Thursday, September 5, 2013

Experiencing a Perfect Reality

Leica’s heart pounded in her chest as she sat there waiting.  She was being a good girl, sitting on her knees, wearing some skimpy black lingerie.  She always felt sexy in the outfit.  Between the shiny vinyl on the cups and sheer material making up the body of the garment, it showed off so much, and yet hid just enough.  Of course, she also was wearing the matching black g-string.  Leica was a good girl, and after a week of planning, she was eagerly awaiting her treat.

She was so horny, sitting there, waiting, that she became hyper-aware of everything in the room.  The light was dim yet it was bright enough to see.  The floor and walls were concrete and above her head were rusty supports with water dripping off them.  She could hear the soft dripping of water echo through the space while she waited.  She couldn't help but commend them for picking such an unlikely location for their tryst.

She was also aware of her body like she had never been aware of it before.  Her heart pumped wildly in her chest.  Her nipples were hard and trying to poke through the vinyl material.  Her breasts felt heavy as they hung down, unsupported.  Her knees ached on the hard surface of the floor and her pussy was flooded with anticipation of what was in store.

She wanted to jump up, to run around and get rid of her nervous energy, but Leica was not allowed to.  So she continued being obedient like a good girl should be and sat there quietly.

Finally, when she couldn't handle it anymore she heard a voice from behind her.  “Don’t you move, do you understand?”

Her mouth was dry so she swallowed before she said, “Yes.” Leica’s voice sounded small in the cavernous space.

“Ok, so you’re the slut who needed some big black cocks, are you?”

Leica’s heart stopped beating completely for a moment.  When it finally restarted she said, “Yes.  I've fantasized about this for a long time.”

She finished speaking and two pairs of footsteps rang out as they approached her.  It was all she could do to resist turning around so she could see the men who were walking up behind her.  She realized how much of her body was exposed to these two men, and yet she could not even catch a glimpse.

 When the footsteps were only a few feet away they stopped completely.  Leica could then hear the sound of belts being unfastened, zippers being pulled and clothing sliding against sweaty skin.  In her mind she could see the two men stripping behind her, imagined their shape, their muscles, their cocks.  She wanted to see what she was about to experience.   When it became too much for her she asked, “May I please turn around?”

“Sure, Honey, check out what’s going to be fucking you.”

As soon as Leica processed the words, her head spun around, wisps of her pale hair following a split second after.  As she looked though her black rimmed glasses at the two men who were just standing up, her heart filled with butterflies.  In front of her were two big, black men with chiseled chests, completely naked.  Her eyes slid down their figures and settled on their dicks, long and thick.  One had a huge bulbous head, and the other had a set of balls that she couldn't help but crave.  This was going to be even better than in her fantasies.

“You approve?”  Said the first one, the talker.  The other just kept silent, although there was a huge grin on his face.

“Gosh, yes!  Your pictures didn't do the two of you justice.”  As she spoke she felt clit throb between her clenched thighs.

“Good, now let’s see if you can handle these two black cocks.”  The two of them walked over in unison.  As they closed the distance between them and her, Leica felt so small.  For a big girl to feel small was more than unusual.  She relished that feeling.

As soon as they were close enough, Lecia's hand reached out for their semi-hard members.  As her hands wrapped around their cocks she felt them pulse within her grasp.  It felt deliciously naughty and she licked her lips in anticipation.  She couldn't help but stare at the contrast of her fair skin against their dark, black flesh as she slowly pumped their cocks.

Leica felt her inner cock whore rise to the surface.  She looked up at the talkative one and smiled innocently, batting her eyes.  Before he could even move, she opened her mouth and slowly worked his dick in.  At the same time her hand reached up and she began fondling his balls.  Leica was a good girl, and while she pleased the talkative one, she continued stroking the second guy’s cock.

She pushed the dick against the back of her throat and then willed herself to relax.  It was a bigger dick than she was used to, but after a second she managed to push the head down her throat.  It was so thick and she felt it throbbing within her.  She couldn't help but close her eyes and moan as she continued to slide further onto his cock, pleasing him.

She opened her eyes as she felt two different hands groping  her breasts.  They were rougher with them then she was used to, practically manhandling her tits, pinching and pulling her nipples, but being used like that made Leica feel so wantonly sexy.  It had been a long time since anyone used her body for their pleasure like that.

She lifted her mouth off the first guy’s cock and took a gulp of air, trying to catch her breath.  Meanwhile her hand was enjoying the feeling of a saliva coated cock within its grip.  With the dick being so slick she was able to really stroke it, making his leg shake slightly with pleasure.

