Thursday, December 26, 2013

A Photo is Worth Thousands of Words Part 5

This is part five of our continuing adventures.  If you'd like to start at the beginning, check out part one HERE, part two HERE, part three HERE, and part four HERE.

I am straddling you, my cock buried between your breasts, your tongue licking at my cock head.  I am leaning against the headboard, holding on tightly while I try to keep control of my body.  I ease myself backwards until my weight is over my knees.  You have this look of pure lust on your face and I find it quite intoxicating.

My legs slip against your silky thighs while I move backwards.  When my knees make it past your hips, I move one leg at a time until I’m on my knees between your legs.  I can smell your arousal, potent and alluring, as your legs widen for me.

You shoot me a sultry look and lick your lips.  The hunger on your face is plain for me to see, but I’m enjoying making you squirm.

Your hand moves along your side, down your hips and legs, and back upwards to your breasts.  You are feeling yourself up like I usually do, enraptured by your soft, smooth skin.  You grab your breasts, twisting and pulling your nipples, putting on a show for my pleasure.  As much as I love watching you play for me, we both are in need of something more serious.

Hypnotized, I watch as you move your hands down to your hips and then over to your pussy.  With one hand you cup your pussy.  Then slowly you spread your fingers wide, which brings your pussy lips with them, exposing your hole to me.  Your other hand makes a “come hither” motion.  It is an offer I can’t refuse.

I look into your smoldering eyes as I move my way closer to your awaiting snatch.  When I get close enough to feel the radiant heat your free hand reaches out for my cock.  You coo as you pull me closer, guiding me to your soaked entrance.

As the head of my cock stretches you wide, your hands slide around to my ass and pull me into you.  You can’t take my slow teasing anymore; what you need is more urgent, more primal.  With a grunt, you pull me deep into your body.  As I slide all the way in I feel how you are shaking with desire.

I reach behind me and you swallow as you feel my hands clasp your ankles.  One at a time I bring them up to my shoulders.  I spread your legs wide and push my way in, fucking you hard.  The gasps and moans we are both making fill the room with sounds of carnal lust.

Finding it hard to keep my balance in this position I lean forward.  This pushes your legs back towards your head, lifting your ass off the bed just a bit.  Your eyes are wide open and you are biting your bottom lip in anticipation of my next thrust.  I slide out so that just the tip is nestled between your soft lips.  I watch you squirm beneath me, your breasts heaving as you prepare for it.

Without warning I slide all the way in.

You let out a sharp gasp, almost as if I’m pushing the air out of your body with my powerful thrust.  I fuck you hard, my balls slapping against your ass cheeks.  You are making animalistic noises as your fingers clamp down on the sheets, the excess spilling out between them.

Each thrust makes your breasts jiggle in the most delightful way.  Intoxicated by their movement, I’m fucking you harder and harder to make them continue their libidinous dance.  As I finally hone in on a comfortable rhythm I’m making your nipples bob like a cork on the sea.

Your mouth is agape, drool is sliding down your cheeks, and you stare at me with deeply lustful eyes.  You raise your hands to my chest, your nails scraping across my skin.  They are trying to gain purchase on my body, but they can’t seem to find a hold because of the slick sheen of sweat.  Giving up, they move down to your nipples where the hard flesh is an easier target.  In moments of you securing them in your grasp, you are pulling on them, tugging them away from your body.

I can tell you’re close, but I want more.  As I slide out of you, a disappointed whimper leaves your trembling lips.  Using your legs as leverage, I flip you over.  As you see what I’m trying to do, you help and soon you’re on all fours, rocking your hips to entice me.

You reach behind you and start rubbing your clit as I shimmy up to your body.  You stop playing long enough to guide me in.  I love fucking you in this position, slamming my cock deep into your silken vice.  It feels heavenly, something that should only exist in the realm of the Gods.

My hands lock on to your hips as I fuck you hard.  You are moaning in time with my thrusts, your hands trying to keep with my tempo.  An electric energy passes through our coupling, our bodies completely turned on.

I can feel how close you are, your pussy starting to spasm around my cock.  I lean forward and wrap one hand around your breast, and the other around your throat.  I pull you backwards, onto your knees, your hand grasping at my arm to keep yourself steady.  Your other hand is still rubbing your clit as I kiss the back of your neck.

That extra sensation is just enough to finally push you over the edge.  Your body is awash with ecstasy as you come hard on my cock.  I can feel every moan vibrate the skin between my thumb and index finger.  Your body slaps against mine as you come, and your pussy muscles feel like they are shimmering over my cock.  It is so arousing and it takes all of my will power not to fill you with my seed just yet.

As your body becomes limp in my grasp I gently lower you to the bed.  You look tired, spent.  Your hair is a mess; your body is shaking, partly from little after orgasms, and partly from exhaustion.  You are gasping for breath, your arms and legs weak, and I’m amazed at how far I've pushed you.  I realize too late that you’re too tired for me to go on; I've missed my opportunity to come again.

I start to leave the bed when I see the most miraculous thing.  Your hand moves to my thigh and stops me.  Then you manage to slide your knees under you so your ass is up in the air.  Your hands move to your ass cheeks and I watch as they dig into your voluptuous flesh.  Slowly they spread your cheeks apart, exposing your winking rose bud at me.  With your fleeting reserves, you look over your shoulder and smile at me.

The implication is clear; you’re giving me your ass.

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