Thursday, January 2, 2014

A Photo is Worth Thousands of Words Part 6

Well, here we are.  If you have been following my blog for the past few weeks you know that I've been working on this six part story.  Today we're finally posting part six.  If you'd like to start at the beginning, which I would recommend, check out part onepart two, part three, part four , and part five.

I look down at you, your ass high in the air, cheeks spread and waiting for me.  It’s an incredible sight and completely arousing.  As much as I want to slide into your hole and make you feel like the dirty girl you long to be, I know that a little more patience will pay off for both of us.

As I lean forward to grab the lube off the nightstand, my sweaty chest presses into your soft ass cheeks.  Your fingers are warmed up by the compression as you continue to hold your ass open for me like a good girl.  I can feel our skin stick together as I pull away from you.

As soon as I am upright, I flip the lid of the bottle open and dribble a thin stream between your ass cheeks.  The cold liquid slowly starts to slide down your crack, however as it warms up, it speeds its decent down to your rosebud.

I slide my finger down your crack while feeling the slick lube coat my fingers.  Tentatively, I slip the fingertip lower until I feel the crinkled skin of your asshole.  Your whole body tenses up as you prepare for my finger to invade your tight hole, but I show the restraint that always drives you wild.  Instead of forcing my way in, I make not only your mind, but your body beg me for the privilege.

With my fingertips coated in the silky liquid, I make tiny circles starting on the very edge of your anus.  As I work your body, you manage not only to spread your cheeks further apart, but you also arch your back so that I have better access.

With a steady rhythm, not too fast and not too slow, I spiral inward until the tip is almost covering your hungry little hole.  However, before that happens, I reverse my movement and at the same speed retrace my steps.  I continue doing this until I feel your hips start swaying, indicating you’re ready for more.

Without pulling my finger away from your aroused skin, I drizzle a more lube down your crack.  The coldness of the liquid makes your whole body jump and accidentally I almost slip my finger inside your puckered hole.  As the new lube makes its way down I spread it around the outside of your rosebud.

I move my fingertip until I’m covering your asshole.  Once there, my hand freezes and I let the physical sensation sink into the deep recesses of your psyche.  You are cooing, grasping at your ass cheeks with a desperate desire to open yourself up further.  With my clean hand I stroke your head, and as I pet you, you are so proud of what a good little slut you are for me.

Your asshole is winking spasmodically under my fingertips.  It is almost as if the skin is trying to suck me into your body.  I keep my finger there, right outside of your eager hole, and this only causes you to whimper in desperation.

By this point my cock is bouncing in time with my heartbeat, pre-come drooling out the tip and pooling on the sheets below.  My cock is so hard that it is straining against itself.  At the same time, I could almost hear it shouting how much it needs to be buried into your ass.  This is not something I could ignore.

Removing my finger from your body, I grab the lube pour some into the palm of my hand.  Without waiting to close the bottle, I begin stroking my cock.  My fist sends shivers of pleasure throughout my body as I stroke my dick while watching your ass wiggling in front of me.

When the whole shaft glistens I reluctantly pull my hand away.  My fist feels so good, but I know that your ass is going to feel even better.  I wipe my hand on the towel that had earlier held the toy and then I crawl forward to mount you.

With my brain fully controlled my by inner animal, I drag myself up to you.  Guiding my cock head to your entrance, I slowly push in, watching with rapt fascination at the disappearing act.  When the head is fully inside of you, my hands move to your hips.  I hold on to you tight as just let you savor the feeling of my dick pulsing inside your tight hole.

Without any more prodding by me, you ever so slowly push back, sliding my rock hard member deeper into you.  When you get about a third down, I push you away and you slide off my cock.  When the head is almost out, I pull you back onto my cock, going slightly deeper.  We keep this cycle up and with deliberate slowness we manage to work my cock completely into your ass.

With our bodies linked, I strengthen my grasp on your hips, holding you still.  Without the movements, your whole body is focused on the pulsing of my cock deep within.  I feel your asshole attempt to milk my cock with its rhythmic tightening and relaxing but manage to keep myself from coming.  Soon your body calms down and accepts me completely.

I lean forward and each hand grabs a shoulder.  I raise my ass up high, sliding out of you.  Then I grab your shoulders and I pull myself deep into your body.  You let out a deep moan of pleasure, with just a bit of a yip at the end as I slide in further then you are expecting.

My body picks up the pace as I fuck you hard.  Each time I slide in our bodies collide with an audible slap.  Your hands have left your ass cheeks at some unknown time and now are gripping the bed sheets as you try to keep up with the thrills I’m giving you.  Your guttural moans are muffled by the mattress.  The sounds coming out of your mouth are completely primal and you are clearly alive in the moment.  I find it completely arousing.

My cock is screaming for attention.  I am so close to my second orgasm of the night and I need it like I need air.  One hand slides to your hips while the other grabs your hair at the base of your scalp.  I fuck you harder and harder, using your hair as leverage.  Now that your screams are no longer muffled by the mattress they fill the room.

I can’t take any more.  My eyes close tight as I feel my balls constrict.  My heart pauses for one moment; then for one more.

My eyes spring open and moan that is bordering on a roar escapes my mouth.  I am aware of my cock pulsing deep in your dark hole.  I feel you squeeze all around as you milk me.  Then in a instant of pure pleasure I erupt within you.  Shaking, I come deep within your ass, jet after jet of come shooting out of my cock.  Your hands go to my balls as you tickle me, trying to drain every last drop out of me.

As my orgasm ebbs, I see just how far back I've been pulling your hair.  I gently let your hair go and then slide out of you, both of our bodies shuddering with the sensations.  Exhausted, completely drained, I collapse into the bed next to you.

You flip yourself over and slide the towel under your ass.  You turn your head to look me in the eye, and I can see you’re so close yourself.  I try to lift my arm, but the muscles don’t want to cooperate.  Unfortunately there’s not a drop of energy in my body, you've sapped me of my powers.

Undaunted, you slide your hands down to you clit and I feel your body move next to mine as you finish what I have started.  You were really close to the edge and with a few expert moves the warm joy of your orgasm fills your body.  You turn onto your side and hold me as the last waves of ecstasy wash over you.

I want to tell you how good of a slut you are.  What a good girl you've been for me.  But no words reach my mouth.  Instead, I lightly kiss the top of your head.

You settle into the crook of my arm, one leg draped over mine, your arm stretched across my back, and my hand resting on the small of your back.  As my come dribbles out of your ass, you sigh contentedly, satisfied that your slightly sore body will remind you of our night when you wake up tomorrow.  There is a smile on both of our faces as we finally drift off to dreamland, sweet dreams awaiting us.

Well I hope you have enjoyed this journey.  Thanks so much for getting this far.  Please leave a comment and let me know what you liked as well as what you didn't.  Every bit of feedback is a chance for me to grow as an author.  Thanks!