Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Hump Day Radio: Meg Myers - "Desire"

Welcome to another Hump Day Radio!  Here's a something a little different for you, something darker, something erotic, something a little bit mean, a little bit paranormal.  Meg Myer's "Desire" is something you just have to experience.  I bet you're going to want more after hearing this week's selection...

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Sunday Morning Chat: #Interview with @angiesargenti

John Satisfy:  Thanks again for stopping by Erotic Satisfiction.  Before I get onto the wonderful interview for the day, if you have a moment, could you please follow my blog and rate the interviews?  Any feedback or comments I get will help shape the future interviews and guests that I have.

Today, I’ve invited Angela Sargenti to Erotic Satisfiction.  She is a multitalented author who writes some hot spanking erotica, as well as some other interesting tales.  Angela, can you please tell me a little about yourself and what you write.

Angela Sargenti: I'm happily married and I have one son (and three cats).  I write what I call short attention span erotica, which means erotica you can read in one sitting.  I write longer stuff, too, but mostly short stories.  My work's been featured in over a dozen anthologies, with new stuff coming out all the time.  I also have five e-books, one of which, Start Me Up: A Collection of Erotic Love Stories, contains my erotic flash fiction. 

JS:  I take it that you have a short attention span then?  How long are your short attention span stories?

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Hump Day Radio: Jessica Mauboy - "Pop a Bottle (Fill Me Up)"

Today we're going Down Under and getting to hear a little tune by Jessica Mauboy called "Pop a Bottle (Fill Me Up)".  This is a fun little pop song and a great one to play as you celebrate the latest Hump Day.  Oh, the intro is a little long, you can skip ahead to the :40 second mark if you just want to hear the song.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Sunday Morning Chat: #Interview with @jojojojude

John Satisfy:  Good Morning!  Welcome to Erotic Satisfiction.  It's been quite a few weeks since I've started doing these interviews and I'm really excited to sit down with Billierose today.  She's a controversial author, who's not afraid of the taboo.  Before we get started, if you've been enjoying these interviews, could you please take a moment and follow?  It would mean a lot, and I've got ton more interviews and other posts planned.

Good Morning, Billierose, could you please tell me about yourself and the kinds of things you write.

Billierose:   I live in a picturesque little village in Ye Olde England. Not a lot happens here. It's peaceful and restful, the ideal situation for a writer. No one in my village knows that I write or what I write. I write erotica. The ladies of the Women's Institute would be shocked. Sometimes, I shock myself!

I came to writing through reading. I've been an avid reader for as long as I can remember. My mother taught me to read before I started school. A few years later, she was scolding me for always having my nose "stuck in a book."

JS:  You have the duality that many of us erotica authors have.  Were you always a bookworm?

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Hump Day Radio: Flo Rida - "Whistle"

Looking for some fun music to accompany you while you worship your boy?  Well this week I've picked out Flo Rida's "Whistle".  It's a great little tune and if you whistle a few bars to your partner, he'll know exactly what is on your mind.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sunday Morning Chat: #Interview with @CEBlackbooks

John Satisfy:  As you know each week I find one talented author and ask them to sit down with me to talk about their story.  I find it amazing how many different sub-genres and niches there are in this one area of writing.  Today I’m welcoming to my blog C.E. Black who delves into the paranormal erotica and shows you why you shouldn't be afraid of no ghosts.  Can you please tell my readers a little about who you are and what you write?

C.E. Black:  I live in the south, born and raised, and was quite the goody two-shoes growing up. At least, that’s what everyone thought. I tried my hardest to join with the rebellious crowd, but no matter that I was the same age, I was patted on the head and told I was too innocent for those things. It was the reverse of peer pressure. I guess in hindsight, I can say it kept me out of trouble, though I thought life pretty boring in my teen years. As an adult, I know that I didn't miss out on much and am thankful for those that steered me in the right direction.

My husband and I have been married for over twelve years and it was he who encourages me to write all my crazy ideas down. I’m actually quite the newbie. I admit to playing around with short stories in grade school, but that didn’t last long once I noticed boys. No, writing wasn't a part of my life until I began reading again, which had also fallen to the wayside. A friend loaned me a Dan Brown book and I thought it was pretty good, but it wasn't until I picked up Charlaine Harris’ Sookie Stackhouse Series, that I began to fall in love with reading again. Then came Laurell K. Hamilton and Maya Banks, and next thing I knew, I was opening my little notebook and writing my first imagined a story, Enduring Kiss, which was published in 2011. I haven’t stopped dreaming stories since.

My imagination tends to veer into the paranormal and fantasy, but I cannot go without romance, and I admit, I need steamy scenes as well. I enjoy how the paranormal genre can go anywhere I want it too, but I have to have reality as well. A few have mentioned my work being a little dark at times, and maybe so, but that’s just reality in my opinion. Also, my work has started to get more erotic as I go and I think that has to do with the fact that I just can’t let the scene pass me by. I have to tell it like is, or was, and I want to know every detail.

JS:  That's a great trait in a writer, keeping a scene as true to life as you see it.  When you talk about paranormal elements in your stories, are we talking creatures?  Magic?

Friday, March 28, 2014

Liebster Blog Award!

A couple weeks ago, LB Shaw was kind enough to nominate me for the Liebster Blog Award!  I’m amazed and very appreciative.  Thank you so much LB!  This is such an honor and I am really excited about getting to show off my blog.  I’m really proud of all the changes I’ve been making this year and I hope that everyone has been enjoying my improvements.  As of right now I’m putting out new content on Wednesdays with my Hump Day Radio, Saturdays with a continuing Saturday Spanks Blog Hop story and on Sundays with my Sunday Morning Chat series.  I’ve had the opportunity to talk with different authors and it’s really been a fantastic way to get to know more about those amazing individuals.
One of my first interviews was with LB Shaw, and she’s really got a great blog of her own that you should check out.  She’s really a great author and I’d recommend checking out her blog and twitter feed to see all the wonderful stuff she’s got for her fans.  And don’t forget to check out her books on Amazon.  

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