Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Coffee, Massage, and You

I wake up to find you are not in the bed next to me.  I have slept in but you are up like always and I’m pretty confident that I can find you.  Getting up out of bed I smell the aroma of coffee coming from the kitchen.  I make my way into the kitchen and you’re not there, however there is a ring of coffee by the machine and I know you’ve already gotten your morning fuel.

It doesn’t take much for me to realize your next priority and I figure you are in the computer room.  It only takes me a moment to confirm my hunch.  You are sitting in your desk chair reading your emails as you hold up your coffee cup and take little sips.  You are focused on your messages you are reading and don’t realize that I am approaching you from behind.

“Morning.” I say softly, and you turn around and smile at me.  You look fantastic, with your golden hair cascading down over your shoulders, your lips spread into a cute smile and your blue eyes shining at me from behind your glasses.  I can feel a growing need deep within me.

“Morning.” You say, and then turn back to the computer screen.  You are obviously engrossed in a message you’re reading.

I walk up behind you and my hands brush your soft hair off your shoulders.  You’re at the perfect height for a good shoulder rub, and you know that I give you those instinctually.  You sigh as you feel my hands start to rub and release the tension that you have been carrying around lately.

I love feeling your body in my grip, and the silky robe you’re wearing only makes the massage that much more sensual for both of us.  It’s so slippery that it’s almost like massage oil and pretty soon my eyes are closed and I’m just focused on working out your over stressed muscles.

As I rub your shoulders you let out a moan and I feel your head move backwards against my fingers.  I open my eyes and I’m looking down at your sexy face.  Your eyes are closed and you are enjoying the massage immensely.  You let out a second moan and I pull you closer to me, the wheels on the desk chair glide silently until I feel the back of the chair on my thighs.

Now that you’re closer I look down and I see that all the rubbing I’m doing has caused your robe slip open a bit.  I can easily see your cleavage as I look down at your body and this makes me instantly hard.

Without thinking about it, my hands leave your shoulders and slide down the sensual fabric of your robe until they reach your breasts.  They feel so amazing as I start to massage your chest.  When I pinch your nipple your eyes slowly open and you give me a look of pure lust.

While I play with your breasts, you move your hands to the tie that’s just barely holding your robe together.  With a gentle tug it undoes itself and falls open.  I practically drool as look down at your mostly naked body.  I let go of your breasts and push the silky fabric away from your skin.  Then I move my hands back to your tits and feel your soft flesh.  Skin to skin contact is always so much more arousing for both of us.

As I continue to play with your breasts you move your hands to your thighs and slowly spread them apart.  As your hands move up to your pussy you slip your tongue out of your mouth and lick your lips.  I watch transfixed as your fingers move to your clit and you start to rub.

You look so sexy as you please yourself, putting on a show for me.  You’re such a good girl and I reward you by rolling your nipples between my finger and thumb.  You let out a moan and move your other hand down to your pussy’s entrance.  As you slide your finger into your cunt your arms move closer to your body.  This pushes your breasts together and I feel the flesh so much firmer and the cleavage is so much better defined.  You look fantastic.

I can’t control myself and lean down and kiss you as you play.  Kissing you upside down like this feels amazing, and I know you’re enjoying it because of how passionately you’re returning my kiss.  Your hands are moving furiously between your legs as I continue to play with your breasts and nipples.

I pull my mouth off yours and then spin the chair around quickly.  Your eyes open and you look at me as if begging for an explanation.  When I get down on my knees you smile at me and remove your hands from your aroused body.

I lean into your crotch and it’s already soaked with your juices.  You smell so arousing and I have to force myself to lick my finger before I focus on your pussy.  My mouth surrounds your mound and my tongue moves to your clit.  As I start to rock the tip of my tongue back and forth over your clit my finger slides into your drenched cunt.

Your hands immediately get tangled in my hair and I start giving your clit the attention it craves.  Between that and my finger rubbing against your g-spot you’re moaning loudly and I know that you’re about to cum for me.

I start licking your clit harder while finger fucking you faster, and that’s what your body needs.  In a moment you’re moaning, pulling my head into your body, and shaking as an orgasm takes over your body.  It’s a short orgasm, but very intense, and you’re left panting and limp afterwards.

I move my body up yours and kiss you softly.  “Good morning.” I say with a smile.

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