Thursday, June 20, 2013

Lunch Hour Quickie

You are at your desk, about to head to lunch, when your cell phone vibrates.  Your hand leaves the mouse and slips over to the phone.  You flip it over and see that there’s a new text message from me.  “Meet me down stairs in 5 mins.”

As you look up from your phone, you realize immediately that you’re a bit flushed and your blood is pumping.  You hesitate for a moment, trying to find the right words to elicit a similar response in me, but give up.  “Yes, Sir.”

You look at the time as you place the phone back down on the desk.  You finish what you’re working on and save the files.  Then, grabbing your phone you head to the bathroom to freshen up.  You head into the stall and when the door closes you pull down your pants and panties before sitting down.  As you urinate you look down at your black satin panties, a little dark spot soaking the liner.  You finally figure out a nice surprise to give me today.

You slide your right foot out of your dress shoe and it doesn’t take much effort for you to get your leg out of your pants and panties.  You swing the panties around and put your leg through your pants before replacing your shoe.  Immediately afterwards you repeat the process on the other side and you smile as you lift the panties up to your nose and smell them.  There is a hint of your musky arousal in the cloth and you feel a thrill run down your spine as you fold them up and place them in your purse.

You look at yourself in the mirror as you wash your hands and notice that you’ve got a huge grin on your face.  Something about walking around sans panties and knowing that you have a surprise for me is extremely erotic to you.  You check your watch as you dry your hands and get a move on.  You don’t want to be late for our meeting.

Your right foot leaves the stairs and lands on the bottom floor of your office.  You look around and see me waiting by a pillar looking at you.  You know you’re not late, at least by your watch, but you can’t read my expression.  Still smiling, you walk over to me, butterflies in your stomach.  You both love and hate how I can make you feel like a high school student again.

“Ready for lunch?” I ask as soon as you’ve made it close enough to hear.

“Absolutely!  I’m famished.”  You say, still cheerful.

The second you’ve answered I turn around and start heading out the door.  While you weren’t expecting any public displays of affection, it’s against company policy to date co-workers, you did expect a bit more warmth from our greeting.  I seemed busy, rushed, and preoccupied.

“How is your day going?”  You ask, trying to clear the air.

“Fine.” I answer.  It’s gruff, to the point, and not giving you any more information.  “Yours?”

“It’s been fine,” You begin, figuring that if you start to open up that I would start to relax and do the same.  “Jessie has been over worked lately and thus giving me a few tasks to do.  It’s nothing difficult, but I kind of wanted to focus on a few of the assignments that my boss gave me.”

I answer simply with a “Yeah.”  Not what you wanted to hear.

As soon as we get to my car I press the key fob and unlock the doors.  We both slide into the leather seats and as soon as your door is closed and your seat belt fastened I pull out of the parking spot.  I’m acutely aware of the time, and I have plans for you.

As the car left the parking lot you look at me.  “So, I got you something.”  You say mater-of-factly, hiding your nervousness  as you prepare to make a bold offering of yourself.  Your hand shakes as you slide it into your purse and pull out the still warm satin panties.  “They are fresh; I just took them off before I came down stairs.”

Without being told you folded them so that the damp crotch was facing out.  “Here, smell how aroused I am.”  You lift the fabric up to my nose, and you feel just as exposed as if I was between your legs.  My only response to your gift is a devilish smile.

Meekly, you add, “Actually, that’s how aroused I was.  Now, being in the car with you, not wearing any panties, my pussy is clenching and my clit is starting to throb.  I am sure I’m more turned on now.”

As you talk I feel my cock growing hard, you’re such a good plaything, such a good girl.  You just want to be as alluring as you can be, and you start out incredibly alluring to being with.  My plan was a simple one, but the way you’re teasing me right now, so innocently, so seductively, I need to make a change on the fly.

