Thursday, December 12, 2013

A Photo is Worth Thousands of Words Part 3

This is part three of our continuing adventures.  If you'd like to start at the beginning, check out part one HERE and part two HERE

You lie there with your eyes closed as your breathing returns to normal.  You are tired, drained, yet eager to see how much further I will push your body.  Your eyes open and a smile spreads over your lips, and I take that to indicate that you are ready for more.

Lazily you roll over, your arm drapes around me, and your breast pressed against my chest.  I am so aroused by you that my skin responds to every movement.  I am craving your touch in the same way a man who just emerged from the desert craves water.  I stroke your head lovingly, knowing full well that you are more than capable at quenching my desires.

You drag your hand lightly along my skin and even this innocent touch is too much for me.  I squirm and as I do I press into your incredible body, only heightening my arousal.  My cock throbs visibly, but you are having too much fun teasing me to focus your attentions there yet.

You spread your legs, giving yourself access to your pussy.  I feel your hand slide past my hip as you reach down. You let out a deep moan as you play with your pussy.  You are well aware of how sexy you are when you masturbate for me.  I love it when you put on a show and enjoy yourself for my pleasure.  The aroma of your cunt fills the room again and I feel my cock bounce with excitement.  As you play for me, you watch my cock drip pre come.  It is practically flowing out of me.

You finish your playing you lift your fingers up and show me the glistening juices coating them.  You bring your fingertips down to my chest and you rub your fingers around my nipple.  The slickness of your natural lube is delightful, but it doesn't last very long.  Soon you have to lighten your touch so your fingers can move at all.

You roll over and your finger finds my other nipple.  You pinch and play with the sensitive nub forcing intense jolts of pleasure through my body.  I close my eyes and let out a low moan.  Encouraged by this, your lips find the other nipple.  Soon you are twisting one nipple with your fingers and sucking your sweet juices off the other.

I am in heaven as you manipulate my body.  It feels incredible.  I am vaguely aware of your other hand sliding between my legs until it starts tickling my inner thigh.  Immediately my eyes fly open and I try to control myself.  The pleasure you are giving me is almost too much for me to handle.

Before I know it one hand is lightly flitting over my balls while the other one is just barely touching my shaft.  You are expertly teasing my cock, giving it feathery attention while avoiding my cock head.  When you suck my nipple into your mouth you have me completely at your mercy.

I feel your hands leave my cock and my hips naturally buck upwards to try to regain your attention.  The act is in vain.  Rather than resume your teasing, you lightly bite my nipple, pulling your head off of me, all the while dragging your teeth against it.  I let out an involuntary whimper, begging for more.

You reposition yourself between my legs.  I look down at you and my brain tries to grapple with both how sexy you look and yet how cute an innocent you seem.  You are smiling with such enthusiasm as you resume playing with my cock.

Your finger dips into the pool of pre come that has accumulated on my belly.  My eyes close as I get lost in the sensations of your finger gliding around my stomach.  You are being an expert tease and yet your actions seem to hail from innocent wonderment.

My eyes open when I feel your fingers leave my body.  I focus first on your lovely face and then follow your sight line to what is fascinating you.  We both are watching as you slowly bring your glistening finger to your mouth.  There is a long thin string of pre come connected to the pool on my belly and the tip of your finger.  We both watch to see how far you can extend it before it breaks.  As soon as it does, you bring your finger to your lips and then pause.

You run your fingertip over your lips and then look directly into my eyes.  Your smile widens, then parts, as your tongue snakes out and you lick your lips.  It moves slowly over your light pink skin.  The entire time you continue your intense stare.  My gaze goes back and forth between your sparkling eyes and your inviting lips as if trying to decide which is more alluring.

Then you bring your finger up to your mouth and my attention becomes glued there.  I am mesmerized by your mouth as your form an "O" and suck your finger in.  My cock is bobbing excitedly as I watch you suck your finger clean of all of my juices.  When you let out a quiet "mmmmmm" my hips buck, almost hitting you in the chin with my balls.  I need more, I can't handle this tease.

I don't know if it is because you are taking pity on my desperate condition or if your appetizer wasn't enough, but at that moment you remove your finger from your mouth.  You rest the palm of your hand on my shaft and press it down onto my belly.  You immediately feel it pulse and throb under your hand, alive with desire for you.

You rock your hand back and forth causing my cockhead to slide pleasurably around my belly.  It feels so fantastic and gets me even closer to my release.  I can feel the pressure building up as your ministrations bring me nearer to complete bliss.

You move your hand lower and wrap your thumb and index finger around the base of my cock.  A little shift of your wrist and you make my cock stand straight up into the air.  Your gaze shifts to make eye contact again as your tongue slides over the tip of my cock.

Then you open your mouth and I slip into your hot, slick mouth.  You keep eye contact for as long as you can before shifting your gaze to my crotch.  I watch as you go further and further down the length of my shaft and I am amazed at how much you've managed to take in.

Inside your mouth your tongue slides against me and pleasure flashes through my body.  I close my eyes and my hand form fists, gripping the sheets as I try to maintain contact with reality.

You sense the tension in my body so you know I am very close.  You are giving me one of the best blowjobs of my life as your body is craving my come almost as much as I am.

You mouth is working some sort of magic as you bring your hand up to my balls to see how tight they are.  You lightly run your fingers along my pubic hair and that little stimulation is enough to push me over the edge.

I let out a grunt as you feel my cock spasm.  You slide me out so only the tip is inside your lips and prepare yourself for my spray.

When it shoots the first stream it hits the top of your mouth and then the back of your throat.  Having a cock pulse between your lips makes you moan and this increases both of our pleasure.  You feel spray after spray fill your mouth until you can't hold anymore.  It leaks out of the corners and down your chin.
You let me slip out and the last little dribbles land on your cheek and neck.  When I open my eyes you are smiling as best you can with an open mouth filled completely with my come.  I watch as you carefully roll your tongue, playing with my seed and causing a little more to drip out.

Then you close your mouth and swallow.  You look like such a slut, my come all over your face and lips and you beaming with pride at how worked up you got me.  You are such a good girl and we both know it.

You slide back up my body and lay your ear against my chest.  You can hear my heart pounding as I stroke your hair tenderly.  You think to yourself, what a wonderful night this has been as slide you hand to my thigh.

As you hold me you feel my cock miraculously stir slightly and realize that I am still not finished with you.  Butterflies fill your heart as you try to anticipate what I have planned next.

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