Thursday, December 26, 2013

A Photo is Worth Thousands of Words Part 5

This is part five of our continuing adventures.  If you'd like to start at the beginning, check out part one HERE, part two HERE, part three HERE, and part four HERE.

I am straddling you, my cock buried between your breasts, your tongue licking at my cock head.  I am leaning against the headboard, holding on tightly while I try to keep control of my body.  I ease myself backwards until my weight is over my knees.  You have this look of pure lust on your face and I find it quite intoxicating.

My legs slip against your silky thighs while I move backwards.  When my knees make it past your hips, I move one leg at a time until I’m on my knees between your legs.  I can smell your arousal, potent and alluring, as your legs widen for me.

You shoot me a sultry look and lick your lips.  The hunger on your face is plain for me to see, but I’m enjoying making you squirm.

Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas Wishes

All I want for Christmas is to wake up next to your shining face.  I want to see your bright eyes sparkle in the morning light as a smile slips across your face.   I want see your arms out from under the covers as you stretch, pushing your amazing curves against the sheets.

All I want for Christmas is give you the attention and devotion that you deserve.  You are always my angel who’s come down from heaven, and on Christmas, you should be given special attention.  Your heavenly body deserves to be taken care of, lying you down, massaging your back, your arms your legs, your ass, flipping you over and continuing my admiration of your figure, perfect for me.

All I want for Christmas is for you to trust me.  I would take a blindfold and carefully tie it around your head, making sure that no light worked its way through.  I want to take your wrists and ankles and bind them to the bedposts making you my puppet.  I want use you for my pleasure, making sure you come along with me.

All I want for Christmas is you.

I just wanted to thank all of my loyal readers for such a fantastic year.  I hope everyone is having an amazing holiday.

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Thursday, December 19, 2013

A Photo is Worth Thousands of Words Part 4

This is part four of our continuing adventures.  If you'd like to start at the beginning, check out part one HERE, part two HERE, and part three HERE.

We lay there entwined on the bed, as my heart rate returned to normal.  As I come down from the natural high you give me, you put your leg over mine.  The heat from your pussy radiates against my outer thigh, reminding me how horny you still are.

As great as it is to have your body against mine, I need to heed nature’s call.  Reluctantly, I shift in the bed and you disengage your body from mine.  I roll out off the mattress and make the trek to the bathroom.

Each step takes me away and my desire to be with you is in direct conflict with my needs.  I move as quickly as I can to get to my destination as fast as possible.  I pee, wash my hands and dry them quickly on the hand towel.  As I open the door, my fingers slip on the handle, my hands still slightly damp.  I have decided to head back to bed rather than completely dry my hands.

Rounding the corner I see you lying on the bed, legs spread wide.  As I approach you, I can hear the sloppy wet noise of you masturbating along with the background hum of your quiet moans.  Knowing that you could not wait for my quick trip makes my heart pump fast and my desire for you to grows.

I stand at the foot of the bed and watch the erotic show that you are performing for my benefit.  My gaze travels the length of your body; I take in every nuance of your amazingly sexy body.  While you continue to play, I can see you are getting more and more into it.  When I reach your face, you are staring intently at me, your eyes bright and filled with lust, and your lips are forming the biggest smile I have ever seen.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

A Photo is Worth Thousands of Words Part 3

This is part three of our continuing adventures.  If you'd like to start at the beginning, check out part one HERE and part two HERE

You lie there with your eyes closed as your breathing returns to normal.  You are tired, drained, yet eager to see how much further I will push your body.  Your eyes open and a smile spreads over your lips, and I take that to indicate that you are ready for more.

Lazily you roll over, your arm drapes around me, and your breast pressed against my chest.  I am so aroused by you that my skin responds to every movement.  I am craving your touch in the same way a man who just emerged from the desert craves water.  I stroke your head lovingly, knowing full well that you are more than capable at quenching my desires.

You drag your hand lightly along my skin and even this innocent touch is too much for me.  I squirm and as I do I press into your incredible body, only heightening my arousal.  My cock throbs visibly, but you are having too much fun teasing me to focus your attentions there yet.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Holidays Come Early with Sexy Holiday Bites

Happy Holidays!  It is once again that time of year once again.  It has been amazing first year for me, and it's been the fans that have made it so memorable to me.  So what's a guy to do?  How about give out a free gift!!

Nine of the hottest indie erotica authors have come together (no pun intended) to create a little gift for our followers. Want to know what's under the covers?

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Thank you all for such a wonderful year, your loyal reading, and helping us get this price matched so that everyone can enjoy a horny holiday, I mean Happy Holiday. ;)

A Photo is Worth Thousands of Words Part 2

This is part 2 of our continuing adventures.  If you'd like to start at the begining, check out part one HERE.

You try to get up, but I am not done with you yet.  I grab your hips and hold you there.  You begin protesting because you are still so sensitive.  I know you better then you think, and hold firm.  With you locked in place, I shimmy myself towards the foot of the bed.  I don't go far, just far enough.

Once I have repositioned, I pull you down to me by your hips.  You shift your weight forward as you lean against the headboard once again.  You are anticipating my touch, trying to calm your overly sensitive body down.  You are not looking forward to the feel of my tongue against your clit just yet.

When my tongue finally touches your skin, you jump.  Instead of feeling it against your pussy, I start rimming your freshly cleaned asshole.  Instantly your body tenses up as you adjust to the shocking act.  As my tongue runs along your puckered skin you begin to relax and enjoy the unique sensation.

I don't give you rimjobs often, but tonight I want to keep your body aroused and your mind guessing what I had planned next.  Keeping you surprised always releases your inner slut so you enjoy it more.  And we both know that the happier you are the happier we both were.