As soon as I see the parking garage on the right, I pull into it and drive down to the bottom level.  It takes a moment before our eyes adjust to the light level, but when they are used to the darken environment, I pick out a spot in the back corner.  It’s a little darker there, and there are no cars around.  It seems to be a perfect location.

As soon as the car was parked, I turn to you and my ice cold exterior melts.  In a moment our lips find each other and we are embraced in a passionate kiss.  I know the rules, lunch time meetings are fine, but you have to look presentable at the end of the day.  I’m controlling my desire for you, making sure that I don’t mess with your hair and your make up.  The clothing though, that you can spruce up when we’re finished.

Your hands go to the buttons on my blue shirt and blindly undo them.  You’re so focused on feeling your fingers run through my chest hair, the muscles underneath, that you are distracted from our kiss.  My hand goes to your breasts and I cup it as I try to get your attention back to where I think it belongs.  Time is of the essence here, and the clock is ticking away our lunch hour.

I break our kiss and pull away from you.  “Get out of the car.” I say, my tone commanding but you could hear the lust seeping through.

You open the car door and eagerly get out of the car.  I’m doing the same on my side, and you instinctively know that I want you over here, next to me.  You close the door as you walk around the trunk of the car.  In a moment you’re in my embrace again, the softness of your body pressed against the hardness of mine.

There is something so erotic about your body.  It’s special, unique, soft and inviting.  My lips playing with yours as I kiss you softly with a growing need.  Your mouth opens in a silent moan and I slide my tongue against your lips, wetting them, whetting your appetite for me.  At the same time one hand is against your back, feeling your shoulder blades, your muscles through your blouse.  The other has slid down to your perfect ass.  It’s groping, exploring, excited to have access to such wonders.

With your breasts pressed against my chest, both of my hands work their way to the button on the front of your pants.  Our bodies separate, but our lips remain together.  Before you know it your pants are open and sliding down around your ankles.  Part of you is freaking out being so exposed in public, and the other part is lost in our kiss.

My fingers slide down over your tantalizing belly and to the hairs just above your pussy.  You would be shaved but you know how I love to run my fingers though your pubes, teasing you as I pull on the hairs and bringing more awareness to your needs.  As you moan a second time I pull away and there is a smoldering look in your eyes.  There is no question in my mind.  You need me.  Now.

Before you are aware of what is happening, I spin you around and you find yourself leaning over my trunk.  The freshly waxed surface is slick under you and you spread your legs as far as you can.  I lean down to your ear and whisper, “I love it when you’re enjoying being my little slut.  Such a good girl.”

Your body tingles in response to my words.  You feel your pussy getting even wetter as you anticipate my next move.  You can hear me fumbling with my belt buckle and my pants sliding down.  You smile and get completely lost in the moment.

I take my cock in my hand and guide it to your already spread lips.  My cockhead is glistening with pre-come as I approach.  I feel your silky skin against my cock and I immediately feel how soaked you are.  I want to fuck you, fuck you hard, but I also want to tease you.  As rushed as we are, I know how important it is to build up the anticipation.

I guide my cock up and down your slit, coating myself in your slickness.  Even this feels incredible, and I lose myself in the sensation of playing with your pussy and clit.  I rub up and down, sending jolts of pleasure throughout your body.  As much as you are enjoying this teasing, you need more.  Your hips start to rotate, trying to entice me inside.  I move one hand to your shoulder to steady myself, all the while I continue the tease.

It doesn’t take long before you’ve taken as much as you can.  “Fuck me!  Fuck me hard!” You say through clenched teeth, trying to be quiet in this public space.

As soon as the words are out of your mouth, my hips press forward and I start to slide into you.  You let out a moan that just encourages me to fuck you faster and harder.  The other hand moves to your shoulder as well and using your body as leverage I am able to fuck you hard and with a steady rhythm.

