovers, written as much from her perspective as from his, that has elements of bdsm, however it's light and playful.  This is just an erotic adventure worth exploring further.

To quote from the review...  "The pure sultry description of feeling and lust and expression is just fabulous... I can personally say I wouldn't mind hearing it."

Be sure to check out the blog post and see all that she had to say.  You can find that HERE.

Thanks again for the reviews and be sure to follow both their blogs and twitter handles to find other great works.  And don't forget to check out my author pages to get longer samples and to buy the books.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Lunch Hour Quickie

You are at your desk, about to head to lunch, when your cell phone vibrates.  Your hand leaves the mouse and slips over to the phone.  You flip it over and see that there’s a new text message from me.  “Meet me down stairs in 5 mins.”

As you look up from your phone, you realize immediately that you’re a bit flushed and your blood is pumping.  You hesitate for a moment, trying to find the right words to elicit a similar response in me, but give up.  “Yes, Sir.”

You look at the time as you place the phone back down on the desk.  You finish what you’re working on and save the files.  Then, grabbing your phone you head to the bathroom to freshen up.  You head into the stall and when the door closes you pull down your pants and panties before sitting down.  As you urinate you look down at your black satin panties, a little dark spot soaking the liner.  You finally figure out a nice surprise to give me today.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Revamped Bloging

Hi All,

Well you might have noticed a little quiet time for my blog, but I'm back at it and now working to improve both the experience and the content that you will find here.  I've added the first new page to my blog, My Ebooks.  Like it sounds, this is list of what books I have up and where you can check out samples of them.  I really appreciate all of my book sales.

I've also settled on Thursdays for when my stories will post.  Every Thursday, probably around 9 AM eastern, I'll be trying to post a new story for the rest of the year.  As I work on this schedule, I will see about adding more posts, but right now I'd like some consistency.  I hope that is appreciated.   Please follow the blog and come back everything Thursday for a new story.

Other than that, thanks for reading all of my work.  If there's something you like, don't forget to rate it at the very least or leave a comment.  Those comments make it so much more interesting for me!

-John Satisfy

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Office Discipline

As you stand in the corner, naked, I watch you tremble.  I can’t tell if it’s in anticipation or out of fear.  I walk up behind you and my hand slides around your body before wrapping around your neck.  I pull you back against me and you feel your skin press against my clothed body.  You whimper as I lean towards your ear and say, “You want to be a bad girl?  Fine.  I’ll show you how I treat bad girls.”

You are staring straight ahead as I undo the tie at my neck.  You feel my chest twist against your back as I fight with the silk with one hand and hold your head still with the other.  You are hardly breathing as I work.  I can feel your pulse quicken and your throat move as you swallow.

After a long moment the tie is loose and I let go of your neck.  My hands quickly move to grab your wrists and I push your body against the hard wall.  You feel the rough paint against your nipples as I manage to wrangle your hands together.  As soon as they are touching you feel the tie wrap around them and in another heartbeat they are securely tied together.

I spin you around and then take a step back.  You are so sexy, standing there naked, tied up a look of surprise on your face.  As much as you trust me, knowing I’ll only take things so far, you aren’t sure how much I’ll be testing your boundaries tonight.  My gaze follows your curves up your body, from your calves to your thighs, to your hips, to your breasts, to your shoulders and then finally your nervous face.  Your eyes are huge and pleading, and I can feel myself growing hard at seeing you this helpless.