Thursday, October 24, 2013

Masked, A Halloween Encounter

Last week I was part of a contest on Suzy Ayers Website.  She had a nice little challenge involving anonymous masked sex.  It had to be 750 words or less and still have a good story.  Well I am proud to say that I tied with the reigning champion, Andy Deep Though.  Ok, maybe i's not an official tie, she's asking for readers to comment and help break the tie.  So which story do you think is hotter?  Check them out here.

Personally, I found the contest very difficult to keep to the 750 word limit.  The first draft was over 1,000 words and actually that makes a much better story.  So what I'm going to do today is share the extended edition of my story, Masked.  So I hope that you enjoy it, and make sure you check out the other hot stories that Suzy got for her contest.

Amy looked at herself in the mirror.  She was wearing a body tight Catwoman outfit, complete with tail, ears, and of course a mask.  Sally, her best friend, had talked her into joining her to costume night at their local bar for Halloween.  It was the last thing Amy would do normally but somehow Sally could talk her into just about anything.

As she studied her reflection, Amy felt extremely sexy.  For the first time in a while she was eager to get out to the club and show off her sexy figure.  Maybe for once she'd get the attention.

She was lost in her own imagination when the phone rang.  Still looking over her form in the mirror, Amy said, "Hello."

Sallys voice came through the speaker.  "I hate to do this to you, doll, but I got to bow out tonight."

Amy frowned and sighed.  "I'm already ready though."

Sally's laugh overloaded the phone.  "Silly, go without me."  And then abruptly she said, "Ok, sorry gotta run, explain later."

Amy put the now silent phone down on the countertop and stared into her own eyes.  She could see the disappointment there and felt a little pathetic.  Her eyes dropped and she saw her own sexy curves in the mirror.

Something firmed inside of her and she realized she was being foolish.  She was ready, she looked fantastic and she had nothing to lose by going to the bar alone.  She grabbed her phone, slipped it into her purse and headed out the door.


Amy stood in the corner of the bar, a deep red drink in her hand.  She was trying her best to have a good time, but she felt so out of place.  Sally was always the outgoing one, and Amy could just use Sally's magnetic personality to her own advantage.  Now, alone, she realized this was just a bad idea.

Amy tilted back the glass and drank as much as she could.  She just wanted to finish the drink and leave.  Even the couch with her vibrator would be better than this.

"Well, Meow!"  Amy heard a male voice over her shoulder and was about to turn around and slap him when he continued.  "Cindy, you look fantastic tonight."

Amy was about to correct him, when he turned her around and began kissing her.  He was soft and tender at first, and as the kiss warmed up she felt herself melt into him.  It was the kind of kiss she always dreamed of and never had before.  She felt her body respond as the kiss continued.

Finally he slowly moved backwards and Amy found herself out of breath.  She was panting, her chest heaving, as she tried to find her voice.  She licked her lips and opened her mouth to explain when he stopped her.

"Don't talk, just follow me."  He reached out with his hand and grabbed hers.  She felt herself being tugged along through the crowd.  Before she knew what was happening she found herself outside of the club and away from the mass of people.  With the freedom of space he pulled Amy into him, spinning her around, and she found herself wrapped in his warm embrace.

"I'm.."  Amy began to explain the mix up as he put his finger over her lips.  Then he clicked his fob and unlocked the car right up the street.

He opened the passenger side door and Amy naturally stepped inside.  He closed the door and walked around to the driver's side and got in.  Amy expected him to start the car, but instead he leaned over and resumed kissing her.  She wanted to leave, to explain his mistake, but the attention he was giving her was exactly what she had been craving for a long time.

Amy felt this man's hands glide over her body.  Even though she couldn't feel every nuance of the touch through the thick fabric of the costume, having someone so eager to explore her body was welcomed.

Amy felt her need to please grow and she reached out with her hand.  She ran her fingers over his kakis' and leaned closer to him.  She placed her palm over his large package and felt his balls through the fabric.   Amy shivered as it throbbed under her ministrations.

Amy couldnt take the teasing anymore and unzipped and unbuttoned his pants.  She smiled as she saw that he was going commando.

Since he seemed to like her being quiet, Amy placed his cock in her mouth.  He was a bit thinner then she was used to, but his pre-come was sweet and plentiful.  Amy began sucking his cock with relish.  She was rewarded with a deep moan.

Amy slid her hand down and began playing with his balls.  This seemed to get his attention.  She felt his strong hands on the back of her head.  At first they just sat there, holding on, but soon he was forcing her down onto his cock.

Amy started to gag, her tears watered, and she tried to relax her throat.  He continued to fuck her face, and she worked as hard as she could to focus on relaxing.  It was difficult with the way she was being used.

As he pushed down, she felt him manage to make it down her throat.  Her vision was burry from tears as she saw her nose buried into his pubic hair.  She wished she could smile, but instead she stuck her tongue out and licked at his balls.

Amy felt his cock throb against her tongue and pulled back.  She wanted to taste his come in her mouth, and she didn't want to miss a drop.  She wished she could look into this strangers eyes as he came into her mouth, but alas that was not possible in the car.

He grunted loudly and held on to her head tightly.  His cock throbbed and she tasted his salty come flood her mouth.  He sprayed three, then four strong streams into her mouth and she felt so sexy.

When he finally stopped spasming, Amy pulled her come filled mouth off his cock.  She opened her mouth to show him his load and winked.

The man started to panic as he reached into his pocket grabbed a handkerchief.  Amy was confused as he handed it to her.  Amy swallowed the come, sad not to have it to play with anymore and took the handkerchief and wiped the corners of her mouth.

"Wait, Did you just swallow?"

Amy nodded her head affirmatively.

"Cindy would never swallow... who are you?"

Amys smile grew wider as she opened the car door and waved good bye.  She walked away thinking about going home, however she realized that the bar might be the better choice.


  1. Nice, John. I'm looking forward to your hot little number in the Christmas Anthology :-)

    1. Likewise. Now that it's out I need some time to sit down and read it! :)