Thursday, October 3, 2013


I had been driving for a while now, the sun had previously set hours earlier, but I had yet to get to my destination.  Florida was such a long state and no matter how long I was driving for, I didn’t feel like I was making any headway.  Worse than that, my tummy was beginning to growl and I really needed to eat something great, even late.  Luckily I was about to hit a big college town where there would surely be something that would fit the bill.

As I drove into town I decided to pass the first few spots because either I wasn’t lovin’ it, or I wanted to go where taste really ruled.  Finally I saw the bright yellow sign that was my hero and pulled into the parking lot.  I opened the door, avoided the puddle of spilled soda and the wrappers drifting in the light breeze, and I headed to the door.

As I walked in, it immediately struck me that the place was empty, except for the college student behind the counter.  Ignoring her, I walked towards the bathroom and opened the door.  I needed a pit stop almost as much as I needed some nourishment and standing in front of the urinal I felt the relaxation only a good wiz can provide.  I did my business, washed my hands and then headed back out into the dining room.

As I emerged into the room, I noticed that the girl from behind the counter was locking the door.  Clearing my throat I said, “Hi, are you closing up?”

Without giving me a glance she said, “Yep, but since you’ve made it in before we locked the doors, you’ll be our last customer.”

“Great!” I said walking towards the counter.  “I’m starving, been driving for hours.”  I raised my eyes to the large lighted panels that they used as a menu.  As I tried to decide on what I wanted, the girl walked around and got in position behind the counter.

“Hi, I’m Ashley and I’ll be your sandwich sculptor today.  How can I help you?”  Despite the late hour she said her line with exuberance.

I continued to stare at the menu while I said, “I’ll get the Melt.”

“Yum!  The melt is one of my favs!  I like it nice and gooey, do you?”

I wasn’t really paying attention to her as she spoke and just said, “Yeah.”  Pausing a moment, my eyes moved over to the roll choices.  “I’ll get that on the six inch wheat.”

Ashley turned around and pulled a tray off the rack.  “At this late hour, I’m gonna make your six inch a footlong.”

Knowing that I was done with the menu part of the ordering, my eyes lowered to Ashley’s face.  Seeing her really for the first time I was impressed.  Her light brown hair went down to her shoulder blades and her green eyes glittered with a magical quality.  My eyes moved down, past her rosy lips, to her college endowment which seemed to be overflowing their cups.  I felt a stirring down below as I said, “Thanks, but you don’t need to do that.”

She smiled widely and said, “We’ve got to throw the rolls out anyway.  Besides, it’s my pleasure.”  She purred that last word.

As she spoke I watched as she leaned forward to slice the bread.  Her green polo shirt was completely unbuttoned and it afforded me an excellent view of her perky tits.  I even caught a glimpse of her black bra.  As she worked I find myself starting to salivate, and not over the sandwich.

As she lifted her head, I saw she was smiling at me.  My eyes shifted towards the cheese selection and I felt my cheeks become warm.  I was being too lecherous, staring so openly at this college student.

Her voice didn’t betray any anger towards me as she asked, “What kind of cheese would you like?”

“Cheddar will be fine.” I kept my sentence as short as I wanted to become.

She expertly placed the pre-sliced meat onto the bun, forming stratalogical layers of deliciousness.  Then she positioned each triangle of cheese so they overlapped just enough.  As I studied her movements my mind focused back on the sandwich I was about to eat and my embarrassment dissipated.

“What kind of veggies interest you?”

“I’ll take the bell peppers, red onions, some olives, and a healthy toping of spinach.”  I said as my eyes scanned the choices in front of me, pointing at each compartment as if she didn’t know.   She continued to smile as she bent forward and gave me another fantastic view of her cleavage.

Again I found myself staring at her amazingly perky tits as I noticed her head move up from the corner of my eyes.  I looked up and matched her gaze.  She had a sour look on her face.  “You know, Mister, your gaze is awfully fresh.”  Then I watched as her expression softened.  “Our company has a policy about eating fresh…”

As the words left her mouth she turned around and slid the sandwich into the oven.  Her movements were fluid, and there was something about how she swayed her hips that made her ass wiggle in the most alluring way.  Again I felt the hunger grow.

Ashley moved over to the cash register while the sandwich heated up.  “So, Mister, you want anything else?  Soda?  Chips?”  As she finished speaking I wasn’t sure if she was shaking her tits at me as a third option, but I dismissed the though.

“A medium pop.”  She pushed some buttons on the idiot proof cash register and in a moment the total flashed on the screen.  I handed her my credit card which she swiped and then handed back.  While the card was authorized she dug a cup out from below the counter.  The receipt finished printing and she ripped it off, handing it to me along with the cup.

“The machines are over there,” She said leaning forward and pointing to her right.  “I’ll bring your sub to you.”

I took the cup from her hand and as I did she brushed her fingers against the back of my hand.  I felt a shock pass through my skin and swallowed.  Not saying a word I turned and filled up my cup at the machine and found a seat that faced the counter.

