Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Puppy Play

You’re about to go to lunch when you get a text from me.  “Daddy got Princess what she always wanted.”  You looked at your phone wondering what that meant, when you heard a scratching at your office door.

When you opened it, I was there, on all fours, a collar around my neck and my leash in my mouth looking up at you.  You smiled, and squealed a little, as you grabbed the leash and lead me into your office.  You closed the door behind me before bringing me over to your office chair. “Sit.”

I sat down, my butt wiggling because I was excited to see you, but I was good and did as you requested.  Then you sat down in your chair.  I couldn’t control myself, I jumped, my front hands landing on your legs and I started to lick your face eagerly.

“Bad boy!”  You said, your voice stern as you used my shoulders to push me back down.  I sat down and looked at the floor and whimpered.  I was just saying hi, what did I do wrong?

You spread your legs and moved forward to pet me, calm me down.  “Yeah, that’s a good boy.”  I heard the words, but that’s not what got my attention.  There was this intoxicating smell that I just needed to find.  I moved my head forward and pushed down into your skirt.  It was there!

I excitedly pushed and nuzzled your crotch, trying my best to get more of that delicious smell.  You looked down at me, “Sit!”  I was so eager to to get to it, “Sit!”  I didn’t hear anything, my nose was leading me to the best smell ever!

Finally you grabbed my head with both of your hands and forced it to look up at your face.  You seemed angry and I tried to move forward to show you that there was a great smell on you.  You shook my head and said, “Sit!”

I sat down for you, but I was trembling, wanting to get back on the search of the aroma.  You lifted your skirt and pushed the crotch of your black lace panties to the side.  “Ok boy!”

I jumped up, my ass in the air wiggling as I pushed my nose in between your legs.  As I got to your exposed body, I found the smell and started to slobber.  My tongue slid out of my mouth and I pressed it flat against your skin.  God you taste even better than you smell!

I was so happy to find such a treat I started to lap at your pussy.  My wet, flat tongue going from your taint up to clit and past.  I kept lapping faster and faster, just moving my tongue up your slit and getting your juices to coat my tongue.

It was different then when I usually go down on you and try to please you, no this was just instinct.  I needed more of your flavor and as I lapped at you, you supplied more and more.  Before you knew it, I had you right over the edge and then pushed you over.  As you came for me, I continued to lap excitedly, not understanding why you were shaking around me, and not really caring.  Just wanting more of the sweet honey I found between your legs.
When you stopped cumming, you petted my head and then scratched me behind my ears.  I still was lapping at you, and my ass was wiggling excitedly as I did so.  You pushed me away and looked down at me.

You scratched under my chin for a bit and then your hand slid down my torso to my hard cock.  “You were such a good boy for me, I’ve got a treat for you!”

I heard good boy and treat and my ass began wiggling faster.  You got off your chair and onto all fours, your legs spread for me.  I didn’t need instructions, I just jumped on your back, my weight on my forearms as I leaned against you.  You could feel my weight as my hips thrusted towards your body to no avail.

I couldn’t find your pussy, and I was too excited.  My cock slipped up your pussy lips, down your pussy, hitting your ass, hitting your thighs, your leg.  Hitting everywhere but where it so desperately needed.  You tried to reach back to guide me but I was too excited and you couldn’t grab a hold of my cock to help.

You leaned back until I was forced to fall off of you.  You petted my head and said, “Calm.  Calm.”

You leaned forward, this time on 3 points your hand now reaching through your legs.  As I mounted you again you grabbed my cock and pulled me into your sopping cunt.

I moved my hips quickly now, fucking you as I panted in your ear.  You felt some drool on your back as kept ramming my hips in and out of your pussy.  I was just moving back and forth, back and forth, fucking you, leaning on you, not doing anything to please you, just doing what instincts tell me.

“Ok Boy,  Cum in your owner.  That’s it be a good boy for me.”  I swallowed my tongue for a second happy you said good boy, not sure at what else you were saying.  When my tongue fell out of my mouth again I felt my cock throb.  I pushed into your welcoming pussy, stopped, and unloaded a huge load.  I was panting as I did so and enjoying the feeling of release.

When I was done I slipped off your body, sniffed at your crotch again, and then turned around three times and collapsed on the floor.  You came over to me and pet my head until my panting stopped.

You undid the snap of my leash.  “Ok, Boy.  Go home and wait for me!”

You stood up and opened the door to the office and I disappeared, running on all fours excitedly down the hall.  You then proceed to adjust your panties and straighten your clothing.  You could feel my cum leak out of you, dampening your panties and smiled.  What a good lunch break.

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