Monday, June 17, 2013

Revamped Bloging

Hi All,

Well you might have noticed a little quiet time for my blog, but I'm back at it and now working to improve both the experience and the content that you will find here.  I've added the first new page to my blog, My Ebooks.  Like it sounds, this is list of what books I have up and where you can check out samples of them.  I really appreciate all of my book sales.

I've also settled on Thursdays for when my stories will post.  Every Thursday, probably around 9 AM eastern, I'll be trying to post a new story for the rest of the year.  As I work on this schedule, I will see about adding more posts, but right now I'd like some consistency.  I hope that is appreciated.   Please follow the blog and come back everything Thursday for a new story.

Other than that, thanks for reading all of my work.  If there's something you like, don't forget to rate it at the very least or leave a comment.  Those comments make it so much more interesting for me!

-John Satisfy

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