Friday, January 3, 2014

Continue to Enjoy the Holidays with Sexy Holiday Bites!

I know, I know, it's the end of the holiday season.  It's a new year already!  You still have your tinsel on the floor.  There's still some champagne flutes out with the residue of New Years Eve celebrations.  You have to wait a whole year before you get to party once again.

Or you can load up that shiny eBook reader with some hot stories by nine indie authors, and for free!  It's a great way to keep the holiday spirit alive while you wait for next year to roll around.

But I know my readers, and they expect more from me.  How about a little taste of my Sexy Bite, "Icing the Cookies":

The living room was decorated, the tree stood tall in the corner, and the scent of freshly baked cookies was in the air.  Despite the frigid temperatures outside, inside there was a warmth that only the holidays brought.  Kelly couldn’t wait for Brad to come home and see how well it came together.  Besides, when he finally made it home they could start celebrating with their first married Christmas Eve present exchange.

Ever since she was a child, Kelly anticipated the holidays.  She loved how everything seemed to shine and how much good cheer there was in the world.  And she looked forward to trying to guess what was in those alluringly wrapped boxes.  Some of her favorite memories were of anticipating the spoils of the day.  And now, this year, she was as eager as ever to share that first tease of the day with her new husband.

The oven alarm beeped and Kelly headed back into the kitchen.  The latest batch of cookies was done and the last thing she wanted was for them to burn.  As she transferred the cookies to a cooling rack, she heard the door from the garage open and Brad’s voice ring out.  “I’m home!”

“I’m in the kitchen, Honey…”  Kelly was cutting dough rounds and placing them onto the parchment coated cookie sheet.  She knew that it was going to take him a few moments to make his way into the kitchen.

As she was sliding in the tray of cookies into the oven Brad sauntered into the kitchen.  “Something smells good.” And like a cartoon character, he seemed to follow the wafting vapors.

He reached out to the cooling sugar cookies on the wire rack when the sting of the spatula burned his ass.  “No, those cookies are for Santa, not you.”  The angry look on Kelly’s face melted for an instant and then the anger returned.   “Besides, you know that you’ve got to kiss me hello first thing when you get home.”  Breaking in the new husband seemed harder than it should be sometimes.

Brad leaned down and kissed Kelly softly on the lips.  “Merry Christmas, Honey.”

Kelly sighed.  “Merry Christmas.”  Feeling bad she added.  “If you want to help out, you can ice those cooled sugar cookies there.  I might even give you one if you do a good job.”

Brad smiled.  “Awesome!  I’m totally going to earn some cookies.”          

Kelly laughed knowing how difficult it is to decorate a cookie properly.  She continued with cleaning up the dishes until she was startled by Brad.  “Fuck!”

“What’s wrong?”

“This icing is all messed up!  I just did the green background on the tree and I was putting on the red ornaments when the colors started to bleed!  It’s like there’s specks of crap all over this.”   Brad lifted the cookie and showed her.

 “Silly, that’s not how you ice a cookie.  You’ve got to put the base on all of the cookies, wait for the icing to dry and then put the details on.”

“Can I fix this one?”  Brad always wanted to correct his mistakes.

“I’ll let you eat that one, but don’t go getting any ideas.  This is the only freebie that you’re getting Mister .”  He was good at gaming the system and it was imperative that he knew the rules.

Brad slipped the pointy end of the cookie into his mouth and started at the tip of the trees before making it down to the trunk.  No matter how many times Kelly watched him eat her cookies, she never tired at how much joy he seemed to get out of it.  When he was finished he was beaming, his smile perfect, except for a bit of icing on his lip.

“You look like you enjoyed that.”

Brad nodded his head.

“You’ve got some icing on your lip.”  As he went to lick it off, Kelly pressed her finger to his lip.  “No, let me take care of that.”  She leaned down and slowly placed her lips against his.  She pursed her lips slightly and sucked his lip into her mouth.  Her tongue delicately explored the surface of his lips searching out all the errant icing.  He was completely lost in her delicate ministrations, when she pulled away.  As soon as she did the timer started going off; the batch in the oven was done.

Brad’s whole body was pulsing with sexual desire, and yet from his perspective Kelly seemed to be completely wrapped up in her baking.  Watching her ass, while she bent over the hot oven, he licked his lips, tasting the lingering sweetness that she left there.

Kelly transferred the cookies to the cooling rack but her mind was elsewhere.  The sweetness of Brad was on the tip of her tongue and she couldn’t help but want more.  She was aware of a growing desire in her clit and wanted to reach down and play.  However, she couldn’t let Brad know least he take advantage.  She enjoyed being in control and those roles could change quickly.

When she slid the dough into the oven she heard Brad’s voice.  “Hey, Babes, what do you think of this?”

Kelly headed over to the table.  There were no coated cookies there, defying her expectations.  Instead, Brad had had decorated his nipple with icing.   “What do you think?”  He had a grin on his face showing how proud of himself he was. 

Kelly shook her head.  “I’m not cleaning up your mess, Mister!  I’ve got other work to do.”

As she turned around, his hand grabbed and spun her.  A hunger was on his face. “If I have to clean up my own messes, then I will.”

Thank you all for such a wonderful year, your supportive comments, and your loyal reading.  I'm excited for 2014 and can't wait to share some new stories with everyone!  Happy New Year!

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