Thursday, November 21, 2013

A Photo is Worth Thousands of Words Part 1

I am looking forward to tonight.  I can't wait till I get back to my room and get some time to be alone.  I am going to get that picture of you out and stroke my cock thinking about what I want to do.  You are so fucking sexy, so amazingly hot.  I can't help but imagine getting the privilege of having your sweet, dripping pussy grind down on my face.  God to experience the bliss of having your cunt as my whole world; that would be incredible.  To have the honor of your amazing body on my face while I gave you pleasure would be a dream come true.
I want to give you the kind of pleasure that you've dreamed about.  I want to play your body like the fine instrument of pleasure like you crave.  I wonder if I just reading these words is enough to get your mind reeling, your body wet with anticipation of my worshiping.

Before you slid your hot pussy up to my mouth, I would have slid a bullet vibe deep into you.  I would keep it off until I was ready, but just knowing that it was there would cause your pussy to flood for me.  The wetter, the sweeter, the better.  I love tasting your excitement; it makes my cock throb just thinking about it.
I would lay down a towel next to my hand, and on that towel I would have placed a vibe.  It is thin, and the buttons were on the back so I could use it one handed.  As you slide up my body you would notice that the toy is shining and you know I have lubed it up so it would be ready.
With your crotch over my mouth you lean forward and grab the headboard.  I can feel your body is tense as you lower yourself down to my eager tongue.  You move so slowly, not as a tease, but rather out of self consciousness.  You know I love it when you ride my mouth, but it always is hard for you to let go and enjoy it when we start out.
When your hot cunt finally makes it to my lips, I eagerly open my mouth and kiss your lips.  I kiss your pussy like I would kiss our mouth, going slowly, kissing tenderly, using my lips against your body.  You feel my mouth open, spreading your lips.  I exhale
and my moist breath flows over your skin.
Your hips sway slowly, you are squirming, ready for more but not getting it yet.  I love teasing you, making you want it as much as I want to give it to you.  You lower yourself further and I am consumed by you.  In return, my tongue starts licking between your lips.  You let out a low moan which fills me further with lust.

 I know how much you love your clit being played with, but I want to tease you further.  My thumb slides the switch on the vibe and your body jolts forward as the bullet inside of you starts buzzing.  I can feel and taste your excitement level grow as my teasing continues.

 You body lowers itself again and now your pussy is my world.  I am in bliss as I feel your body clamp down on my face.  I continue teasing you but you need more.  You start rocking your hips rubbing your clit against my nose before you place it above my tongue.

 One hand is tight on the headboard as the other slides into my hair.  You pull my face up into you and use me as leverage to ride my face.  I hear your moans muffled by your thighs as I give you as much pleasure as I can.

 I turn the vibe up with one hand as I grab your ass with the other.  Your hips are bucking against me as your instincts take control.  Your mind has shut off and you focus on the orgasm that is building within.  You are so close and we both know it.

 I suck your clit into my mouth and strum on it with the tip of my tongue.  Your body responds right away.  Your thighs clamp down against the side of my face as you pull my hair, your nails digging into my scalp.  I feel your body convulse above me as your juices flow all over my face and into my beard.  I am sure you are moaning, almost to the point of screaming, but I can barely hear it as your body is eliminating the rest of the world.  I am experiencing your orgasm as intensely as you are.

 As the final waves of pleasure flow through your body, you lift yourself up slightly.  We are both panting, almost gulping air as we come down from your orgasm.  My cock is throbbing, my belly is coated with pre come, but we are not finished yet.  I turn off the vibe and then hold your thighs.

 You might have just come, but that will not be your last orgasm of the night.

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