I can feel your body tense beneath mine.  Your hands are clawing at the trunk of the car, trying to find something to grab on to and coming up short.  You are moaning loudly now, and I can hear it echo in the parking garage.  Your growing desire has overtaken your need to be quiet.  Your hips are bucking against me as you let yourself go and are completely in the moment.  I know it won’t be long now.

I so want to pull your hair and make you feel my power over your body.  Instead I slap your ass as I pull out of you.  I watch as you jump and let out a little squeak of pleasure.  I push back into your delightful pussy and try to give you a little spank as I pull out each time.  It’s hard because you are giving me a moving target.

It’s time for you to come hard for me.  You can tell that I’m getting tired of teasing you; I need to come hard on my cock.  I grab your hips with both my hands and pull myself hard against you.  You can feel my balls slapping against your pussy as I slide into you.  My rhythm is so frenetic and filled with lust that you can’t stand it anymore.

You feel your mind shutting off as you get closer and closer, lost in the pleasure of my cock sliding in and out of you.  You know you’re right at the edge as I continue to fuck you.  You’re lost in the pleasure of the build up as I continue to keep a steady pace.  You know it’s about to become too much for you.

“I’m going to come!” You shout, shocking both of us with how loud you’re speaking.  I continue to pump in and out of you and a second later I feel your body let go.  You are moaning and writhing on the trunk as your legs start shaking.  My hands hold you tighter as I keep you on the trunk as you come hard for me.  I can feel your pussy muscles clench around my cock as your whole body bucks against mine.

As you come down from your orgasm I’m left with the tough decision.  Do I come in that pussy of yours, or do I give you the opportunity to have something in your tummy.   I want to do both, but it’s not possible with our time limit.

Almost as if you could tell what I am thinking, you look over your shoulder and say, “Come inside of me.”

You’re such a good girl.  I can’t say no to you.  I slide my hands under you and grab your breasts as I fuck you harder than before.    I am using your body for my pleasure, manhandling your tits, fucking you so roughly,  With each thrust I am pushing my cock into your cunt hard and deep.  You have me so worked up that I know I won’t last much longer.

I lean down and smell your hair, your sweat, your perfume.  I feel your body against mine, your body wrapped in my grasp, you pussy wrapped around my cock.  I hear your moans, your whimpers, your pleading pants.  I see your alluring curves swaying, dancing, grinding against me.  I lean down and taste your skin, your sweat, you.

You are too much for me.

I push in as far as I can as I feel my body let go.  I am dimly aware of my cock starting to throb rhythmically inside of you.  I’m aware of it shooting jets of come out, filling your tight pussy.  I am slightly conscious of your body spasming as each jet fills you.  I am lost in my own personal bliss, your skin my only anchor to reality.

As I come down from my orgasm I look at my watch.  It is later than I anticipated and I know we both have to get back to our desks shortly.

I pull out of you and open the passenger door next to us.  You sit down, your pants still around your ankles.  You look up at me and smile, knowing that I expect you to clean me off.  You open your mouth and slide my softening cock into the wet warmth.  Your tongue eagerly slides around my shaft and head, licking up our mixed juices.  In a minute you’ve gotten it all and are just enjoying teasing me, making me hard again.

I pull out of your mouth and kiss you softly.  As you stand up my hand goes between your legs and finds a glob of our come sliding out of your cunt.  I grab it in my fingers and bring it up to your mouth.  Eagerly, you again clean me.  You are smiling as you’re letting the physical results of our bliss roll around on your tongue.  We repeat the process once more and I’m satisfied that we’ve got most of the juices.

As you are about to pull up your pants, I see your panties in the cup holder between the front seats.  I reach in and grab them.  I lean into your ear and say, “Put these back on, I want the rest of our come to stay inside you all day.”  I lean back and hand you the panties.

With a grin on your face you get dressed.  You can’t help but think of all the wonderful thoughts you’re going to have at your desk this afternoon.

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  1. A very sexy little story John ;) Loved it

    1. So glad you enjoyed it. Funny how a similar start can lead in different directions. :)