Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Backstage Pass Pt. 1

As the sea of people surround you, you are lost in the music.  Somehow, your best friend surprised you with front row tickets to Purple 8 for your birthday.  Now standing with her on the floor of the Amway Center, the smile on your face is incredibly wide and permanently stuck there.  You squeeze your friend’s hand as you your eyes are glued to Alex Long.
There is something electric as the crowd seems to pulsate around you.  They’re singing along with the band as they play hit after hit.  You’re just singing along with them, getting excited when you recognize what song they’re about to start.  “Provoking Thought” has you dancing and singing with the masses and you’re totally into it.

Alex is hot and sweaty on stage, giving everything he’s got to the performance.  He starts singing, “Harder to Inhale and Exhale”, and you throw your arms up and start swaying.  It feels so great to be there and to so close to the action.  The beats are making you dance in place and the way you’re moving is so sensual because you just feel so good.

With your low cut blouse and the black and purple lace bra you have on, your cleavage is on display, especially from the vantage point of the stage.  You know you’re giving anyone who looks great views of your tats, and not only the Jack and Sally, but also the bat symbol and skull with wings.  And with your arms up in the air, it’s easy for Alex or anyone else to see your wrist tattoo.

Finally, after thirty minutes of just pure rocking out, Alex and the band take a breather.  The roar of the crowd surrounds you, and you can hear people shouting out names of songs.  With all your strength you yell out “Unable to Leave You!”.  Adam takes a drink of water from a bottle and is looking around.  Once again you shout, “Unable to Leave You!” And as you do, he seems to look in your direction and smile.

You watch as Alex turns around and says something to the band.  When he turns around he nods his head and you hear the opening bars of “Unable to Leave You.”  You erupt in screams, so excited to hear your favorite song being sung live for you.  You are singing out at the top of your lungs and dancing in place.  All the while your eyes are not leaving Alex’s hazel eyes.

As you move your body, you are aware of Alex sneaking looks at you as he’s singing on stage.  This makes you smile and your body writhes a bit more seductively.    You give a look to your friend, thanking her for a better birthday gift then you ever expected or deserve.  I mean, Alex’s singing a song for you and giving you a smile has just been the best birthday ever.

Sooner than you’d like, the song ends and you’re disappointed as the band walks off stage.  Behind you the crowd has become a deafening roar as they chant, “Encore!” repeatedly.  You’re starting to chant along with them when the stage bouncer approaches you and waves you over to him.  You make your way up to the fence and he hands you an envelope.  As soon as he does, he walks away and you don’t have a chance to ask him what this is about.  Not that you could have a conversation because it’s so loud anyway.

You go back over to your friend and open the envelope with her.  She flashes you a confused look and encourages you to open it up.  As you do, you see a backstage pass with a black lanyard autographed by Alex Long!  On the back is a sticky note that says, “Please hang out after the show.”

As soon as you read it, you started to jump up and down and squeal.  Your friend just looks at you strange and as soon as you calm down you show her the note.  She starts to smile and then lose control and you’re both jumping up and down together.  When you finally calm down you find the second badge and you hand it to your friend.  You both have backstage passes!

Before the band gets back on stage you make your way to the aisle and find your way to where people are already starting to cue up to get backstage.  As much as you want to hear them sing their encore, you’re more excited knowing that you’re going to get to meet not only the band, but Alex.  Your friend has to grab your wrist to slow you down so she doesn't lose you.

As Purple 8 returns to the stage to do their encore, you’re lining up by the bouncer with your backstage pass dangling just below your cleavage.  As the band starts to play you it takes you a moment to recognize “Shudder” they are giving it a slightly different opening then on the album.  It’s such a sexy song and you can hear the audience singing along with them.  Part of you wants to go back so you can see, but you know you’re better off getting backstage to compliment the band.

As you wait the bouncers are starting to let people in, and you’re just bouncing along with the music, singing along with the lyrics, “Kiss me softly, I crave your body, When you touch me I shudder, shudder…” The smile on your face is incredible as you just are having the best night of your life.

