Friday, February 13, 2015

Updates and A Story

Wow, it's been way too long since I've been writing.  The last year has been crazy, preparing for a large move, followed by the move, followed by a new job hunt, followed by getting into the swing of things at the job.  Crazy.

But during all that time I missed writing.  I missed interviewing.  I missed being a part of this wonderful community.  The friends I made have been great, but I was too busy to keep up with them.

Well this is changing now.  Over the next few weeks I'm going to be slowly working up to more posts, and more consistent posts.  I hopefully will have a new book released in the coming months as well, but we shall see what that time frame is.  Still it feels good to be back.

As a little thank you for your patience, I have a little story I wrote over on my tumblr blog.  This was inspired by a set of lovely photos, so go check out the blog and see what other treats I've got buried there.  Some of the stories will be making their way over to this blog, others will not.  I do have some fun things planned for both.

Now without further ado...

"Bend over."  As soon as the words are out of my mouth I see you move.  You know that I’m in a mood today and you don’t want me to have any excuse.

You bend at the waste, thrusting your round ass out at me.  I see a hint of blue at the waste of your jeans and I smile.  You were a good slut today.

I take one step forward and you feel one of my hands on your shoulder blades pushing down, keeping you in position.  Meanwhile, the other hand snakes around your scrumptious belly to the button of your jeans.  You feel my hand fumble as I work the button free, and then the zipper down.  Finally, I move back up to your leather belt and release that as well.  As I pull on the buckle end, you feel the belt travel through the loops and around your body, getting stuck every now and again.

When I’ve succeed in removing it, the hand on your back moves up to your hair.  Grabbing a fistful, I pull your body up straight while at the same time kicking your legs apart with my feet.

I let go of your hair and move both hands to your hips.  With a smooth motion I pull your pants down and the pool around your ankles, trapping you awkwardly in place.  I look down and admire your pale round ass cheeks exposed for my pleasure and lick my lips appreciatively.

My right hand slips the side of your body to your breast.  Grabbing at it roughly, I pull your back so it’s against my body, my hard cock pressing through the fabric of my clothes against your soft ass.

I lean in even closer, my lips resting right against your ear.  ”You’re all mine tonight, Slut.”  I think I feel a shudder down your back as the words sink in.

Letting go of you, I take a step backwards.  You know what’s coming and lean forward, your hands leaning against the back of the chair in front of you.  Bracing yourself, you thrust your ass out and up and wait.

As you wait, you’re aware of me winding your belt around my fist, leaving only a long leather tongue dangling.  You inwardly wished you picked a wider belt to wear today, but it didn’t matter to either of us what you wore, this outcome was inevitable.

Just when you were getting bored with waiting, you sense movement behind you and then the sweet, strong, searing sting of the end of the belt.  You let out your little squeal of pain, much to my delight.

"Did you like that, whore?"

Shyly you answer, “Yes.”

I bring the belt down again a little bit harder and you sniffle a cry.  Your ass is decorated with two red stripes were the belt hit your porcelain white skin. I continue to whip your ass, making the stripes become hash-marked patterns, before finally becoming two red globes.

Stopping, you are whimpering, tears running down your cheeks.  Dropping the belt, I take a step closer and run my hand along your redden skin, soothing your pain.  My other hand moves up to your dangling breast and I play with your nipples, giving you pleasure to help mitigate the sting.

The hand on your ass travels down your crack and cups your mound.  The heat is radiating off your pussy feels incredibly arousing.  I slowly work my finger between the folds and I’m greeted by your drenched cunt dripping down your leg.

"You little slut are turned on by your discipline, aren’t you?" As I speak, I’m rubbing your clit.

"Yes, Sir." You hold back a moan by biting your lip.  "I’m such an attention whore that even my belt makes me soaked for you."

I continue rubbing your cunt and your hips begin rocking in time to my movements.  You’re lost in the pleasure as I pull down my fly and free my cock with my other hand.

Without warning I replace my hand with my hard cock and slide into your drenched pussy.  I push in fast and hard, the teeth of the zipper pressing against your pussy lips as I bottom out.

One hand grabs your hip while the other wraps a fistful of your hair around it.  I fuck you hard, unyielding invasions, as you feel your body getting closer and closer to orgasm.  Each time I push into you, you experience both the pleasure of being filled with my cock and the pain of my body slapping against your tender ass, the teeth of the zippers digging into your most sensitive skin.

Running out of patience i grunt. “You’re going to cum now, slut, or you’re not getting another opportunity.”

Grunting, wiggling your ass, you respond, “Yes, so close.”

I slip my arm around your waist and rub your clit hard as I fuck you faster still.  One of your hands grabs my arm and your fingers wrap around it with a vice grip.  I can feel your whole body tense as I fuck you ferociously.

And with a loud scream, you can’t take anymore.  A thunderbolt strikes your body and you shake and spasm in my grip.  Your pussy is milking my cock mercilessly as your orgasm consumes you.

As the last throws rack your body, I slip out of your cunt.  Stroking myself, I know I only have a heartbeat before I will cum.  I grab your shoulder with my free hand, spin you around and just as the first throbs start I push you down to your knees.

Looking up at me, I look into your eyes when the first white stream lands on your cheek and hair.  The second lands across your nose, forehead and scalp.  You push my hand away and aim it at your open mouth for the third strike.  Leaving your mouth open, your tongue playing with my gift to you, you let the fourth and fifth jets hit your breasts.

When my cock finally stops spraying you down, you let go and rub my cum into your huge breasts and you continue playing with the cum in your mouth.  I smile at my little cum slut and reaching over I take a picture to help me, and a few internet friends, remember the moment.


  1. And a few internet friends? Oh my!
    Welcome back John... this new piece your working on is quite titillating ☺

    1. Thanks. It feels good to be back at this. I need to get back into the rhythm, but even in this start up period I won't be so quiet,