Thursday, December 19, 2013

A Photo is Worth Thousands of Words Part 4

This is part four of our continuing adventures.  If you'd like to start at the beginning, check out part one HERE, part two HERE, and part three HERE.

We lay there entwined on the bed, as my heart rate returned to normal.  As I come down from the natural high you give me, you put your leg over mine.  The heat from your pussy radiates against my outer thigh, reminding me how horny you still are.

As great as it is to have your body against mine, I need to heed nature’s call.  Reluctantly, I shift in the bed and you disengage your body from mine.  I roll out off the mattress and make the trek to the bathroom.

Each step takes me away and my desire to be with you is in direct conflict with my needs.  I move as quickly as I can to get to my destination as fast as possible.  I pee, wash my hands and dry them quickly on the hand towel.  As I open the door, my fingers slip on the handle, my hands still slightly damp.  I have decided to head back to bed rather than completely dry my hands.

Rounding the corner I see you lying on the bed, legs spread wide.  As I approach you, I can hear the sloppy wet noise of you masturbating along with the background hum of your quiet moans.  Knowing that you could not wait for my quick trip makes my heart pump fast and my desire for you to grows.

I stand at the foot of the bed and watch the erotic show that you are performing for my benefit.  My gaze travels the length of your body; I take in every nuance of your amazingly sexy body.  While you continue to play, I can see you are getting more and more into it.  When I reach your face, you are staring intently at me, your eyes bright and filled with lust, and your lips are forming the biggest smile I have ever seen.

As we lock eyes you try to up your performance.  You are being my little slut and I can’t tell who’s enjoying the experience more.  You are so happy pleasing me and revel in letting the sexual creature within out to play, while I’m in awe at your wanton ways.

I climb into bed and lay down next to you. I roll over and you feel my mouth around your nipple, as my arm drapes across your body.  I love playing with your hard nipple in my mouth, delighting in flicking my tongue over your sensitive skin.  As I nibble at the tip I can hear your fingers increase in speed, as you fuck your pussy harder.

I sit up and you arch your back, trying to get your breasts back into my mouth.  You are so close and a little more stimulus will give you the little push you need to come again.  As much as that is your goal, I would rather your needs not be satiated yet.

Your pleading eyes widen, as I show you the bottle of lube that I picked up off your night stand.  I pump some into my palm and then rub my hands together, spreading and warming the slick liquid.

My hands come down to your fantastic breasts.  They glide effortlessly over the soft, luxurious flesh.  You close your eyes, as I massage you; my fingers are gently kneading your tits and avoiding your hard nipples.  As I worship your breasts you let out a long, deep moan and I know I have tapped into the primal part of your brain. You are whimpering when my hands leave your aroused skin.  When you open your eyes, you look around the room trying to find me.  When you do, you watch, as I pump more lube onto my hand.

I wrap my fingers around my cock and start pumping my fist.  I start slowly, but soon I’m matching the speed of your fingers in and out of your pussy.  It doesn't take long before my semi-hard cock is fully aroused and slick with lube.  I take my hand and run it along your deep cleavage.  The slippery trail I leave makes you coo in anticipation.  I grab the towel off the floor that you had earlier used to dry your hair.  I wipe the excess lube off until I have a clean grip.

I shift my weight and lift my leg up and over your body.  Now that I am straddling you I lower myself and lean forward.  My hands rest on the headboard as my erect cock nestles itself between your tits.

You look up at me; your face is beaming in delight.  I see your hands move to your breasts and you press them together tightly.  My cock is trapped between your soft mounds and jumps at the sensation.  The heat of your skin is enough to cause my cock to leak pre come over your body.

My hips slowly start to move back and forth.  Your breasts are perfect for titty fucking and I unconsciously increase the speed of my movements.

I look down at the pleasure on your face.  You are looking up at my chest, watching the muscles of my stomach contract and relax as I move.  My gaze moves down to your breasts.  Watching your flesh deform as you push it around me becomes hypnotic.

As I stare, you change your grip so that you can play with your nipples while pressing your tits together.  I feel my cock grow even harder as you play with yourself.  Watching you tug on your nipples makes me moan in delight.  You have me enraptured.

Somehow, I break your spell and I look up I see your face.  You are obviously taking a great deal of pride with your technique.  The pleasure is plainly visible on your face as you study the joy on mine.  Your eyes focus on mine and a wide grin spreads across your face.

My cock throbs as I admire your beauty.  You are so arousing and between your actions and your body you are sending feelings through my body that I have never experienced before.

I look down and watch as the tip of my cock slips out of your cleavage on each forward thrust.  I sense the movement of your head as your gaze also focuses on this magic act.  We are both enthralled.

You crane your neck forward as you try to take the tip of my cock in your mouth.  Even of the brief moment that your lips are wrapped around my cock head is fantastical.  I continue sliding between your tits, as you tease my cock head with your tongue.

It feels so good that I just want to keep this up forever.  However, when I look at your face, I can easily see that you need more.  I am aware of you spreading your legs as the lust intensifies on your face.  We both know what you are silently asking for.

You want me to fuck you.

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  1. Well, what a yummy coffee break I have just had :) Delicious...

    1. So glad that you enjoyed yourself. A story can really pep you up for the rest of the day, can't it?