Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Erotic Tease: A Kiss

I study your face, the way your lip trembles, the way the fire burns within your eyes.  Silently, I reach out, my hand grazing along your cheek, slipping under your hair, pushing it away from your neck.

Leaning down, I kiss the top of your shoulder blade, feeling you move closer, hold me tighter as my lips follow along your exposed skin.  Slowly they move, creeping closer and closer to your neck.  Gliding along, teasing the fine hairs that are raised on your sensitive skin, my hands reach for you body and support you.

As I kiss your neck, your grip on my arm tightens, as you fight against the pull of gravity, your legs wobbly and weak.  But you can feel the strength in my arms as I hold you up.

Exhaling hot breath against your aroused skin, I sigh.  “You were meant to be savored, slowly, deliberately, completely.”

You expect me to speed up, to go further in my exploration, but instead I return to the same slow steady pace and enjoy all that you are.  There is no rush…

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Friday, October 21, 2016

Road Tripping

“You ready for a pit stop?”  I asked, looking across the car at you for just a split second.  I couldn’t get enough of you in that red dress of yours.

“Sure…” You said, confused, not seeing any signs for a rest area anywhere near by.  But you saw glint in my eye as I asked the question, and knew enough to trust me.

I pulled off down a dirt road that seemed to go nowhere useful and went for about a quarter mile until we were clearly off the road.  As I turned off the engine and opened the car door you noticed just how quiet and isolated it was here.

I got out and you did the same, closing the door behind you.  I took two steps away from the car and looked around, stretching, as you walked over to my side.  “Can you do me a favor and get my cell phone, I left it in the console.”

You sighed, knowing how forgetful I can be.  “No problem…”  Your voice trailed off as you turned around and crawled into the car to get it.  I turned around and saw your fine ass and couldn’t resist.

Heading back to the car I reached out, letting my fingers trail over your mound.  You arched your back, presenting yourself to me, and I pet you again, this time sliding my finger inside of you.  “Fuck, you’re so wet!  Like my policy of no panties in the new car?”

You pushed back onto my finger as you moaned softly, “Yes, Sir, very much.”

“That’s a good girl.”  I slide my finger out of you and you whimper in disappointment.  Lifting up the hem of your dress, I grab your ass, squeezing it, appreciating it.  You wiggled your bum in such a way that I knew you wanted more.

Looking up, checking to make sure that we were still alone, I undid the fasteners of my pants and let them fall.  Taking my cock out, I rub the tip up and down your dripping slit.  “Is this what you need?”

“No more teasing. I need you to fuck me Sir.”

I push forward, slipping between your silky folds as my hand grip the roof of the car. As I fuck you hard your moans drift out of the interior of the car. “Rub your clit for me, I want you to cum.”

You eagerly reach under your dress and started to rub your clit, your other hand against the other door as you braced yourself for my pounding.  We fucked like that, the only sounds were our breathing, moans, the wet slapping noises, and the rattle of crickets in the field.

Your moans changed, and I knew that you were close.  I fucked you harder and at once you exploded all around me.  Fuck!  Your orgasms always drive me insane.

As you calmed down, I grabbed your wrist and spun you around.  You feel onto the ground, and I slipped my cock down your throat.  Your hands moved to my ass, holding me there, as my cock began to twitch and I filled you with my cum.

When I finished, we straightened up our clothing and got back into the car.  “Feel better?”

“Yes, Sir.  But I might need another rest stop soon.”

I sighed.  “Sure, but this was our fourth rest stop in the last 40 miles.  I’m not sure we’re going to make it on time.”  You started to pout, thrusting your tits out to give me a good view of your cleavage, “Although, I’m not sure I really want to spend that much more time with your parents…”

You smiled your wicked grin and I started the car.  As my hand adjusted the gear shift, your hand adjusted my cock, and I was pretty sure that the next stop would be sooner rather than later.

