Thursday, July 4, 2013

Red, White, and You

This post is a little different then my normal posts, as it happens to come out on an American holiday.  Today is Independence Day here in the states and I'd like to wish all of my American readers a Happy Fourth of July.  For those international readers, I do hope you're having a great day on this 4th of July as well.  Either way, everyone should celebrate Indie-pendence day by supporting an Indie artist. So buy a book, an album, a piece of art, anything to help out the Indie community.  Even commenting, following, or liking us on Facebook is a great way to show support.  Thanks!

The morning seems to be going along perfectly.  It is the Fourth of July, and since you have the day off you are able to sleep in a bit longer than usual.  It is so nice to wake up on a Thursday and have the time to relax and just be.

You head into the shower and wash off the dirt and sweat from the previous day before reaching for your shaving cream.  You spray a bit of the slick foam into your palm and run them up and down your leg, making sure there was a nice thick lather.  You rinse your hand off in the water until you are confident that you've got your grip back.  Then you reach for your new razor and uncap it.  Gently you draw it up and over your skin, watching as it follows your contours perfectly.  You think to yourself that this really is quite an erotic act.

Soon you’ve shaved both your legs and you are about to put the razor away.  Your mind flashes forward to what I’ve got planned for this evening and you decide to do a little bit more.  Your hand lathers up the cream again and this time you place your fingers on your pussy mound.  You work the lather around your delicate skin, and as your fingers move your body reacts with flashes of pleasure.  It feels so good it takes effort to remove your hand.

You turn off the shower and redirect the water so it’s coming out the faucet.  Then you sit on the edge of the tub and spread your legs wide.  As carefully as possible you run the razor against your delicate skin.  As sexy as it is to have a shaved pussy, nicks and cuts are not erotic and you want to avoid them at all costs.  It takes you almost as long to shave your pussy as it did to shave your legs, but it’s worth it.  As you finish up you run your fingers between your legs and you feel the rough landing strip before the smoothness if your naked mound.

After you turn the shower back on, you finish washing up, removing all traces of shaving cream and getting lost in the delight of the hot water against your skin.  You are tempted to slide your finger down and play but you know that I wouldn't be happy with you if you did that.  Instead you squeeze your legs together and will the throbbing in your clit to go away.

You head into the bedroom and find the package that I left for you last night.  The instructions are very clear, do not open until you are ready to get dressed.  Seeing as the only thing you are wearing is the towel, you decide it’s time to open it.  As you do your eyes get wide, first at how sexy the outfit is, and then realizing that I expect you to wear it all day.

You pull the bikini out of the box, and gaze at it.  The top half has white stars on a blue field on the left cup and on the right cup there are red and white stripes.  The string bikini bottoms are red and white striped.  You have to both laugh at how patriotic they are and fear about how much of your body they reveal.   You slip the fabric over your body and tie the strings together until they form something that resembles an article of clothing.  You look at your reflection in the mirror and adjust the fabric so that your body is both hidden and looking its best.

Then you take a look at yourself and you realize how little clothing you’re actually wearing.  It is one thing to dress up in something so skimpy in the bedroom for me, but you can’t see yourself leaving the house completely on display like this.

You head over to the closet and throw on a pair of cut off jean shorts and a white tank top with a plunging neckline.  The shirt is tight against your body, and the fabric shows hints of the bikini through the fabric.  You walk away from the closet, feeling the strings dangling off the edge of the shorts tickle your inner thighs.  You know that when you get to see me, you are going to have soaked the crotch of your bikinis.

You grab your purse and start fishing through it for your keys as you head out the door.  The drive over to the marina is uneventful and soon you are aboard my little Sea Ray.  You’re there before I am, so you start prepping it for our afternoon excursion.

It is a small boat, about eighteen feet long, with seating in an open bow and a bench across the stern.  You are unsnapping the canopy as I walk up the dock.  “I see you’re getting everything ship shape.”  I say proud at how well you’re doing.  Only a few months ago you knew nothing about boating.

“You taught me well.”  You say, not even bothering to look over your shoulder.  You are eager to hit the lake and get a good view for tonight’s fireworks.

I stow my day-pack and begin helping you get the ship ready.  The good viewing spots are going to get snatched up quickly.  In a few minutes we've got the ship ready to leave the marina and you smile sheepishly as you remove your tank top.  There is something sexy about a woman so incredibly arousing that is also a bit shy.  You grab the sunscreen and start to work it into your skin.  I watch you, making sure you’re not missing any spot, as you try not to make eye contact.  You don’t like being the center of attention.

