Friday, May 3, 2013

Backstage Pass Pt. 2

Then, like in a dream you’ve had so many times before, Alex leans down and kisses you softly. He’s like a flame, melting away your insecurities and you feel yourself melt. You mouth opens and you feel his tongue slide against your open lips. You hands go to his chest and you feel his strong muscles move as his arms wrap around your body.
When the kiss stops, you’re a little out of breath and your whole body is humming with energy. You expect Alex to pull away completely, but he hasn’t. Instead his lips are hovering just above your cheek, so close you’re not quite sure if he’s touch you are not. You skin is so alive, so sensitive, it’s hard for you to tell.

His lazy movements are driving you crazy. You want him to kiss you, but you can’t seem to find the words. He seems to sense this and you feel his lips travel up your jaw line to your ear. “You are so beautiful, Mandy.”

You can feel his hot breath carry the words directly into your ear and your body shivers in delight. As he leans in and licks your earlobe, you moan, your body unable to hold in your pleasure. He is playing with your earlobe, sucking it into his mouth before nibbling on it. Feeling him play with your ear and ear rings is incredible. You’d be putty to any man doing this to you, having Alex Long do it is mind blowing.

“Mandy, you’ve got the type of body that’s built for pleasure.” His lips leave your ears and you feel his arms wrap around you tighter. He kisses and suckles at your neck and you feel your knees go a bit weak. You panties are soaked through and you can feel your clit throb with desire. You are dimly aware of a tug at the bottom of your blouse and the next thing you know Alex’s lips leave your skin for a moment. That’s all it takes for him to lift your shirt up and over your head before he makes contact again.

Your head is spinning as you realize that you’re just sitting there in your black and purple lace bra and black lace g-string. Alex is doing his best at keeping you distracted with his little nips at your sensitive neck. You feel his hands against your skin, his fingers exploring your back and sides as he keeps playing your whole body like it’s his guitar.

His lips move to your lips again. This time his kiss is passionate, insistent and you can feel yourself being pushed backwards as he pushes himself into you. In a moment you feel the back of your thighs pressed against the makeup desk and his hands move down to your exposed ass cheeks. Still kissing you he picks you up and you slide back onto the desk.

He’s still kissing you and you feel your back press against the cold glass of the mirror behind you. His tongue is exploring your mouth with a sense of urgency and power. You’ve never experienced a kiss like this before, and something about it puts you into your submissive place.

He stops kissing you, and you are disappointed. He takes a step back and gives you a look that you know he doesn’t want you to move. You are sitting there, your body still exposed as though his body was pressed against yours. Without him there you were on full display. Watching his eyes explore every part of your body, every nook, felt so good, even if it was a little embarrassing.

When he’s done taking in your beauty, he walks over to you and sits on the chair. In that seat he’s between your legs and his face is only about a foot away from your pussy. You know how wet you are and you are sure that all he can smell is your arousal.

When you feel his fingers tracing the lines of your tattoo, your body starts to shake visibly. Noticing this, Alex takes both of his hands and places them on your inner thighs and presses them wide apart. While this stops your shaking, it only makes you hornier. Your clit is throbbing in time with your elevated heart beat. You’ve never been this turned on in your life.

You look down at him and smile. He returns your smile as his face moves closer and closer to the thin strip of fabric covering your cunt. You feel him rub his rough beard hairs against your thigh and your eyes roll backwards. It’s been forever since you’ve been with a guy with short facial hair and you’ve forgotten how different it feels.

One of his hands slide up your thigh and you feel his fingers against the side if your pussy. He hooks the damp fabric with his finger and pulls it to the side. Then with no warning, you feel his lips surround your clit and suck it into his mouth. You let out a low moan in pure ecstasy.

Hearing your reaction only encourages him more and he’s getting into making you moan. His tongue feels incredible as it licks up and down your slit before honing in on your clit. It’s swirling around your clit, faster and faster and the feeling is incredible. You tangle your fingers within his dark hair as you use his head to hold yourself steady.

When he slides his finger in your sopping cunt, you are so close to your orgasm. He pulls his head away from your body to catch his breath and say, “Cum for me, Mandy, cum on my face.” As soon as he’s done speaking, he fills his lungs with air again and leans back into your wet heat.

Feeling his tongue around your clit and his finger on your g-spot is too much for you. “I’m cuming, Alex.” You moan and he starts to apply more pressure to your clit, pushing your orgasm out of your body. Your body contracts and then releases as every muscle responds to his action. Your mind is losing its grip on reality and you are sure that the people in the other room can hear your moans. Normally you would care, but right now the most intense orgasm of your life is carrying you away.

As your mind finally starts to get control of your body, you realize you were pulling Alex’s hair and pushing his face into your hungry cunt. You start to let your grip slacken and you feel him move away from your body. Despite the amazing orgasm, you’re slightly disappointed. You look at him and you can tell he’s starting up at your breasts which are erotically heaving with each breath. Something about his face, how into you he seems to be melts you and he looks so much better than in any of those photos you’ve ever seen of him.