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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Have a Fantasy Encounter with @SuzyAyers

A few weeks ago Suzy Ayers released a sequel to her book Fantasy Encounters with a DomFantasy Encounters…Further Explorations takes us deeper into the lives of Keira and Tim after being trained by a D/s couple in the UK, Jarred and Carrie.

Blurb (different than Amazon)

Fantasy Encounters…Further Explorations

Follow along with Keira and Tim’s on their journey as a married D/s couple. Married for over ten years and on the brink of depression, alcoholism and divorce, they instead took their relationship to new heights. They began learning the BDSM lifestyle with the help of a Dom/sub, Jarred and Carrie from the UK.

In this sequel, Keira learns her not so frugal ways will get her into trouble, and she is given more than a verbal warning. They’ve been struggling with the idea of an open relationship; however Keira was not prepared for Tim’s reaction.

Keira receives a Christmas Present that she would’ve never imagined was allowed from her macho man husband, in “Keira’s Christmas Present”. It makes her wonder what other secrets her husband may be hiding.

Keira also learns that a honeymoon is always better when sharing with new friends in “Second Honeymoon”. She wonders what she has awakened within Tim, and who will be returning from the beachy island.

This book can be read as a stand alone; however it is the sequel to Fantasy Encounter with a Dom. Both are books for Adults and contain BDSM themes.  Here's a little excerpt from Fantasy Encounters... Further Explorations:

He was sitting in the living room with a sour look on his face. Like a sullen child Keira quickly babbled out her excuses, when she knew there weren’t any. She’d never spent like this before, she’d always been the responsible one—the saver.

“Hands out,” he held a strap.

“What?” Keira almost whimpered out the word. She’d seen women have their hands
hit before and was not looking forward to it.


Keira screeched and pulled her hands away, rubbing them, his mere expression had her return them and endure the five more per hand.

“That is for the total cost of the day. Now a spanking for doing something we have already discussed.”

“Yes, sir.” Keira dropped her head.

Suzy Ayers is an Amazon Bestselling Author for multiple titles; both of her fantasy books: Sara's Awakening and Miranda's Amulet in Metaphysical/ Visionary, as well as Fantasy Encounter with a Dom in erotic fiction and Erotic Fantasies in single author and women's fiction.

Her main focus is Romance, which crosses many genres including: Erotica, Fantasy and Paranormal. Her short stories and books twist into happily-for-now or happily-ever-after's Suzy attempts to write in a manner that pulls you into the erotic event and paints an explicit scene of lust and passion. Her purpose of expressing it in this manner is that she believes that sex and love are intertwined and are healthy expressions of the human heart. To her imperfections and flawed characters are beautiful.

Want to know more?
Check out my interview with Suzy, or her FacebookTwitterBlog/Website and Goodreads account. Of course, you can also find her on AmazonSmashwords, and Barnes & Nobles.

Monday, September 14, 2015

The Ties that Bind, Christina Mandara's Newest Book is for sale. Congrats @cpmandara!



It's FINALLY here -  the naughtiness that happens in Albrecht Stables finally comes to a climatic end. (18+ Audience Only)

Will Mark Matthews accept Redcliff's terms for his daughter's release, surrendering both body and mind to the enemy? Petal's sanity depends upon the fact, for in the sixth and final book of the Pony Tales she is to discover that the fate in store for her at Albrecht is not a pretty one. Shipped off to Leyland Forbes in a steel cage, the pony-girl will have to endure all sorts of imaginative bondage and BDSM at his palatial manor, as her body is photographed intimately by several of the world's top photographers. As the day progresses she will find herself taken out to dinner in chains, before being cleverly and expertly divested of her virginity. Trouble awaits when she returns to the stables, however. One of the trainers has taken a monstrous dislike to her and intends to prove his superiority, both in the dungeon and beyond. Escape for Jenny is beginning to seem like an impossible dream...  


If you want me to utter that safe word, you’re going the wrong way about it,” breathed Jenny, who was still struggling to rub her body against his.

