Friday, October 28, 2016

Early Morning Manhandled

by John Satisfy

I just woke up so hard and throbbing after having a dream about you.  You were sleeping next to me, on your side, naked.  In the dream I woke up in the middle of the night and rolled over to discover you sleeping there and I couldn’t resist your incredibly alluring body.  I needed you.  Deeply.

I scooted over next to you until we were spooning, your hair on the pillow next to my face as my crotch pushed against your firm round ass.  My arm wrapped draped over your side as my fingers enveloped your soft breast.  It felt so good in my hand that my cock began to immediately stir, pressing against your perfect ass.

I was breathing in the scent of your shampoo as I pushed my face towards the back of your neck.  Nuzzling against it, I softly kissed your sensitive skin, the delicate hairs instantly rose up.  You let out a soft moan and stirred against me.  My fingers wrapped around your hard nipple and began rolling it back and forth.  You inhaled deeply and your body pressed harder against mine.

Your moans became more alert as you woke up in my grasp.  You rolled slightly and your back pushed against my chest as your hand covered my wrist, holding me, not stopping me, just holding me, feeling my muscles work their magic.  Your eyes closed again as you sunk into pleasure.  Whimpering as my teeth raked across your skin and my cock throbbed against your ass, your lids stayed closed as you accepted my advances.

I wrapped my arms tight around you and before you knew what was happening you were lying on top of me, the heat of my body soaking into your back as my legs wrapped around yours, pulling them apart.  Everything was continued so quickly and it was so late that you weren’t sure if this was a dream or not, but you were such a good girl letting me do whatever I wanted.

With one hand still firmly around your breast, the other moved between your legs.  I was very pleased to find you soaked as your needs and my needs aligned.  I ran my fingers lightly between your lips, feeling your slickness coat them, just as my precum was coating your back.

My mouth went to the top of your shoulder, kissing and lightly biting, just as my fingers curled to dipped into you.  Your whole body lurched in my grasp.  My grip tightened in order to keep you from falling off me.  There was no way I was going to let that happen; you needed to stay put.  Tonight I was your bed and I wanted to feel every movement of your pleasure.

My fingers were dipping in and out of you, not very deep because of the angle, but enough to make you grab my thighs tight as you held on.  You were tossing your head back and forth, your silky air teasing my shoulders and neck, as the intoxicating moans filled the darkened room.  Despite this, I managed to get your earlobe between my lips and sucked gently as you writhed on top of me.

Your flesh poured between my fingers as I squeezed your breast hard.  You were hardly aware of the fact that my fingers had left your pussy and moved up along your slit.  Finding your clit hard,I could imagine feeling as it throbbed, they began circling it faster and faster.

I could tell by your moans, your shuddering movements, that you were getting close.  My hand left your breast and moved up to your throat as I hissed into your ear, “Cum for me now.”  You knew the rules, if you didn’t cum on command, you’d lose the privilege of an orgasm until I felt like you earned it again.  And there was no way you were going to let this opportunity slip pass you by.

Your fingers dug deep into my legs as your whole body danced in time to the rhythm of my fingers.  With my teeth nibbling on your earlobes and my hand wrapped around your throat you felt yourself go light headed.  As your back arched off of my chest you heard my gentle encouragement,  "That’s it, that’s a good girl.“

My cock was throbbing against the small of your back as your body twisted against mine.  Then in a flash your whole body froze solid.  A lingering moment later it shattered into a million shivering pieces of complete ecstasy.  I held you tight as your body writhed against me, the power of your orgasm making your whole body feel like it was shimmering in the moonlight.  My fingers continuing their movement, making sure that every last drop of pleasure was teased from your body.

You were panting as the last waves of bliss rolled through your being.  I rolled over, spooning you once again, as my grip around your throat became slack.  My hand slipped down to your breast as I held you against me, your chest rising and falling rapidly as. You were still searching for your breath as I slipped down your body and lifted your leg up into the air.  Holding it there, my fingers sinking into your thigh, my cock head rubbing around the entrance to your wet hole.

You were still lightheaded as I slipped my cock into you, your eyes rolling back as you let out a gasp.  My words were soft as they flowed out on an exhale, “You feel so good, like your pussy is made for me.”

“It is, Sir.”

I begin moving in and out of you, and it felt great, but it was a little awkward holding your leg up.  Still I am fascinated as I watch as each thrust into you causes your breast to shake and bounce.  Your whimpers and light moans delight me almost as much as the feeling of your pussy wrapped around me, however it doesn’t take long before I want more.

With my cock buried deep inside of you, I rolled you over onto your stomach.  With a little push from my knees, your legs spread further open affording me a wonderful view of my cock as it disappears into you.  It’s so hot.