At some point the song ends and you realize you've danced your way up to the front of the line.  Stage security takes the badge in his hand and looks it over.  When he sees the autograph, he turns to another security guard and gives him a knowing smile and wink before throwing his thumb over his shoulder indicating its fine for you and your friend to go back.

As you walk past the black curtains, you’re expecting something more, well glamorous, but in reality it’s just a sea of neatly organized wires and equipment.  You follow the path and you’re completely giddy with excitement as you find a lounge behind a second set of curtains.  This is more what you’re expecting.  There’s a few couches, a table, and a few dressing rooms off the central area.  There’s also a table with some food for the band, as well as some beverages.  Standing around the edge of the room are some roadies relaxing before their work begins again and they break down the stage when the show’s over.

You notice on the back of a chair the gray short sleeved button down shirt that Alex was wearing during the main part of the concert.  You are tempted to go over and touch his shirt, drink in a bit of his scent, but you know better, and you and your friend just try to play it cool.  Standing there, talking amongst yourselves, you’re barely able to hear the music, it’s just a droning noise coming from another room.  As indistinct as it is, you’re acutely aware of when it ends and is just replaced by a muffled roar.  You know the encore set is over and the band is coming back to relax.

James comes in first, he’s got an empty plastic bottle of water in his hand, and walks right over to the table and grabs a new one.  Mikey is right behind him and he makes his way over to the couch where he just throws himself down, looking warn out.  Mark walks over to Mikey and hands him a beer before he sits down next to him.  Vinny seems to be filled with energy and is just walking in circles around the room, working off the adrenaline rush that playing music in front of a packed auditorium causes.

Then Alex walks into the room.  He’s only wearing a white tank top and you can see it cling to his skin his muscles are shadows under the fabric.  He seems calm, even if he’s a bit out of breath, and grabs a beer before heading over to the band.  He compliments them for a great show and they start to talk about what went right.

When Alex turns to you and says, “What did you think the highlights were?” You are a bit shocked and it takes you a second to recover.

“It was fantastic, all of it.  I loved how you changed up ‘Hands On Me’ and especially loved hearing ‘Unable to Leave You’ live.”  As the words came out of your mouth you felt a bit silly, gushing like the fan girl that you are.

Alex gives you a smile before turning back to the band and finishing the rundown.  As he does you make eye contact with your friend and you’re doing everything you can not to freak out.  She squeezes your hand hard and you calm down a bit and just listen in as they finish up.

When they are done, Alex toasts to another great concert and they knock their beer bottles together and take a swig.  As soon as they do, you can feel the tension just leave the room and the whole band is now completely relaxed.  Business is finished for the night, and the party has begun.  Still, like a couple of wallflowers you and your friend are standing to the side not quite sure what to do.

Alex seems to notice and walks over to you.  “Hey, thanks for coming back stage.”  His voice is warm and friendly and he seems completely calm, just like you imagine him to be.

“Thanks for inviting us.  It was a great show.”  You say, trying not to gush too much.

“You two seemed like you were having a great time out there.  It’s great when fans are actually enjoying the show instead of complaining how we weren't want they wanted.  You don’t know how often the people in the front aren't into it.”

“Really?  How could anyone be disappointed with how you look.”  And then realizing what you just said, add, “on stage that is.”

Alex smiles and you’re fascinated with his rough beard, his gentle smile, his beautiful lips.  You are woken from your daydreaming when he says, “I saw you down there having so much fun it was incredible.  Plus I’m loving your collection.”

You feel yourself blush, and despite that you feel yourself pushing your chest forward, showing off your tats.  He takes his hand and runs his fingers across your Steeler’s tat on your arm and says, “Pittsburgh fan, eh?”

Your voice is a bit shaky when you answer.  “Yeah, born and raised there until I moved here about three years ago.”

He rotates so he’s showing you his shoulder and you can see the word ‘Los Angles’ there.  “I know how it is to love your home town.”