He barked out a laugh. “Oh you’ll utter your naughty little word before the night is out,” whispered Mark, nuzzling his lips against her neck, “but at the moment, I want to lick, bite, nibble, pinch, tweak and chew every inch of you. She made a face at him and he shook his head, amused. “Relax, you’ll enjoy it.” She narrowed her eyes at that. “OK,” he amended, “you’ll enjoy most of it.”

Whatever Jenny’s reply to his comment might have been was lost, for his mouth descended quickly upon her sex and employed every trick in the book to get her to panting level in record time. When she’d reached the ‘ten-seconds-to-blast-off’ point, he abruptly stopped and moved on to other ‘less sensitive’ body parts. She made lots of funny gurgling noises, and some interesting Kung Fu moves against his knot-work, but ultimately, she just had to wait and endure. He planned to cover her entire body with his tongue-work and lips, and he started high, tracing the delicate lines of her cheekbones, the ridge of her lips, the line of her nose, and the arch of her neck. Nipping at the tightly pointed buds of her nipples and palpating the soft flesh of her abdomen, he then moved to bite the tender inner flesh of her thighs and tongue a wavy line of worship down to her ankles. He sucked toes, pretty little red-tipped toes that were stretched high in the air, and then he got down low and traced a path around her plugs with his tongue. Under her arms, over her shoulders, down to her tight little waist, he suckled, blew, kissed and even hummed tunes against her skin. She smelled divine. She tasted better. It was a shame she was not edible, for he could have eaten her whole. When he had covered her body from top to bottom at least twice, only then did he return to his shot glass.

With his long fingers, he gently pried the glass loose from the tight confines of her pussy, not able to contain his smile of satisfaction when she groaned at its removal. “You like being filled.” It was a statement, not a question, which was just as well, because he didn’t get an answer. “Do you like being stretched, I wonder?” Inserting the middle and index finger of his right hand into her dripping wet channel, he began to stretch the soft, wet walls of her sex. There was another groan. “I guess I’ll take that as a yes,” he murmured. Making slow scissor motions with his fingers, he began to stretch the tight flesh of her pussy, opening her up. “Can you guess what I’m going to do next?” With his fingers still slipping and sliding inside her, he held up his shot glass and twirled the remaining liquid around. “You only get one guess, Princess.”

“Oh God, please tell me you’re not,” said Jenny, who spoke thickly and with stilted pauses. His fingers appeared to be quite the distraction.

“Oh,” breathed Mark happily, “I’m afraid I am.” Tilting the glass to a forty-five degree angle he let it hover for just a second, and as soon as Jenny grimaced and closed her eyes, he slowly began to pour. 

“It’s still warm,” she whimpered in a pained voice.

 “It’ll be nothing compared to the temperature I’m about to rocket you up to, given a couple of a minutes.”


 “How are you going to get that out again? You can suck it out, surely?” Jenny opened one eye at him and gave him a nasty look.

“We’ll have to hope, for your sake, that I can. Otherwise I’ll be searching the apartment up and down for a straw, and then I might get distracted and feel the need to blow bubbles.”

She gave a horrified shudder beneath him, but then his mouth was upon her and it was all about pleasure. He flipped the stereo on with his spare hand and the shuffle function found the ‘Flower duet,’ from the opera ‘Lakmé’ which usually reminded him of the British Airways commercial, but tonight he had other things on his mind. It was a strangely appropriate piece, but he hadn’t the time to consider the intricacies of opera at the moment. He was focused. He had his goal in sight and he was nothing if not an overachiever.

He suckled, tongued, stroked and slurped. Light trickles of Sambuca ran into his mouth, flavoured with her unique, spicy essence that made the subtle hint of elderflower and the strong tang of liquorice seem like nectar from the Gods. Speaking of Gods, she tasted heavenly. Earthy, musky, flowery, and there was a hint of sweetness he couldn’t quite put his finger on. She seemed to have a particular scent and taste that drove him wild, and tonight, he intended to indulge himself. She wouldn’t be getting a sip of this particular vintage. This was all for him and he savoured each drop. When her thighs began trembling beneath his hands, he increased the suction of his mouth and captured her clit. In a few artful flicks, he had her screaming and then he could wait no longer. He was inside her. With long, tortured thrusts of urgency, he finally found solace within her body. She squeezed him tightly, somehow remembering what she had been taught and as he ran his fingers up and down her body, caressing and stroking her arms, breasts and thighs, he lost himself. One moment he was a sensible, control-freak style dominant and in the next he was a rutting beast. He needed to pull himself back and rein it in, or this session would not end as planned.

