Thursday, December 5, 2013

A Photo is Worth Thousands of Words Part 2

This is part 2 of our continuing adventures.  If you'd like to start at the begining, check out part one HERE.

You try to get up, but I am not done with you yet.  I grab your hips and hold you there.  You begin protesting because you are still so sensitive.  I know you better then you think, and hold firm.  With you locked in place, I shimmy myself towards the foot of the bed.  I don't go far, just far enough.

Once I have repositioned, I pull you down to me by your hips.  You shift your weight forward as you lean against the headboard once again.  You are anticipating my touch, trying to calm your overly sensitive body down.  You are not looking forward to the feel of my tongue against your clit just yet.

When my tongue finally touches your skin, you jump.  Instead of feeling it against your pussy, I start rimming your freshly cleaned asshole.  Instantly your body tenses up as you adjust to the shocking act.  As my tongue runs along your puckered skin you begin to relax and enjoy the unique sensation.

I don't give you rimjobs often, but tonight I want to keep your body aroused and your mind guessing what I had planned next.  Keeping you surprised always releases your inner slut so you enjoy it more.  And we both know that the happier you are the happier we both were.

My tongue continues to glide over your skin, slowly circling faster and faster as I feel the tension leave your body.  Your asshole begins to relax and open slightly.  I can feel it winking as you enjoy such an intimate act.

Your body is no longer frozen, and your hips are beginning to rock again.  I feel your pussy lips against my nose as your body responds.  When you start to slide my nose into your cunt I know that you are no longer overly sensitive.  Rather you are craving more stimuli so you can have your next orgasm.

I slide my hand to the vibe's remote and turn it on to medium.  You startle with surprise.  You are so focused on my touch you had blocked out the rest of the world.  Now with the bullet humming against your g-spot, my nose teasing the entrance and my tongue playing with your ass you are absorbed by physical pleasure.

My hand reaches up to your breast and I feel the weight of it in my hand.  I love your breasts, how soft and heavy they are; how sexy they look.  Your nipples are hard with arousal and I roll them between my fingers.  You respond with a moan.

I pull your nipples away from your body, stretching them, before letting go and letting them spring back into position.  I alternate tugging and rolling them as my tongue continues teasing your asshole.

I drop my hand down and my fingers find the pool of pre-come on my belly.  I coat the middle and index finger in my arousal, stroking the head of my cock quickly in the process. With my fingers sticky, I bring them up and try to locate your mouth.

My fingers poke at your cheek, leaving a trail of pre-come on your face.  You turn your head and open your mouth, eager to get a taste of my juices.  I feel your warm mouth surround my fingers and then you gentle suck them in.

With a hunger your tongue seeks out any trace of my pre-come on my fingers.  You always were eager to taste me, but tonight that eagerness is more intense than ever before.

As you finish cleaning off my fingers, you let them slowly slide out of your mouth.  When they finally have cleared your lips, I move both hands to your hips.  Once again I reposition myself under you.

Now my tongue is on your clit again, and you are more than ready for the attention there.  Your hips are moving slowly as your need grows within.  My tongue is matching the rhythm your body is setting as it flicks against your clit.

You let out a moan as I surprise you by setting the bullet to maximum speed.  I feel your juices become more copious as your hips gradually speed up their rocking.

You are lost in the paradise that I have created for you.  You are leaning forward, both hands on the headboard as you ride my face with more urgency.  You feel my hand go to your ass, grabbing at your flesh.  I spread your cheek wide and before you know it the lubed tip of the vibrator is at your entrance.

It is on its lowest setting as it teases your precious rosebud.  Between the lube and my saliva, the tip glides effortlessly along your sensitive skin.   I feel you shift your weight as you push the toy just inside your ass.

Immediately my beard is soaked with your juices.  You coo as the thin toy easily penetrates your most private hole.  You push backwards impaling yourself on the toy, letting it send bliss further and further inside your body.

When the toy pushes against the bullet pushing it into your g-spot, you freeze.  It is such an intense feeling that you need a moment to recover.

When I sense you are ready, I increase the speed of the vibe in your ass and start to fuck you slowly, shallowly.  I am focusing on pushing the bullet into your pleasure zone.

As the toys bring you closer and closer to your second orgasm, my tongue quickens.  I do circles around your clit, randomly flicking it until I sense you are about to explode.  You are such a good girl for me, and I love it when you let go of your mind and let me show you pleasure that you've only dreamed of before.

You are so close.  You are grinding your hips against my face.  I can tell that you are using me for your bliss and that is exactly what I want.  I redouble my efforts on your clit as I find a steady rhythm with my flicking.

It is almost an instant later that I feel your ecstasy crash over you like a tsunami.  Once again I feel the familiar clamping of your thighs around my head.  Your muffled moans are loud and urgent as the intensity of the experience radiates through you.

Then, surprising both of us, you start to squirt.  Being unprepared and trapped, I am caught off guard and choke slightly before opening my mouth and letting the sweet nectar flood in.  The spray is hot and plentiful, feeling slightly thicker then I was expecting.  The intimacy of the act is incredibly erotic and I feel my cock twitch and ooze as the last waves of pleasure wash over you.

You collapse onto the bed next to me.  Your heaving chest is incredibly sexy as you try to catch your breath.  I turn off the toys and slowly pull them out as your eyes close.

We both know the night is not done, but you need a moment to catch your breath before the next act.

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