Sunday, April 14, 2013

Dreaming A Little Dream of You

I woke up today thinking about your pussy.  It was the first thing on my mind, probably because it was the last thing I thought of before I went to sleep.  I want to taste you, to tease you, and of course, to please you.

I wish I was there to take your body and transform it into something that is only sexual.  Thinking of you naked makes my cock so fucking hard, and inspires my imagination.  I want tune your body’s sexual response like a world class musician would tune his/her instrument.  I want to play you until wonderful music escapes from your body.

I think about you there in bed, peaceful and relaxed.  I imagine watching you sleep, breathing gently and not aware of the world around you.  I’m starting to prepare to tease you but doing so quietly so you do not wake up before I’m ready for you to do so.

I attach restraints to the four corners of the bed as quietly as I can.  It takes a lot of effort not to wake you, and I’m constantly checking that the noise and movement isn’t spoiling the surprise.

I expect to wake you immediately upon touching your right hand, but for some reason you do not wake up.  I quickly tie it down to the restraint and then move to the left hand.  As the restraint around your left wrist is locked down, you start to wake up, although you haven’t completely made it to the land of the living.

I immediately tie your legs to the bed, so that you wake up in a spread eagle position.  I’m smiling down at you as you stretch awake, but find yourself unable to because of the restraints.  I move my mouth to your ear and whisper gently “Don’t fight it, you’re mine.”

Your eyes widen, more with anticipation than fear because you trust me, and the last thing you see is my smile before the blindfold blocks out the world.  Now you are powerless and you only have your sound, smell, hearing and touch to rely on.  I smile as I see a shiver of anticipation quake across your body.

I start by looking at you lying there for me, covered only by a sheet.  You are so sexy there, and I can see your gentle curves under the thin fabric; the way your hips jut, the curves of your thighs, and of course your breasts rising above the rest, topped with hard nipples.  All of this is intensified by your ragged breathing making you move sexily under the light fabric.

I slowly pull the sheet off your body, pulling it lower and lower.  First your neck is reveled, then your shoulders.  As the sheet slides over your breasts I watch your reaction as the seam crosses your nipple. The little jump you make tells me that your senses are heightened and you are totally aroused.  The sheet makes it way over your belly and the seam tugs slightly at your pubic hairs.  You shift your hips a little in response, giving me a great view of your pussy.  Soon the fabric is gliding down your legs, over your knees, and off your feet.  You are naked and exposed for me.

I lean back down to your ear.  My hot breath is almost as ragged as yours as I say, “You have no idea how much I want your body.  You are a fucking sex goddess, sexier to me then you could ever know.”

I take my dry lips and run them along your ear lobe and neck, kissing soft kisses along the way.  It’s time to wake you your skin for what I have planned next, so I continue kissing your entire body.  I start on your right shoulder, working my way down your arm kissing everything along the way.  I kiss the back of your hand and your fingers, and then back up your arm.  Your flesh is still dry, but it is now covered with goose bumps where I traveled.

I continue across the top of your chest and neck and make my way to your left arm.  I duplicate what I did on your right arm, on your left.  As I’m returning back to your chest I hear your moans are getting louder and more frequent.  I kiss the top of your chest, where your breasts start to distinguish themselves from your shoulder, and then slowly kiss around your left breast.  I’m kissing in a nautilus shell pattern, around your breast, slowly, very slowly circling up towards your nipple.  As I reach your areola my tongue darts out and traces the very outside, once, twice, three, four, and then five times.  I can feel your flesh tighten as your nipple stands off your body, begging for attention.

I take this as my cue to stop, and kiss my way down your cleavage and then back up to the right breast were I circle it with more kisses.  Again I make it to your areola and my tongue dances around the very outside of the flesh.  It makes me hard to feel your body react with the tightening of your flesh.  I lift my mouth up off your body and exhale a puff of hot air over the area.  I follow this by blowing a cool air on your wet skin.  I can watch as your skin tightens even more from the sensation.

I am ready to tease more of your flesh and so I start kissing down the side of your body.  I move my lips down the left side, and then across, directly under your breasts and then to your right side.  You’re a little ticklish as I kiss your skin, but your squirming only encourages me more.  I keep kissing down the side of your body, across your belly, and then down the other side.  I keep zigzagging down your body, enjoying how your soft flesh feels between my lips.