Ashley was wrapping up my sub as I watched her body move in all the right ways.  As she finished her task she looked up, her eyes wide and clear, the smile on her face was more of a grin.  She stroked the hoagie suggestively as she licked her lips before making her way over to my table.

As she approached, I saw that she was wearing a pleated skirt in a green plaid that matched the green polo the company had provided her.  She had matching green knee highs on and they both accentuated her long legs and made her look like a fantasy school girl.  While I wished she was wearing some high heels, in reality she was wearing a pair of patent leather slip offs that looked much more comfortable for wearing all day long.

Ashley arrived at the table and slowly slid the sub towards my side of the table.  “May I join you?”

I smiled at her and said, “Sure.  I don’t mind.”

“Aww, I was hoping you’d be a bit more enthusiastic than that.”  She said, slipping into the seat across from me with her usual bubbly energy.  As she did so, she place the bottle of oil on the table.  When she noticed that I was confused she smiled.  “I forgot to put some on your hoagie and we can’t have that!  I strive for only amazing service.”

I unwrapped the sandwich and spread apart the buns so she could squirt some oil down the crease.  When she had placed the perfect amount, closed up the hero and took a bite.  The layers of meat, cheese and veggies were perfectly in balance making this the best fast food sandwich I had ever had.

“You like, Mister?”  I nodded my head.  “Great!  I’m a really good sandwich sculptor, I’ve been studying the art for years!”  As she talked I smiled at her.  It was slightly funny how she swallowed the company’s line.

Then she looked up at me with her doe eyes and said, “Besides, seeing how happy you are makes getting in trouble with my daddy worth it.”

I finished chewing and asked, “Why would your father be upset with you?”

“Oh, daddy is very strict!  He’s always telling me ‘I don’t care if you are college senior, if you’re living under my roof you are going to follow my rules!’.  And now that it’s past closing I’m going to be home past my curfew.  I know that I’m going to have a sore bum tonight.”  As she spoke she shifted and started rubbing her ass through the fabric of her skirt, as if soothing it now would prevent the sting latter on.

“I don’t think he’d spank you if you explain to him that you were stuck at work.”  I said, actually concerned for Ashley.

“You really think so, Mister?”  She put her finger to her mouth and kind of bit down on it as though she was thinking.  “Maybe you could help me practice my story?”  Her voice had this lilt to it that I couldn’t say no to.

“What are you thinking, Ashley?”

“Well, maybe I can call you, Daddy and you could do what he would do, you know, get all angry and stuff.  And I can see if I can calm you down.”  She looked at me with her sexy smile.  “You know let me explain things so you don’t spank me.”

I swallowed a bite of food and looked at her.  “Sure, Ashley, we can try that if you think that would help.”

“Ok, I’ll pretend you’re eating dinner.”  Ashley got up from the table, walked a few feet away and turned around.  When she headed over her whole presence changed.  She had become much more subdued, her head bowed low, and she seemed a bit frightened.  “Hi, Daddy.” Her words were quiet, differential.

My mouth was full of food so I merely grunted and raised the grinder towards her, acknowledging her words.

This seemed to upset Ashley.  “I’m so sorry, Daddy.  I didn’t mean to be late, don’t give me the silent treatment.”

I swallowed.  “Ashley, you know you have a curfew for a reason.  Why don’t you sit down here and tell me what happened.”

Ashley curtsied and then slid in to the chair across from me.  “Daddy, I was at work the whole time, I swear.”

“What did I tell you about swearing, little lady?”

“Sorry, Daddy.  I mean I was at work the whole time.  The night was boring like always, you know how I hate that shift.  Well I was about lock up when this guy came in.”  Ashley gulped down some air before she continued.  “Anyway, he came in, orders a sub to stay and then proceeded to take his time eating!  I kept looking at my watch, but he was too focused on himself.  I didn’t know what to do, you know company policy about using a phone on the job, and I couldn’t leave, a twenty year old needs to be responsible…  I’m so sorry, Daddy.”

“Ashley, you know you have a curfew for a reason, and company policy be damned, I was worried about you.  Anything could have happened to you, I was so worried.”

“Please, Daddy, don’t be upset with me.  Don’t take out your paddle.  I’ll make it up to you, I swear.”

I looked down at my hero for a moment and thought about this little game we were playing.  Having her call me Daddy, hearing her reactions, I just wanted to see where this will go.  “You know, Ashley, if I let you get away with it this time, you’ll go even further next time.  No, this is for your own good.  Go get me my paddle!”

Immediately Ashley started to pout and she ran away behind the counter again.  I wasn’t quite sure what was happening and I started to feel guilty about taking advantage of this college student.  I started wolfing down my food so I could leave her be.

It was as I was finishing the last bite when Ashley came back.  In her hand was a long, blonde object.  At first I thought for sure she had found a paddle, but then I realized she was carrying a loaf of bread.  “Sorry, Daddy, this is all I could find.”

I took a sip of my beverage and swallowed.  I stood up, and I felt myself tower over her small form.  She looked up at me with her doe eyes and handed me the roll.  I felt it in my hand, it was hard, stale bread.  I hit it against the palm of my hand and felt the sting of the rough crust.  I looked down at her and said, “Assume the position, Ashley.”