When you’re almost done, I take the bottle from your hands and squirt a little of the lotion into my hand.  Then I start to work the sunscreen into your shoulders, the back of your neck, and then down your spine.  I’m massaging it in, going over all of your exposed skin, even under the bikini string, making sure that you will not get sunburned.  When I’m sure I've gotten it everywhere, I move my hands over your shoulders and get the top of your chest with the remaining lotion.  You lean your head against my arm as you enjoy the intimacy.

Then I start up the motor and in a few minutes we are on our way to the see the fireworks.  The wind as we cut through the water feels great, cooling us down.  After the last week of stagnant heat, it feels good to be back on the water and have the breeze on your skin.  With all the boats on the lake, the water was rough and you had to lean against me to keep your balance.  It feels good to have you holding me; the softness of your skin next to mine is such a turn on.

As we arrive at the spot I had chosen earlier as the best viewing spot, a little secluded by a bend in the shoreline, we drop anchor and open up the awning.  You unfold a chair so we have a little table and then spread out the picnic that I had prepared earlier.  With the shade and the cool breeze off the water we are free to enjoy ourselves.  You feel comfortable enough to have a few glasses of wine while I abstained since I knew I would be driving back.  The cops patrol the lake during the Fourth to make up some funds for the city.

As the sun starts to set we clean up the food.  You are bending over and I can see the outline of your bikini bottoms through the legs of your cut offs.  You are so tempting, and I need to see what I purchased for you.

“You know, I told you to wear the gift I gave you.”  I say my voice hard and in control.

You look at me,  “But, Sir, I am!”  You undo the button at your waist and pull the waistband of your shorts down a little.  You are showing me that you've got the whole bikini on.  “See?”

“Yes, I do see, but I never said you should wear anything else.  I wanted you to show your sexy body off for me.  I wanted you to tempt other men and women knowing that your body was promised to me.”

You face reddens immediately upon hearing this.  “I’m sorry.”

I smile that wicked grin that tells you this is not going to be a problem.  “Well don’t bother closing that button.  You should just take off those shorts.”

You look around for a second, making sure that we are as secluded as you thought we are.  Although you can hear some music from the other boats, the people in them are indistinct.  Confident of our isolation, your hand goes down to the fly and you unzip it completely.  Then you shimmy your hips in such a way that the denim shorts slide down your legs and lie in a pile on the floor of the boat.  “Is that better?”

My eyes scan  up and down your amazing body and I lick my lips. “Yes, that is much better.”

I sit down on the seat and beckon you over with my finger.  Like the good girl that you are you come to my side at once.  My hand goes up and down your legs and I feel how smooth they are.  “You shaved for me didn't you?”

“Yes.  I thought you’d like that.”  You say looking down at me.

My hand travels the complete length of your leg, from the ankle to your crotch, and then back down the other side.  My hand moves back to your mound and I cup it with my fingers.  “And you’re wet.  This is turning you on, is it?”

You raise your head, breaking eye contact as you say, “Yes.  Dressing like this and submitting to you turns me on.”

“Then why were you a bad girl?  Why didn't you just wear the bikini when you left the house?”  I don’t wait for you to answer before continuing.  “No bother.  I know how to solve this problem.”

My hand goes to your wrists and I pull you down with one hand while I guide you to my lap with the other.  You are now bent over my lap with your ass in the air.  The stripes of the bikini are stretched and look amazing like this.  “I want you to count to twenty, OK?  I can’t concentrate on spanking you and counting so I’m just going to continue until I hear you count to the right number.”

You nod your head and we both know that you understand what is about to happen.  It’s not like this is the first time I've had to punish you.

Lying over my thighs, you can feel my cock hard against your belly and my hand firm against your back.  You can tell by how my body is positioned that my other hand is up in the air and you are left anticipating the first spanking.  It’s a horrible feeling, and yet, something about it makes your pussy flood with excitement.  You've never been spanked in such a public place before.

As you sit there and wait you can feel your heartbeat and you are aware of how your ass cheeks are clenching in apprehension.  When I feel your body relax, unable to keep up its tension, I bring my hand down.  It isn't a hard slap, but since you are no longer tense the SMACK rings out over the lake loudly and your ass begins to sting.  Immediately your head lifts up so you can look around and see if anyone is looking this way.  When your fears are subdued you look at me with pleading eyes.  You don’t want to be caught like this, but you also know I won’t like it if you ask me to stop.

“You forgot to count, so we’re going to start again.”  I say, answering your unspoken question.  Before you even have your head turned back around I bring my hand down again.

“One!”   You cry out, wishing that you had counted the first one.

