Friday, May 10, 2013

Punishment for Being Lazy

I look at you shaking my head.  "What a bad girl you are.  You didn't finish your to do list today.  There really is no excuse for that."

You look at me with your blue eyes and give me a sheepish smile.  "Please, let it go just this once."

I frown and say, "No, that would just set a bad precedence.  We wouldn't want that, would we?"

Reluctantly you agree and you become doe eyed, trying to soften me up.  "Well, at least be a bit gentle."

"We shall see." I say not committing to anything.  I sit down on the edge of the bed and you walk over.  "Get yourself ready."

You can't even look at me as you unbutton your pants and let them drop to the floor.  You are wearing the red thong panties that you know I find extremely arousing.  I assume you are trying to distract me, but instead all I can think about is how exposed your ass cheeks are.  With not even a thin layer of fabric, you will be feeling the sting.

I grab your hands and roughly pull you down so you are across my lap.  I place my left elbow between your shoulder blades and the arm naturally follows your spine down your back.  With my hand over the small of your back I have you pinned in place.  My gaze travels over the roundness of your butt and I notice the bulge of your mound under the crotch of your panties.  There is a bulging in my crotch as well.

Without warning I bring my right hand down hard on your ass.  A jolt travels through your body as you cry out.  Gruffly I mention, "You know you should be counting."

"One.". The word spills out of your mouth meekly.

My open hand comes down against your other cheek and this time you squirm on my lap as you say, "Two."  Feeling your body against my cock is intoxicating and just encourages me to spank you harder.

I build up a steady rhythm as you continue to count higher and higher.  As I lift up my hand I can see a red print outlining where it landed.  It only takes a second before the red mark fades into the bright red patch that is covering your entire ass.  "Twenty."

My hand rubs your cheeks, trying to soothe them.  You are being a good girl taking your punishment so well.  Then I notice that your bright red panties have an obvious damp spot.  "Is this turning you on?  Are you my little pain slut?"

Your face is red from embarrassment as you say "Yes."

I am not happy with this response, but we both know that whatever you answered would be wrong.  I push down on your back harder.  My right hand goes to you pussy and without tenderness or lube I slide my finger all the way into you.  You gasp at the invasion, however as the shock wears off your hips start to rock in time with my thrusts.

Feeling you writhe on my lap is incredible and I can't wait to feel your body buck against my throbbing cock.  Still holding you in place, my thumb finds your clit as I continue to finger fuck your tight cunt.

As I play your body you make the most delightful moans.  "I'm so close..." you say, your ability to form words impaired by your panting.  I locate your g-spot and increase my tempo as your body presses against mine.

Your muscles contract and I know you are close.  I rub faster and faster until the inevitable happens.  Like a steel cable under too much of a load, your body snaps and shakes as an orgasm rips through your being. The way your body is moving on my lap is driving me close to my orgasm but I maintain control of my body.  Neither one of us has control of your body as it convulses in pleasure against me.

When you calm down I brush your golden hair out of your eye.  "You managed to get my fingers coated in your juices.  What are we going to do about that?"

Even through your sleepy post-orgasm expression your mischievousness is still easy to spot.  You giggle as you ask, "Punish me?"

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