Leica turned her attention back to the other cock, which was now completely hard and dripping pre-come..  Grabbing the base, she guided the tip to her pink lips.  Then, she snaked her tongue out and swirled the clear drop of pre-come around the head.  Now that the cock was fully hard, pulsing in her grasp, she saw that it had an upwards curve.  Holding on to both of the cocks for balance, she sat up on her knees and wrapped her lips around the quiet one’s dick.

With her mouth full, she looked up his muscular chest to his face.  When he made eye contact she moved her head forward until her nose was pressed against his pubic hairs.  There were a few teardrops coming down across Leica’s cheeks as she gagged slightly on the cock.  When she finally managed to take the entire thing in, she slipped her tongue out and licked his sweaty balls.

The man’s free hand moved to the back of Leica’s head and used it as leverage.  Slowly at first, he pulled her off and then guided her back onto his cock.  Once he knew she could handle it, he started fucking her face, making her gag repeatedly.  As she experienced the face fucking of a lifetime, she felt her pussy gush, her juices coating her inner thighs.  She tried to match her hand’s movements on the talkative guy’s cock with the pace that the quiet one was setting.  Feeling two cocks pulse, one in her hand and one in her throat, at the same time was incredible.  She felt so sexy, and wanted to taste their come, but not yet.

Leica started moaning and grasped the bases of the dicks to get their attention.  They looked down at her face, eyes red, cheeks coated with her tears and smiled at their little slut.  She felt a tinge of pride at their reaction, and then hint sadness as he let go of the back of her head, and she slit off his dick.  Still, she knew what she wanted.  Leica wiped her mouth with the back of her hand and said, breathlessly, “Fuck me.”

The talkative guy pulled on Leica’s nipple, stretching it, pinching it, before letting it go and watching as it snapped back onto her body.  Both of their hands moved over her curves, kneading her ass, her belly, lifting her up as they worked.  Before she knew it, she was standing and the first guy’s hand was between her legs removing her g-string.  As it fell to the floor she felt fingers push into her pussy, first one, then two, before a third and finally a four finger entered her.

“The fucking slut is soaked.”  As he spoke he pulled his hand out of her and up to eyelevel.  Both Leica and his friend could see the thick juices coating his fingers.  She watched, mesmerized, as he placed the fingers to his lips and sucked them clean.  “That is one sweet pussy.  I need more of that shit.”

Before she knew what was happening he was laying down on the ground, between her legs.  At the same time the quiet one pushed against Leica’s back, guiding her down onto her knees.  As soon as she was on all fours, she felt a tongue start to play with her clit.  In an instinctual way she began to grinding her hips against the tongue.  The quiet one pushed against her shoulder blades forcing her onto all fours.  As she stared at the cock in front of her she realized that her mouth was empty.  She leaned down and placed the dick in her mouth.

As her tongue swirled around the cock-head, she felt his hands wrap around her ass and hold her tightly against his face.  She was enjoying being groped, having her body manipulated, when the second set of hands moved to her shoulders then down along her sides and around to her breasts.  Having her hanging breasts fondled while her nipples dragged upon the chest below her was so hot, but she needed more.  Trying to get his attention, she wiggled her ass against his crotch.  When she felt the dick throb between her cheeks, she knew she had his attention.

Leica felt the hands being pushed away, and then one hand moved to the small of her back, pushing down, forcing her to raise her hips.  The tongue between her legs was just barely able to reach her clit as she felt the silent man’s cock push in-between her folds.  The head was so huge; it was like four fingers being forced into her at once.   Her moan was deep and primal and was muffled by the cock buried down her throat.

With all the action, Leica’s mind shut off completely and she was only aware of how she felt.  With the two guys pleasing her, and her pleasing the two guys in return, she was doing more than just living out a fantasy.  She was experiencing a perfect reality.

Leica’s body moved with an urgency that she couldn't control.  The men must have noticed because one set of hands moved to her hips and the other hands moved to her swaying breasts.  They were fondling her body and it made her pussy gush in excitement.  She could hear the wet, sloppy sounds coming from behind her as her pussy was fucked hard.

The quiet one her started to spank her ass causing Leica to moan in pain on the cock in her throat.  Each smack on her ass made her whole body jolt forward, pushing more of the cock inside her mouth.  Each hit surprised her, both in regard to timing as well as how hard it was.  These weren't playful slaps, but full on spanks and she felt her ass burn in the most delicious way.