“But, Daddy…”

“The only butt I want is yours in position.  Do I make myself clear, Ashley?”

“Yes, Daddy.”  Ashley looked at the floor and rubbed her toe into the ground, demurely.  Then she spun on her toe, her dress lifting up as it spun.  She leaned forward against the laminate tabletop and spread her legs.

“Is that how you do it for Daddy?” I asked.

Silently, Ashley reached behind and grabbed the hem of her short skirt.  She lifted the back up and exposed her pink cotton panties to me.  My cock instantly hardened at the sight of her firm ass on display for me.  I watched her ass sway tantalizing in front of me, lost in the surrealness of the moment.

“Daddy, you’re killing me, making me wait this long.”  Ashley’s complaint at once brought me back into the present.

Without warning, I brought the bun down against her buns.  She jumped forward, pushing the edge of the table into her belly as she squealed.  “Owww!”

“Ashley, you don’t tell Daddy when he should punish you.”  As the words left my mouth I swung again and watch as she lurched forward on contact.  She was swinging her head back and forth as she cried, her knuckles were turning white as she gasped the table.

“Daddy, I’m sorry.  Please, Daddy, I’ll be a good girl.”

I looked at her panty covered ass and noticed that there was a damp spot between her legs.  Walking over to her I placed my fingers on the wet fabric, feeling the moisture and heat radiating off it.  “Is this what you call being a good girl, Ashley?  You’re enjoying this punishment, aren’t you?”

“No, Daddy!”  She looked at me over her shoulder, her green eyes filled with tears, the hint of a smile on her face.

“Liar!  Ashley, you know better than that!”  Without thinking I pulled her panties down around her ankles and started to spank her bare ass with the roll.  I was so into the character I lost myself, and after a few hits the bread broke in two.

Undaunted, I rubbed her ass with my hand, pushing away the hard crust crumbs that had imbedded themselves in her soft skin.  Then I resumed spanking her ass until both cheeks were rosy.

Ashley was sobbing, her whole body heaving, and I sat down on a chair next to her.  “Ashley, I’m sorry.” I started to pet her head, soothing her.  “I didn’t mean for that to go as far as it did.”

“It’s ok, Daddy.” She said between sniffles.  The fact that she called me Daddy, and not Mister told me that she was still enjoying herself.  That took a little of the guilt away.  “I was a bad girl, Daddy, and I know I should have been better.  Let me make it up to you.”

“How can you do that, Ashley?  You were late, you can’t go back in time.”

Ashley slipped backwards off the table and found herself sitting on her legs.  Her eyes were smeared with runny makeup, but she smiled.  “Oh, Daddy.  I know how I can make you forget about everything…”  As she let the word hang between us she licked her lips coyly.

I watched as she leaned forward and undid my belt and pulled down my fly.  As she struggled with the button she said, “I can see I’m going to get some hard salami for dinner tonight.  You know that’s my fav, Daddy!”

Before I knew it she had my jeans down and my cock out.  It was too much for me, and when I felt her mouth sink down on my cock I slipped into heaven.  “That’s it Ashley.  Suck Daddy’s cock like a good girl.”

Ashley began to move rapidly.  I lost focus on what exactly she was doing, and focused on the end result.  I was in total bliss.  Every move of my hip, every guttural grunt, encouraged her further.  I felt my fingers tangle in her hair as I got closer and closer to my climax.

Ashley must have felt how close I was.  “That’s it, Daddy.  Come in your little slut’s mouth.  Let me be a good girl for you.”

When her mouth went back onto my cock her tongue focused on my head as her hand stroked my shaft.  It was too much and I felt my balls tighten.  “I’m going to come for you Ashley.  That’s it, suck Daddy’s come.”  As the words left my mouth I felt my cock twitch and my come shoot out.  I closed my eyes and leaned back, thrusting my cock deeper into her eager mouth as I sprayed more and more come into her tiny mouth.

When I finished I was panting heavily and trying to get my heartbeat back under control.  I looked down at Ashley and she sat there, cum dripping down her cheek, a huge grin on her face.

“Thank you Daddy!  That was fantastic.”

“You’re welcome.”  I said, still in shock from what just happened.

Then, out of nowhere, I heard a set of keys scrape against a lock.  I jumped up and started to redo my pants.  As I frantically tried to make myself more presentable, Ashley just stared up at me.

“Don’t worry, that’s just my boss.”

“But Ashley!”

“Oh, Daddy.  It’s OK.  She’s been teaching me how to make sure guests have a good experience, you know, so they come again.”  As she said these words she wiped my come off her cheek with her finger and then sucked it clean.

Something told me, this night was just getting started.


  1. John, this is definitely my favorite blog post of yours. Yummy Daddy! Please. Write. More!

    1. Well glad you enjoyed it, LB. I had a feeling you might.

  2. Mmm, this was a delicious tale. I love the food spanking and the ending was very well done.

    1. so glad you enjoyed it! It's great hearing what I'm doing right. Every comment helps me grow as a writer.