I reach to top of your pubic triangle and move down to your hip.  I kiss your hips and then make my way down your legs.  My lips kiss the outside of your thigh to your knees, down your calves, and then the top of your feet.  When a kiss lands on the bottom of your feet, you start to squirm.  I savor your feet for a while making you strain against the ropes.  When you’ve had as much as you can I make my way back up your leg, this time on the inside.

I kiss slowly, starting at your ankle, and then work my way up to your knee.  When I reach your knee I start kissing from the top of your thigh, down to where it meets the bed, move closer to your crotch, and then move back up.  I work my way up closer and closer to your crotch in this fashion.  Your scent starts to become overwhelming the closer I get, but I continue to tease you without giving you the attention that you desire.

I bury my face where your thigh meets your torso, and kiss and lick there, driving you wild.  I can feel your heat on my cheek as I lick and kiss your sensitive flesh.  Your moans, laughs, and squirming only intensify my ministrations, feeding my desire to tease you.

I move my lips up over your pubic hair following the outside.  I kiss the outside of the pubic hairs, and then back down to your other leg.  As I kiss my way down the outside of your leg, you moan deeply.  You can feel my hard cock drag down your leg leaving a trail of my pre-cum on your flesh.  Your skin feels so nice against my penis.

I continue kissing down your leg, making sure that I kiss every part I can, even where my pre-cum covered.  I continued to kissing your legs, down to your feet, along the bottom of them.  Then I kissed the top of your foot and back along the inside of your calf.  I kiss my way up to your knee, and then kiss my way up to your crotch like I did on the other side.

I decide it’s time to kiss your pubic hair and work my way back and forth from the top down to your cunt.  The beard on my chin rubs against your mound as I kiss the top of your cunt.  You’re moaning louder than I’ve heard you moan before.

My tongue shoots out without warning and I lick from the bottom, just above your ass, over your hole, between your lips, and up to just shy of your clit.  I taste your juices, not only on your slit, but also all the juices that dripped out down to your ass.  “Damn it, lick my clit!” you beg.  “Please!  I need it!”

I decide to take pity because you turn me on so much when you beg for it.  I run my tongue back from just above your ass, then all the way up pausing for a moment to tongue fuck your dripping hole.  Then my tongue continues its slide along your folds until I reach your clit.  My tongue stops short again, stopping to run itself around your clit circling it without touching it.  Then when your hips are rocking hard and your moans are coming out in a constant stream I lick your clit with just the hard tip of my tongue.  Then I lick it again with the softer wide body of middle of the tongue.  Then my lips wrap around it and I suck it into my mouth, making it fuck my lips.

I then stop suddenly.  You’re moaning incoherently as my lip is replaced by the tip of my penis.  I take the tip of my penis and rub it up and down your slit, rubbing it around your clit and getting it coated in your juices.  Without warning I slide my cock slowly into your drenched pussy.  At first just the head goes in, but your hip rocking causes more of it to slide in.

I look at your body shaking below me, and I lose the control that I’ve shown up until now.  My hips ram my cock all the way into your eager cunt.  I pull out and push my way in as hard as I can.  I fuck you hard and fast, pulling out and slamming home.  I can’t build up speed because I’m already fucking you as hard as I can.

I feel your pussy muscles’ grip tighten my cock and it’s too much for me.  As my cock pushes deep into your pussy, it starts twitching and then strong jets of cum soak the inside of your cunt.  Your orgasm starts immediately as the first jet shoots out.  I feel your body convulse under me.  Your moan became a scream as your limbs strained at the ropes.  As you collapse on the bed, the mini shocks still radiating through your body.

I lean down and kiss your panting lips.  I take off your blind fold and smile at you.  You look up into my eyes and I can tell you enjoyed being woken up in that matter.

I lean down to your ear and say, “Ok, well I’m going to leave you here like this, while I shower.  So when I’m all clean afterwards, well I’ll be ready to get dirty again.”

I leave the room, hearing first you’re laughing, and then you’re begging to be released when you realized I meant it.  But still I know you are anticipating my return…

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