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Reviews on Tues: Ginny’s Lesson by @anna_bayes

Welcome to my first book review.  I'm still working on a style and a format, so please let me know if you like how I'm doing things so I can change.  Look for book reviews on Tuesdays, however there will not be a new one every week. 

Ginny's Lesson by Anna Bayes
Released: 2013
Pages: 14
Fetishes: Lesbian, Light Femdom, Spanking, Oral Sex
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Plot Review:
This is a story of two women, Ginny and the Narrator, who have a casual sex relationship.  Whenever the Narrator seems to end a bad relationship with a guy, Ginny has always been there to comfort her and bring her the orgasm that makes things better.  Only this time, Ginny is tired of being used and decides to teach the Narrator a lesson.

The plot is pretty good.  Nice set up and when the sex start it makes the pages burn with passion.  I liked the story and the little bit of character insight that it gave.  I could see a longer story with more a more fleshed out Ginny being a very good thing.

Writing Quality Review:
This is perfectly serviceable writing.  Nothing is flashy or showy, just quality writing.  The main issue I have with the story choice is that the first three or so pages sets Ginny’s and the Narrator’s casual sex arrangement up from the narrator’s point of view, and then we get another three pages as the Narrator sees it from Ginny’s point of view.  So in a fourteen page story we get quite a bit of repetition.  I understand why the author made this choice, however, I think an editor could have helped reshape this into something a little more streamlined.

Overall Thoughts:
Overall, I think Ginny’s Lesson is an enjoyable read, the sex scenes are quite arousing, even if the story is not perfect.  I’d give this book a recommendation to anyone looking for a lesbian scene with a little bit of soft femdom action.

Note I recently found out that this title might not be available to purchase, however, I believe it is good enough to make me curious about Anna Bayes' other works.

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