As you finally catch your breath, you slide down off the desk and kiss him softly. Your hands move to his shoulders and then slowly drag down his chest and abs until they get to his waistband. Without any problems, you’ve unfastened his pants and pulled down his fly. He lifts his hips and you pull down his pants, surprised to find that he isn’t wearing any underwear.

You settle down on your knees and look at his hard cock. It’s a bit bigger than average, and nice and thick. You smile as you realize that the cock head is coated in precum and is throbbing in anticipation of you. Looking up Alex in the eyes you lick his cock, lazily dragging your tongue against the entire shaft. You continue to make eye contact as you lick his shaft.

You take his cock into your hand and then break eye contact. With your hands three quarters away around his cock, you start licking perpendicular across the vain on the underside of his cock. “Oh Mandy, you’re such a good girl.”

You smile, not stopping your teasing of his cock. Your tongue and lips are exploring his whole shaft, but avoiding the glistening head. The sense of power, the enjoyment of teasing Alex Long is incredibly intoxicating to you. Feeling his shaft throb in your grip is crazy erotic and your pussy is still getting wetter as you play.

You can tell by the way Alex’s hips are rocking that he needs more from you. “Do you want me to suck your cock, Alex?” You ask, batting your eyelashes and being as cute as you can possibly be.

“Oh yes, Mandy, suck my cock.” Hearing him tell you to suck him was too much. In one quick movement you pull his cock backwards and slides his cock into your mouth. His precum is so sweet and slippery on your tongue that you moan onto his dick which in turn makes his cock throb in your mouth. You are using your tongue, playing with his cock as you gently suck. You know from what other guys have said that the sensations you’re giving him are indescribable.

He moves his hands to your head and you feel them side through your hair. His grip firms up and he starts using your mouth for his pleasure. You continue to lick and suck, trying to keep as much control over the situation as you can. It feels so sexy to be his toy.

As you feel his cock getting closer to a release, you fight his grip and pull your head off his cock. “I need you to fuck me, Alex.”

He shakes his head and looks at you. You turn around and on all fours you wave your ass at him. You turn your head around, and looking at him over your shoulder you say, “Fill me with your cock.”

He doesn’t need to be told twice and in a moment he’s out of the chair and you feel his cock head, slick from your saliva and his precum slide up and down your slit. Then the head finds your soaked entrance and in an instant he slides into you. His cock feels so good inside you and as he pulls out your pussy feels so empty in comparison.

Alex pushes his cock in again and starts fucking you. As he does, his hands slap your ass harder and harder with each thrust and it’s incredible. He’s such a good fuck, perhaps because of his sense of rhythm. Whatever it is you’re moaning constantly as he fucks you harder and harder.

He stops spanking you and instead leans forward. He grabs your shoulders and starts to ram you back on your cock. You can feel your breasts slide out of the top of your bra as he fucks you with an animal intensity. You are so close to cuming again and hearing him pant and moan behind you is only getting you closer to the inevitable.

His hands slide up your neck to your hair and he pulls your head backwards. “Cum on my cock, Mandy.” Something about feeling so used for his pleasure and being told to cum on his cock is making your whole body tense up. Each thrust in your pussy is getting your body tighter and tighter. He lets go of your head with one hand and slides it under your body. When he pinches your nipple hard, your whole body is released.

He continues to fuck you with a steady rhythm as your orgasm bursts through you like an over wound spring. Your whole body is shaking and you are moaning as your spring unwinds. Your arms are no longer strong enough to support your weight and you feel your chest fall to the floor. Alex lets go of your hair as you drop but keeps fucking you. Your whole body is quivering uncontrollably and each thrust in your cunt is causing the shockwaves to continue to travel through your body.

As soon as you manage to speak again you shout out, “Cum over my ass, Alex. Paint my tramp stamp with your cum.”

You feel him pull out of your still vibrating pussy and you hear his cock fuck his fist. He was so wet from your juices that his movements sound sloppy. You feel his hand move down to just above your ass cheeks and you know that he’s placing his thumb and fingers on the star tattoos there. You look over your shoulder and he looks down at your eyes framed in those glasses. The look of lust on your face is too much for him and you see his whole body tense up.

The first jet of Alex’s cum flies further then you expect and makes it about half way up your back. You moan as the hot liquid hits your skin. “Oh, Mandy!” Then the second jet hits you, and you feel it strong against your lower back. You feel it pool against your skin right as he paints the third stream across your tramp stamp. The fourth and fifth jets come slower and with less power than the first few shots, but the hot sperm feels fantastic against your skin. The last little drops ooze out of his cock and fall on the triangle on the back of your thong.

When he finishes cuming, his strong hands move to your back and he massages you, rubbing his cum into your skin. His strong hands feel so great, and knowing he’s working his cum into you is incredible. When he finishes he stands up and looks down at you.

You stand up, your breasts hanging out of your bra, your hair a mess, your glasses cockeyed. You look at him and smiled. He walks over to you and smiles. Then he kisses you softly and leans into your ear. “You are fantastic, Mandy.”

The rest of the night is kind of a blur to you. You remember straightening yourself up, being handed your shirt and having your friend take you home. Still the whole night Alex was all you saw and thought about and you felt so good knowing his cum was all over your back.

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