Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Erotic Tease: Sun kissed Skin

The sunlight flows over your soft skin and I can’t resist the allure. I need to feel your pleasure erupting through body.

Crawling between your legs I push your thighs apart gently and expose your pussy, slightly glistening, making me wonder what your dreams contained.

Closing the distance between your pussy and my lips, I kiss you softly puckering my lips around your clit. You let out a moan and stir.

Your lips part against the tip of my tongue as I tease you. The silky walls are intoxicating as I run my tongue up and down. As my movements morph into a swirl around your clit, you let out a moan and wake up.

Your hand moves to my head as you pull me into you. Your hips start to rock and I push your legs back and crawl up the bed so that you are below me. Your body is writhing below as you moan my name.

When I reach up to your breast, your hand replaces mine on your thighs. You push my other hand away as you pull your legs back and let me use my hands for more important things.

With your nipples being pinched and twisted by my fingers, we can both feel you are so close. I pause from my licking and hiss, “cum for me.”

You sighed, “ Yes, Sir”, and then closed your eyes. A moment later your whole body was shaking as wave after wave of ecstasy created deep within.

As you came down to earth, I pulled away from you. Leaning down I kiss you deeply, your juices still coating my lips. You push me away trying to catch your breath as you look into my eyes. “Don’t worry sweetheart, now that you are awake, playtime can really begin.”

You smiled knowing that I was going to use you like the slut you are. What a lovely way to begin any day…

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