I could no longer control myself and I fell onto your back, my hands slid under your body, grabbing your breasts as I pulled myself into you hard and fast.  Your moans were muffled by the mattress as I press you down with each hard thrust.  Your nipples were hard against my fingertips as your pussy was clenching my cock

I let go of your left breast and reached up to the back of your head.  Pulling your hair, your head was lifted off the mattress and I could hear your moans clearly.  "Fuck me, Sir! Fill me with your cum!“

Normally I would spank your ass for telling me what to do, but I was too close.  Instead I just pushed in harder and faster as my mind shut off completely and I lost myself into the bliss that is your body.

I felt my body tense, my movements stopped and my grip on your breast and hair tightened into something resembling a vice. I remember you begging me a split second before my cock started to twitch deep inside of you.  I let out a grunt as my muscles started to shake, no longer having enough strength to support myself, I completely collapsed onto your back.  I remember feeling your sweaty skin on my chest as if our bodies were merging.  My orgasm was strong and powerful, making it feel like my whole body was shooting out of me and into you.  Jet after jet of hot, thick cum shot inside of your cunt as total pleasure consumed us.  Your muscles were coaxing every last drop out of me as I laid on top of you.

I remember drifting back to sleep in the dream, thinking that I’m glad I filled up your pussy so that when you woke up you’d know that it really happened.  Ironic no?

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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Erotic Tease: A Kiss

I study your face, the way your lip trembles, the way the fire burns within your eyes.  Silently, I reach out, my hand grazing along your cheek, slipping under your hair, pushing it away from your neck.

Leaning down, I kiss the top of your shoulder blade, feeling you move closer, hold me tighter as my lips follow along your exposed skin.  Slowly they move, creeping closer and closer to your neck.  Gliding along, teasing the fine hairs that are raised on your sensitive skin, my hands reach for you body and support you.

As I kiss your neck, your grip on my arm tightens, as you fight against the pull of gravity, your legs wobbly and weak.  But you can feel the strength in my arms as I hold you up.

Exhaling hot breath against your aroused skin, I sigh.  “You were meant to be savored, slowly, deliberately, completely.”

You expect me to speed up, to go further in my exploration, but instead I return to the same slow steady pace and enjoy all that you are.  There is no rush…

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Friday, October 21, 2016

Road Tripping

“You ready for a pit stop?”  I asked, looking across the car at you for just a split second.  I couldn’t get enough of you in that red dress of yours.

“Sure…” You said, confused, not seeing any signs for a rest area anywhere near by.  But you saw glint in my eye as I asked the question, and knew enough to trust me.

I pulled off down a dirt road that seemed to go nowhere useful and went for about a quarter mile until we were clearly off the road.  As I turned off the engine and opened the car door you noticed just how quiet and isolated it was here.

I got out and you did the same, closing the door behind you.  I took two steps away from the car and looked around, stretching, as you walked over to my side.  “Can you do me a favor and get my cell phone, I left it in the console.”

You sighed, knowing how forgetful I can be.  “No problem…”  Your voice trailed off as you turned around and crawled into the car to get it.  I turned around and saw your fine ass and couldn’t resist.

Heading back to the car I reached out, letting my fingers trail over your mound.  You arched your back, presenting yourself to me, and I pet you again, this time sliding my finger inside of you.  “Fuck, you’re so wet!  Like my policy of no panties in the new car?”

You pushed back onto my finger as you moaned softly, “Yes, Sir, very much.”

“That’s a good girl.”  I slide my finger out of you and you whimper in disappointment.  Lifting up the hem of your dress, I grab your ass, squeezing it, appreciating it.  You wiggled your bum in such a way that I knew you wanted more.

Looking up, checking to make sure that we were still alone, I undid the fasteners of my pants and let them fall.  Taking my cock out, I rub the tip up and down your dripping slit.  “Is this what you need?”

“No more teasing. I need you to fuck me Sir.”

I push forward, slipping between your silky folds as my hand grip the roof of the car. As I fuck you hard your moans drift out of the interior of the car. “Rub your clit for me, I want you to cum.”

You eagerly reach under your dress and started to rub your clit, your other hand against the other door as you braced yourself for my pounding.  We fucked like that, the only sounds were our breathing, moans, the wet slapping noises, and the rattle of crickets in the field.

Your moans changed, and I knew that you were close.  I fucked you harder and at once you exploded all around me.  Fuck!  Your orgasms always drive me insane.

As you calmed down, I grabbed your wrist and spun you around.  You feel onto the ground, and I slipped my cock down your throat.  Your hands moved to my ass, holding me there, as my cock began to twitch and I filled you with my cum.

When I finished, we straightened up our clothing and got back into the car.  “Feel better?”

“Yes, Sir.  But I might need another rest stop soon.”

I sighed.  “Sure, but this was our fourth rest stop in the last 40 miles.  I’m not sure we’re going to make it on time.”  You started to pout, thrusting your tits out to give me a good view of your cleavage, “Although, I’m not sure I really want to spend that much more time with your parents…”

You smiled your wicked grin and I started the car.  As my hand adjusted the gear shift, your hand adjusted my cock, and I was pretty sure that the next stop would be sooner rather than later.

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