As you steel yourself, I bring my hand down on the other cheek.  “Two.”  You say trying to keep your voice calm.  I spank you again, “Three” and again, “Four” and again, “Five”, alternating which cheek my spankings are landing on each time.

Then in rapid succession I spank you five times in a row and you feel your ass burn.  Through clenched teeth you say, “Six, Seven, Eight, Nine, Ten!”

I’m enjoying this, but I’m also wishing that you can really feel my blows.  To make this happen, my fingers move over to the strings of your bottoms and I untie them.  In a moment the thin piece of fabric falls to the floor.  In the setting sun, all of your skin has taken on a reddish hue, but your butt looks like it is burning.  My hand moves down and I massage you, taking away some of the sting.  “Your ass is so patriotic, Red,” I rub a sore spot, “White,” I rub a spot spared from my palm, “And completely You!”

You are writhing below me, your ass stinging from the spankings, and you’re trying to laugh so you don’t upset me further.  You are panting, trying to control the pain with breathing, but you’re also completely aroused.  You can feel your nipples strain against the fabric of the top and you are aware of how wet your pussy has become.

I raise my hand again and resume your punishment.  “Eleven!” You are controlling yourself quiet well despite the discomfort you are feeling.  I spank you repeatedly, listening as you count off all the way up to “Nineteen!”

For Twenty, I have something special planned.  I pull your legs apart at the thighs and you know better to close them.  Then I bring my palm down onto your pussy and you shriek out in pain, “Twenty!”  The words out of your mouth as soon as could speak, you don’t want another spanking for being tardy.

You sit there, letting your heart calm down and the heat work its way out of your bottom.  You open your eyes, which you didn't realize were closed, and you notice that the sun has completely set and now the crescent moon is hanging in the sky.

I gently push your leg and your roll off me and onto the seats lining the back of the boat.  You are glad that the cushions are extremely soft as you sit there recovering.   You watch me as I walk over to the radio and tune into the station that is synced to the fireworks display.  When you hear the announcers thank the fireworks sponsors you know that I've tuned it in to the right station.

You turn around, your knees on the seat and your elbows resting on the padded back of the boat.  You are looking off into the general direction of where the firework barge is, waiting for the show to begin.  You’re so enraptured with seeing the first blast you don’t hear me slip out of my shorts.  Looking at the sky you are alert, waiting for the first firework to explode in the sky.

As soon as you see the sparkles in the sky you point towards it, like anyone could miss it.  “Ooooh, look!”  You shout excitedly.

I am looking, but not at the sky.  You have my full attention, and more specifically your alluring ass.  My cock is hard and throbbing as I move up behind you.  You feel my hand on the small of your back, but you don’t register anything.  You are too enthralled with the light show in the sky.

As the music starts to build up tempo, I guide my cock head towards your pussy lips.  As my cock slides up and down searching for your entrance you turn around, this look of shock on your face.  I smile at you as I slide in.  Your eyes widen and you moan as you can feel my shaft filling up your pussy.

I start to fuck you in earnest now, moving my hips along with the beat of the music.  You've dropped your head between your arms and are concentrating on the feelings I’m sending through your body.  My hand grabs your hair at the base of your neck and I pull your head upwards.  Now you are forced to watch the fireworks, your breasts swaying as much as they can in the stretchy fabric.

As the music starts to build to it’s crescendo, I can tell we are both are making our way there as well.  I’m fucking you like an animal, each thrust landing against your ass with a satisfying slap.  You are moaning loudly, either forgetting where you are, or confident that the sounds of fireworks and music will hide any noise that you could be making.  I let go of your hair and grab your shoulders so I can use your body as leverage, pushing in while pulling you back onto me.  You are completely into the pleasure I am giving you.

We are barely aware of the building movement in the music as we both find ourselves on the edge of a climax.  I start to feel my cock throb in that uncontrollable way and I know I’m about to come deep inside of you.  I pull you all the way onto my cock and I let go.  A series of throbs fill you with my come.  At the same time, your body is pushed over the edge by my orgasm.  You can feel your whole body shake and spasm as we are watching the grand finale on display in front of us.

As we come down from our high I pull out of you and then immediately collapse in the chair behind you.  You turn around and slink down into the chair that you were leaning against.  I look at you and ask between pants, “Was that good?”

You smile and answer with a grin on your face.  “It was excellent.  I literally saw fireworks.”


  1. Very patriotic post John and a very sexy one too. Loved it can't wait to read one of your books

    Scarlett xX

  2. I'm so glad you liked it Scarlett! I like to play with different genres and something about the red on white skin screamed spankings. :)