Pulling out of Jennifer Redcliff’s body was one of the hardest things he had ever done. Considering how long it had taken him to immerse himself inside it, it was hardly surprising. Breathing hard, he withdrew his aching cock, and it was clear she felt the same way for her body tried desperately hard to hold on to him. “They’ve taught you well, I see,” he said with a sardonic smile, as he finally gathered his breath back.

“Oh God,” she moaned.

“I’m that good, huh?”

Get Your Copy of the TIES THAT BIND here.

So what's new in the latest instalment of Pony Tales?

  Imaginative Bondage - Jenny is about to find herself centre stage in Leyland Forbes palatial mansion as he works to entertain his guests in what will be the BDSM party of the century. She will find herself sprayed up in body paint and forming part of a moving exhibition - a carousel - before being dipped several feet underwater for experimental underwater games. 

  Marianna and the 'No Panties' rule - What happened to Marianna after we left her in Atlantisse? Well, she's about to feature as a human dessert plate for the entertainment of Mark Matthews and a few others, besides. Then, when she arrives back at the office, she will have to face her 'no panties' punishment - which involves her walking around the office with... yes, you've guessed it... her panties around her ankles.

  Mark and Jenny - Finally some alone time for Mark and Jenny! Lots of shocking, naughty games ensue and she'll have a rather intimate experience with a shot glass.  A safe word will be chosen and Mark will do all he can to make sure that it is uttered before the evening comes to a close.

  Redcliff - This man wants to watch Mark squirm, and preferably at his feet. The tactics he will employ to make sure that will happen are going to make your eyes water!

  OK, OK, This Is All Very Nice But I Need A Freebie... 

 If you'd like a taste of what Pony Tales has to offer, download your very own free ebook copy of 'Named and Shamed' by clicking on the picture below (available in PDF, ePub and Mobi for Kindle):


And Now For GOODIES... a little Rafflecopter to play around with and some prizes!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

aa112 A little bit about Christina Mandara: Christina Mandara was born in the UK, but has spent most of her life travelling the world. She speaks three languages and has been chiefly employed in the fields of finance and travel. Her favourite city is Sydney and her favourite holiday destination is the south of France. She loves keeping fit and enjoys running, cycling and water sports. No, not those kinds of water sports; think surfing or sailing. That doesn't mean that she doesn't enjoy BDSM in all of its glorious forms, be that pony girls, bondage, edge play, orgasm denial or a damn good spanking. Her favourite item in the toy closet (a box simply isn't big enough) is her riding crop. In her spare time she's usually cuddled up with a good book, exploring the countryside or baking in the kitchen. In fact, she loves her kitchen so much she's one of few woman who wouldn't mind being tied to it! Her first and foremost love is writing, however, and more often than not you'll find her on a laptop spinning tales of romance, erotica or dark, paranormal fantasies.

If anyone would like more information, I can be stalked here:

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Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Hump Day Radio: Earned It by The Weeknd

Happy Hump Day everyone!  Well we've made it ton another Wendsday and I hope you're having a great one.  This song comes recommended by a good friend of mine.  Regardless of what you think of the book or movie Fifty Shades of Grey, this is a sexy song.  Hope that you find the true meaning of Hump Day and that you've earned it! 

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Hump Day Radio: East of Eden by Zella Day

Did you know that today is International Tiger Day?  They are amazing creatures and having a day to bring their story to the forefront is important.  So today I'm bringing you Zella Day's "East of Eden".  With lyrics about being kept from the cages and tigers on the prowl, I feel like it's a great way to remember these majestic cats.  Besides, not all women have tame a tame pussy, some of you out there have ravishing tigers who never quite get their fill.  This is dedicated to all the tigers out there.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Up Against the Wall

You’re naked on the bed looking at me me, waiting for my instructions.  “I want you to turn around, lean your arms against the wall, thrust out ass out, and spread your legs.”

