Friday, April 19, 2013

Restroom Rendezvous

God you look so hot in your black corset and jeans. The black leather jacket you are wearing over it just completes the outfit perfectly. With your brown hair cascading down your shoulders, you are something that walked out of a fantasy of mine.

Feeling emboldened by my arousal I walk up to you and smile. "Pardon me, but I'm not from around here and I'm looking for" I pause because I know that ‘a good time’ is not the right response.   "For a place to eat. Is there any place that the locals like to go?"

You flash me a smile that melts me, your lips shiny and red from your lipstick. "Sure, there's a place on Main that's great. It's not far, just a few block behind you and then two blocks to the right. It's on your left you can't miss it."

"Thanks!" I say and turn around.  I try to get my bearings and I must look all befuddled. "Two blocks behind me and then a few blocks on the right and it's on my left. Got it." I repeat your directions before I take off.

Something about me catches you off guard and you do something you never do. "No that's all wrong. Here, I've got the time, let me show you."

So like that you start heading off to the hole in the wall that you described and I follow right behind you. From this vantage point I can see your cute ass sway in your jeans and I'm instantly hard.

I quickly pick up speed and match your pace, trying to will my dick to be softer. "Nice town you've got here..."

"Beth." You say, filling in your name.

"I’m John, by the way.  Nice town you have here, Beth. It seems fun and friendly."

"Well yeah, that and boring." You say with a laugh. "You obviously haven't been here that long if you haven't figured that out yet."

"No, I haven't, I'm here from the states. Just passing through actually."

"That's great, you'll get to see the sights and then get to leave. Sometimes that's for the best." You are laughing with a sense of civic pride only someone who's lived in a place her whole life could have.

Soon we're turning a corner.  Just talking to you makes me lose track of the time. You open a door to a restaurant and I follow you in.

The place is dark, but friendly, there's a bunch of booths along the wall and some tables in the center. You smile. "So are you eating alone?"

"Yeah. Unless you want to join me." I say. "It's the least I could do for your personal guidance."

You smile at me and say, "Sure. I'd love to join you."

"Ok." I smile and then stand there awkwardly for a moment. "If you want to grab a seat I'm going to hit the head."

As you nod I walk to the back of the restaurant and into the bathroom. There are individual restrooms for the men and the women, but they are essentially unisex. I walk into the one with the men's logo and start to close the door.

As the door almost latches I feel some resistance and it pushes open. You instantaneously walk in and then push the door close. As you walk away from the door you push the lock in and look at me with smoldering eyes.

In two steps you’ve crossed the room and I have had no time to take a step forward.  Like two magnets the attraction is too strong and the tiny gap between us closes instantly.  My hands slide between your corset and jacket, and yours move under my arms and up to my shoulder blades.  You pull me down in a passionate kiss which I return with matching enthusiasm.

Feeling your body under the fabric is incredible, and my hands move across your entire back.  When they feel the silky ties that lace up the back of your corset my fingers move between the material and caress your exposed skin.  Running my fingers up and down your spine seems to have an effect on you and your body shivers against mine.

We are still kissing, our hunger for each other driving us along.  I feel your hand move down my chest until it makes its way to my crotch.  You cup my package in your hand which makes me pull you tighter to me and kiss you deeply.  I’m practically moaning in your mouth.

It doesn't take long before I feel your fingers fumbling at the zipper of my jeans.  Your kiss is pushing me backwards until I feel the handrail on the wall behind my ass.  Your hand moves up to the button and it doesn't take you long to undo it.  Still we are kissing as our passion builds.

One of my hands has moved up to your neck and cheek while the other has moved down to your amazing ass.  I am grabbing at you, trying to pull you towards me.   Your body feels great in my grip, and judging how you’re moving at my touch you are also enjoying my attention.

When your lips move away from mine it is the first that I am aware that my jeans are around my ankles.  You slither down my body and look up at me with those incredible eyes of yours.  You keep eye contact and grin like a cat with the canary as you lower my briefs.  As soon as they are down past my knees, your attention is focused on my throbbing cock bouncing in front of you.