“I love your tattoos, they’re fantastic Mr. Long.”

He laughs and says, “Call me Alex.”

You smile and say, “You can call me Mandy.”

“It’s nice to meet you, Mandy.”  Just hearing him say your name makes a shiver run along your spine.  “What’s your favorite tattoo of yours?”

Without thinking you say, “My tramp stamp, it felt so sexy getting it done.”

Alex laughs, “Yeah, you want to let me see?”

You look at your friend for courage before you turn around and lift the back of your shirt.  You’re dimly aware that you’re not only showing Alex Long your tramp stamp, but also a bit of whale tail as the v on your black lace g-string is visible above your jeans and below your tattoo.  When he traces the line of your tat, you have to do everything to suppress a moan.   “That’s an excellent ink job.”

You drop your shirt back down and turn around.  “Thanks.  I love yours, that tiger is fantastic.”

Alex rotates his arm giving you a better view, and you can’t help but reach out and touch it.  Feeling his arm, hard and sweaty is a complete turn on, and you swallow hard trying to keep your composure.  As you study his tiger, he says, “I’ve always loved the way these wings came out.”  Again he turns to give you a better view of his art.

“Yeah, they are wonderful.  I’ve got a few more then what you see, but nothing with that detail.”  You stare transfixed on his body, not just the art covering it.

“Oh?  What’s your favorite piece?”

“I love how the Bone Winged Pentagram/Heart turned out.”  As soon as the words are out of your mouth, you remember where it is located.

Alex’s eyes light up and he says, “Oh, I’ve got to see that!”

“Um,” you stutter, “I can’t really show it, it’s on my upper thigh and there’s no way these jeans are going to get that high.”

Something about his smile changes and there’s a bit of mischievousness in it.  “Well, I've got to see it now.  How about I take you to my dressing room and you can show me privately?”  He has a glint in his eyes that you just can’t say no too.

“Sure, that sounds fine.”  You turn to your friend and she can’t tell if your eyes or grin is bigger.  Before you know it Alex takes your hand and is leading you past the couch the corner room.  You are dimly aware of the door closing behind you and you being alone with Alex.

The room is not very large, but it is pretty filled with stuff.  There’s a big lounge chair in the corner, and along the wall there’s a mirror with a makeup desk under it.  Tucked under the desk is a functional chair and along the side of the mirror are rows of lights.  Along a wall there’s a suitcase with a change of clothing laid out on top of it.

“You seem a bit nervous.”  Alex says, and you nod in agreement.  “Here, maybe this will make you feel a bit better.”  Right in front of your eyes, he grabs the bottom of his shirt and pulls it over his head.  You can’t believe he’s showing you his chest, that chest you've masturbated to countless times.  In person it is even better than in the photos.

“God, that’s gorgeous.”  You say, speaking of his body.

“Which one?”

Taken off guard, you don’t have an immediate answer.  Looking over his body you can tell you’re taking too long to answer and just say, “The eagle.  The way it seems to come from your body, to hug your chest, it’s just perfect.”  As you are talking you are subconsciously walking towards him.  When you finish speaking you’re only a few inches away from him and you can smell his scent fill your awareness.

You look up into his eyes and his mischievous grin is still there.  “ I've shown you mine, Mandy.  It’s time for you to show me yours.”

Hearing him talk to you about that makes your whole body tingle and you are aware of your panties soaking through with your arousal.  “Yes, Alex.”  You say a bit quietly.

You take two steps backwards and you feel the makeup desk behind your thighs.  Your hands go to the button fastening your jeans and nervously you pop it apart.  Slowly you drag your zipper down, and soon you feel the fabric sliding down over your round ass.  In a moment your jeans are around your ankles and you take one step backwards out of them.

“That is so amazing.” He says as you stand there, staring at his chiseled chest.  He takes a step closer to you and in a flash he’s standing next to you looking down at your face.  His hand goes to your cheek and he brushes his thumb against your skin, just under your glasses.  You can feel your cheeks stretch as you smile more.

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