Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Erotic Tease: In the Mirror

You were standing in front of the mirror without pants as I walked into the bathroom.  I smiled at the rare treat of getting to see your perfect ass and your pretty face in pretty much the same view.  I walk up behind you, pressing my body against yours, and wrap my arms around your cute belly.  “God I’ve been dreaming of coming home to this since I left for work this morning.”

I don’t give you a chance to reply, my lips are already against the side of your neck, kissing, suckling, teasing you.  You place your hands against the edge of the counter, steadying yourself, giving yourself leverage to thrust your ass backwards into my crotch.  You can feel the bulge there as you wiggle against my body and you moan in anticipation.

I drop down to my knees and my lips are on your ass, kissing softly the flesh.  Your legs open slightly and I can feel the heat and smell your excitement.  “I’ve been waiting for this too.”

My hand flattens against the small of your back as I push you forward, thrusting your ass out and up.  You look at your face in the mirror, and your eyes travel down to your amazing cleavage and you can’t help but see yourself as the sexiest creature in the world.

“I want you to watch yourself get pleasured.  Look into your eyes while I give you what you need.”

“Yes.”  The word is breathless, ethereal, alien, like it wasn’t your voice, but you knew it was.  You stare at your beautiful face, into your alluring eyes as my tongue begins lapping at your mound.

Something about seeing your reactions, looking into your own eyes while my tongue travels up and down your slit makes you feel hotter than normal.  You spread your legs further and I push in and taste your dripping wetness and sigh.

As I am surrounded by your body, in your most intimate place I can’t help but think; This is why I come home, to be in heaven.

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