You’re a good girl, and you position yourself up against the wall just as I commanded. I crawled up behind and meet you.  My hand drops between your legs as I inspect you like livestock, feeling your lips, slipping my finger between them, seeing how wet you are, how hard your clit is. I bring my hand up from the front of your cunt over your lips, past your hole, past your taint, rubbing over your ass and then up and out of your crack.

I bring my hand down and spank your cheek once, hard. Then I spank the other cheek, and I go back and forth until there's red handprints on your skin. Watching your ass wiggle as I do this, hearing you moan and whimper, only encourages me.

I take my hand and check your cunt again, it is soaked now, and I'm pleased with your reaction, such a good sex toy you’re becoming. I lean against you, you can feel the heat of my chest on your back and my breath moist on your ears. "You're ready now my slut, aren't you?"

"Yes!  And your slut need your cock Sir."

I take my cock in my hand and run in between your lips. I can feel the head get coated in your juices as I enjoy teasing your clit. Between the precum leaking out of me and your slickness, I'm ready to fuck you hard. When I position my head at your entrance, you wiggle your ass, trying to get me into you, but I just slide the tip in.

I lean forward and my hands reach around you. With one hand I surround your neck, with the other I grab your breast. When I have a good hold on you I push in hard and fast, and you moan like a porn star, encouraging my rough play.

I pull you back against my chest, and your hands are still flat against the wall. "Play with your clit for me like a good slut." The words are hisses in your ear and you know better than to disobey.

God every time I slam into your pussy your whole ass shakes, and I'm sure that you can feel the residual stings from the spanking I gave you. I tighten my hand around your throat as your fingers make their way to your clit and soon you're rubbing yourself with a deep desire.

As I push hard into your pussy I feel it quivering around me, and I need more. My hand leaves your breast and travels to your back. I scoop up your long hair in my fist and pull your head backwards. Now I can see over your shoulder, and I can watch your breasts sway and slap as I fuck you so hard your whole body shakes with each thrust.

I bite at your earlobe and say, "Cum now." It's not a suggestion and your fingers rub with more of a purpose then before. It only takes a few seconds before you're moaning and cuming on my cock. Your whole body is shaking and trying to fight the grip of my hands, but I hold onto you tight and you just buck against me.

As soon as your orgasm ends and you are at your weakest, I let go of you and toss you to the mattress. You fall off of me and I guide you up on all fours facing me. My hand goes back into your hair and I pull your head up. "Open wide my slut." And your mouth opens and I slide my cock into you, and before you know it I'm fucking your face before you even had a chance to recover your breath from your orgasm.

My hand lets go of your hair and moves to the back of your head.  As I thrust into your mouth I’m also pushing you onto my cock.  You’re drooling on me as fuck your face, using your hole for my pleasure.  I push deep into your mouth, past the entrance of your throat and downwards until your nose is pushed against my stomach.  I hold your head there, letting you feel my cock pulse inside of you before sliding out and letting you get some air.

I lift up your chin and look at your face.  Drool is glistening on your cheeks while your eyes and cheeks are wet with tears.  Your makeup is a mess but you’re smiling as you pant, trying to catch your breath.  “You’re becoming the perfect little cock slut, you know that?”

You nod in agreement and open your mouth as if asking for more.  I’m happy to comply as I slide my cock all the way down your throat in one long push.  You move your hands so that they are grabbing my ass and you use me as leverage to pull yourself even further onto my cock and I didn’t even think that was possible.

No longer needing to fuck your face since you’re doing it for me, my hands are free to explore your luscious body.  I lean down and my hands grab your breasts, squeezing them, tweaking the nipples, tugging on them roughly.  You moan, sending vibrations down the length of my shaft and this only encourages me to continue my painful play.