“God, Beth, you’re so incredibly sexy. “  I say as you take my cock head into your mouth.  You look up at me and glide your tongue around my sensitive skin.  You look unbelievable as you suck my cock, your eyes open and looking into mine.  And that doesn't even take into account how sexy your corset is, pushing your breasts together and giving you hypnotic cleavage.

My hands move to your head and your hair feels delightful as it gets entwined between my fingers.  You seem to enjoy this as you start to bob up and down along the length of my shaft.  Your tongue feels fantastic as you play with the under vein and suck my cock.  “You are so talented, Beth.”

The little bit of encouragement seems to make you kick it into overdrive.  I have to close my eyes as the sensations you’re giving me come at me fast.  I’m lost in pleasure as your mouth is making my cock nice and slick with your saliva.  You know exactly what you’re doing, because as good as it feels, you’re only making me bigger and slippery, not making me build up to a release.

When I hear an audible pop, I look down at your face.  You have the biggest grin and it doesn't disappear as you stand up to kiss me again.  As we kiss my hands move down to your waistband.  With my desire controlling my entire body, I manage to undo your jeans.  With that task accomplished I grab both of your shoulders and spin us around.

Your back is to the wall and you can feel my body against yours.  I break the kiss and then spin you around again, placing your hands onto the handrail.

I take a step backwards and see your amazing ass pushed out for my admiration.  You’re wearing a black satin g-string and it looks amazing on you.  My hand moves down and I feel the fabric damp against my fingertips.  I push the fabric to the side a moment before I play with your clit.  You take a step backwards and arch your back seductively.  You look over your shoulder and say, “Fuck me now.”

Not needing to be told twice I move up behind you and position my cock at the entrance to your soaked pussy.  My hand moves to your shoulder and I pull you back onto my hard cock.  As I slide into you we both let out a moan in complete bliss.

The first few thrusts are slow, tentative as we both get used to each other.  Feeling your tight pussy stretch to accommodate me is an incredible sensation.  You’re so hot and so wet that my brain starts to turn off and my animal instincts kick in.

I start to fuck you faster and harder.  In this position I’m unable to get the power that I need and so my hand moves around to the front of your body and grabs your tit.  I pull you onto me, using your whole body as leverage.  You start standing up straighter and I take a step forward to accommodate your new position.  This causes a chain reaction and in a few subtle moves you’re now trapped between my thrusts and the thickly painted cinder block wall of the bathroom.

Your hands move up and you’re practically climbing the walls with pleasure as I pound you from behind.  Your cheek is pressed against the wall, leaving the other one exposed to my kisses.  Your mouth hangs open so your moans have an easy escape route.

My hand moves up to your hand, pressing my chest against your back, until I am surrounding you.  My other hand goes around your belly and down to your clit.  I lean down and say directly into your ear, “Cum for me, Beth.”

That’s what you need and as I start to play with you clit your whole body tenses up.  Your legs get weak and you’re glad that you’re trapped between me and the wall so as to have some support.  Your whole body starts to shake as an orgasm burns through you.

I can’t describe the amazing way your pussy contracts around my cock as you cum, and it is too much for me.  I thrust once more, and I feel like I’m lifting you up by my cock as I start to cum deep inside you.  My moan is loud in your ear as I feel myself release.  Jet after jet of cum soaks your insides as my whole body quivers against yours.  It’s such an intense feeling and it feels like it keeps going on forever.

When we’re both finally done, I slide out of you and slip your panties back into place.  You go over to the mirror and straighten up, and I do the same.  We kiss softly right before we open the door.  Then we find a seat next to each other in a booth.

As we wait for the waitress to come over you slide your hand down your pants and it moves around for a minute.  When it comes back up, I can tell it’s covered in both of our juices and you lick them clean with a huge smile on your face.  You seem to be enjoying yourself because it’s not until the waitress comes over that you remove them from your mouth.

I look over at you and smile, so glad I asked you for directions.  As I hand you a menu, I’m left wondering where else this meal will take us…

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