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#bloghop My Writing Process Blog Tour

Last week Suzy Ayers was kind enough to ask me to do this Writing Process Blog Hop.  She had some great answers to the questions and I recommend you heading over to her blog to check it out, as well as some of her great stories, recipes, and posts.  Thanks so much for including me, Suzy!  If you want to see her answers here's her blog hop post.

On to the questions…

1 - What am I working on?

Right now, I’m both working on a lot of different ideas, as well as not a lot.  My main focus has been a #SatSpanks story, written specifically for that blog hop.  Parts one through six are currently up on my blog, and part seven shall debut this Saturday.

I’m also working on a story for a free summer themed anthology.  It’s a 5k story that should take place outdoors.  It’s very early on in development, but I think I’ve got a good idea for this one.

I’m working on and off on a fantasy erotica book.  It’s got a strong opening, and I’m working on how to get the story to sex balance right.

I’m working hard on my interview series also on my blog.  It’s been great to meet and converse with a whole bunch of awesome erotica authors and find out how different their process is from mine.

2 - How does my work differ from others of its genre?

As a male, I most often write from a male perspective.  But there’s more to my style then that.  I try and create a believable weight to the story and put you into the shoes of the main character.  How?  A combination of writing in first person and making you the focus.  If you've never read erotica where you are the star, you really should try some.  I've got quite a few available free on my blog, so the cost should not be a barrier.  I think my writing style is very personal and it’s very easy to imagine the fantastic night of ecstasy that I've planned for your enjoyment.

3 - Why do I write what I do?

I write because it’s a great outlet for me.  I think I've got a somewhat unique voice and I really love giving that to the readers, letting them into a fantasy that feels lovingly crafted for their pleasure.

4 - How does my writing process work?

I sit down, sometimes with an idea somewhat formed, sometimes with no idea at all, and I write.  I visualize the scene in front of me, act it out with the puppet theater of my mind and let the story grow and develop as it wants.  Then I go back and edit it, reshape it if it needs that, and then send it off to a friend to edit.  I then do one more final polish until I think the story sparkles and then release it to the world.
I always write chronologically.  If I know where the story is going to go next, I won’t skip ahead, but rather I write like you’ll read it.  I think that helps me plant seeds earlier on that wil grow into a payoff later. 

Ultimately I think it just feels more natural and if I were to skip to the ending first, I’d loose interest in telling the story, and no one would like that.

Well that’s it, that’s the whole writing process tour.  I’m available to chat with and connect with on Goodreads, Facebook, & Twitter.  And my books are available on Amazon, Smashwords, iTunes, & Barnes and Nobles.

And of course, what would a blog hop be without a shout out to those who will be posting next Monday, March 31st!

Scarlett Flame:
Bio:I am an avid reader and writer, and share my reviews of books, gigs and my adventures (when I have them) on my Blog. So, please visit often. I recently was awarded Blogger of the Year 2014 by Skelat.I am very proud of that achievement.

I live in Manchester, England and love to listen to live music, especially Indie. I have written stories and poems all my life, but only seriously, recently.  I am passionate about writing, and write about passion.

Alisa Easton:
Bio:  Alisa is a reader, a writer, a daydreamer, a lover, and an ice cream eater. She loves her fiction the way she loves her life -  with plenty of steam.

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