Your fingers are digging into my ass cheeks as you first pull yourself all the way onto my cock, and then push yourself off of me.  I look down at you, smiling as you look up with those puppy dog eyes you get when you’re in complete submission mode.  God you’re such a good toy, so eager to please me, and I can’t help but want to reward my slut.

Letting go of your breasts I lean forward and my finger slides down the crack of your ass.  I go further until I find your drenched pussy and shove a finger deep into you.  Your whole body jumps as I invade your cunt, but you manage not to touch my cock with your teeth, and I’m impressed with your self control.

When my finger is sufficiently coated in your juices I slide back out and move to your puckered asshole.  As I place the tip of my finger over it I can feel that it is opening and closing under me.  You’re trying to relax, to prepare yourself and I reward you by pushing into you.  It takes a second but I feel the muscles relax and then accept my finger as I push in as deep as I can.  When I get all the way in, your sphincter clenches around my digit as if to feel it’s girth.

Now I start fucking you again, and as my finger pulls out my cock slides into your mouth.  And then my cock slides out of your mouth and my finger pushes back into your ass.  Back and forth I go, sliding in and out of you as you moan and squirm at my touch.  All the while you’re looking up at my face, waiting for me to look into your eyes.

“Cum for me again my slut,” As the words leave my mouth, your hand leaves my ass and a questioning look flashes across your eyes.  “Yes, you may play with your clit.”  With permission your fingers slip between your legs and you begin furiously rubbing your clit.  I start pumping in and out of your mouth and throat faster and faster, trying to match the movements of your fingertips.

Your face is a mess as your eyes continually tear, and your drool cascades down your chin onto your swaying breasts.  Your moans are becoming louder and more abundant as your hand clenches around my ass.

A moment later and you’re cumming hard for me, like a good slut should.  I’m impressed because even as your body shakes, even as you spasm, your eyes are locked on mine as if you know that your pleasure means nothing if it doesn’t bring me any joy.  But you can see the crinkles in the corner of my eyes as you know that I’m smiling at how good you’re doing tonight.

As your orgasm subsides I place my hand on the back of your head and guide you to your knees.  Your are able to sit there without any additional support and I’m able to let go of you.  I slide my cock out of your mouth and you gasp for air.  Your hand flies to my cock to pump me.  When you can finally speak again you ask timidly, “Did I earn your cum, Sir?  I really want to feel it on my body.”

“Yes my slut, you’ve been a good girl, make me cum all over you.”

You fist starts pumping faster and faster as your other hand moves to my balls.  You can feel them tighten up under your fingertips and that only encourages you to tighten your fist as you pump me.  I lean forward, my hand resting on your shoulder as I try to maintain control of my body.  But you don’t want that and instead make one last request, “Paint my face and tits, Sir.”

A stroke or two later and you feel my cock start to throb and you begin to aim the tip so that the the first jets of my hot cum will coat your cheeks.  You’re a brave girl and you keep your eyes open and looking into mine as start to cum.  The first shot lands hot and sticky on your right cheek and between blasts you re aim so that the next one hits your left cheek.  As soon as that one lands you’re moving me again and the next few blasts land on your voluptuous breasts.  They look impossibly white against your pale skin.

When I finish cumming your hands move to your breasts immediately as you rub my cum into your skin.  “Thank you, Sir.  I love it when you mark me as your cum slut.”

I reach down and scoop some cum off your cheek and feed it to you.  “You’re welcome baby.  I love rewarding my girl when she’s been especially good.”  I lean down and kiss you softly as you continue to play with your tits.  We both know it’s time for you to go to work, and you can’t wait to put on your bra and head out the door, your chest covered in my cum for the whole day ahead.

Enjoy the story? Make sure you check out the others available free on this blog. Looking for more? Then check out my stores on Amazon, Smashwords, B&N, or iTunes. And don't forget to follow for more stories. I also post on Tumblr, so don't forget to follow me there. And as always, comments are appreciated!
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