She could feel herself dripping down onto the man below.  As soon as she felt a drip, he eagerly licked up every drop of her sweetness.  The constant attention from the two men was becoming too intense for Leica, but she couldn't imagine asking them to stop.  Her body moved in time with each thrust which, in turn, set the pace for the licks at her clit.  She could barely focus on the dick in her mouth with the way the cock in her pussy kept on rubbing against her g-spot.

The orgasm was building inside of her like a balloon being filled.  By now her balloon of pleasure was completely filled, but the two guys were not ready to stop pumping her.  Instead, they almost doubled in their intensity.

The talkative one stopped licking and her heard him moan, muffled a bit by her body.  “What a fucking perfect cock whore you are.  Didn't think a white chick like you could handle my black cock.”  As soon as he was done talking he moved back to her clit.

Leica took that as a challenge and focused on sucking his cock while fondling his balls and tickled his taint.  As a reward for her actions she heard him say. “Fuck, yeah!  That’s it, milk me for my come!”

As his tongue resumed its attack of her clit she felt his body tense.   A second later she felt the base of his cock start to throb rhythmically.  When the first jet of come shot out of his cock and down her throat, Leica pulled her head back so that she could taste his seed.  The second shot landed in her mouth and she could experience the tangy taste.  Before she knew it there was another blast in her mouth and with the cock already filling her up, some of it dribbled out of the corners of her mouth.

As he came, he moaned loudly and she could feel the vibrations on her clit.  Leica decided to muffle his ecstasy with her body and lowered her pussy until it covered his mouth, which increased the sensation.  Grinding her cunt against him, she knew that while he was filling her mouth with cum, her juices were coating his entire face.

She felt the quiet guy’s body move with a renewed intensity.  Leica thought that seeing his friend come must have been too much as he released his inner animal.  The quiet guy grabbed her hips and began fucking fast and hard.  Each thrust filled her orgasmic balloon ever close to the point of release.  She could feel that they were both straining for relief.

When he pulled her body back onto his cock and held her there, she knew he was about to explode.  She closed her eyes and let the talkative guy’s softening cock slip out of her mouth.  As she swallowed the rest of the come she felt a throbbing deep within her cunt.  The quiet guy started to come deep inside Leica’s pussy.  While she enjoyed the feeling of his hot come flooding her body, she was a little disappointed that even as he came he managed to stay quiet.

Leica was not aware how much he came, because as the first hot load splashed deep in her womb she felt the orgasmic balloon burst.  With an incredible explosion she let out a loud scream as the orgasm radiated through her body.  As her body convulsed, she felt herself squirt into the man’s mouth below, clear liquid spraying all over his face and into his mouth.  She was aware of hands groping her breasts, pulling her nipples, dragging out her orgasm as she continued screaming.  She felt the cock pull out of her pussy, she felt the come drip out of her gaping cunt as her body continued to shake and her mind floated off to paradise.

When she finally came down from her orgasm, little aftershocks washed over her body.  She opened her eyes, which she hadn't realized she had closed.  As she looked down, she realized that her hands were clenching the talkative guy’s thighs, her nails digging into his flesh.  As soon as she let go, the talkative guy her slipped out from under her.

She was so aware of her body in a way that only a mind shattering orgasm can reveal.  She was soaked with her own juices, and with come from two black guys dripping out of her mouth and pussy.  She leaned back, sat on her knees, rearranged her glasses which had become askew, and studied her two new friends.  Looking up at the two black guys she smiled, her white teeth shone from behind her pink lips, hair a complete mess.  She was so happy as she sat there with her ass cheeks stinging and her throat and pussy just a tiny bit sore.

“Thanks guys, that was perfect!”  Leica said with a sigh.

“Anytime.  You’re quite the slut.  Maybe next time we can try out your ass.”

“Yeah, sounds great.”  Leica looked down as she blushed, imagining their huge black cocks sliding into her ass, imagined them dp'ing her.  They began picking up their clothing and as they started walking towards the exit she hesitated.  Right before they left the room she found the courage to say, “Hey, and next time, maybe you can bring a few more of your friends?”

The talkative one turned around and smiled.  “Honey, when they hear about your fine piece of white ass, they won’t miss it.”

Leica blushed.  They left her as they found her, in the middle of the room, on her knees, waiting until she could experience yet another perfect reality.


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  2. Liked it, but it's cum not come. Two different words with two different meanings.