Thursday, October 10, 2013

Tied & Humiliated: A Fantasy

You stand there completely nude, your mind is focused on how naked you are, how exposed.  You feel your heart beat in your chest as I observe you.  Your whole body language screams to the world that you are ashamed of physical presence.  You lean head down and stare at the floor.  It is as if you thought that by not maintaining eye contact you would disappear.  Instead it makes me angry.

You are aware of how I am circling your body, staring at your breasts, your ass, your stomach, your thighs.  I can see on your face you are imagining me judging your body.  There are tears forming in your eyes as you mentally break under my gaze. 

I walk behind you and you anticipate my return to your peripheral vision.  Instead of continuing, I surprise you, spanking your ass hard, making you lift your head up quickly, a startled scream escaping from your lips.  My hand comes down harder the second time as I spank you again on the other cheek, making you jump as you try not to yelp in pain.  When my hand connects with your ass cheek a third time I am focused on your body.  I watch as your body jiggles, your breasts heave, your ass vibrates as it reddens.

You look fantastic.

Tears are slowly starting to slide down your cheeks, your heart is pounding in your chest, and you are trying to focus on keeping your head held as high as you can.  This pleases me, as I can tell you have learned your lesson, and yet, it also disappoints since I no longer have a reason to punish you.

I close the gap between our two bodies and you feel the roughness of my clothing against your soft skin.  My head leans against your shoulder and I can smell the floral notes of your shampoo as my hand wraps around you.  I feel you shiver as my skin grazes yours.  You are barely aware of the fact that I'm wrapping a rope around your body.  The rope has a silky texture, and you know that it is synthetic.  As I slide the ends through the loop I've made you feel your body respond.  Your pussy soaks instantly as you await the next wrap of rope.

I slide the rope up so that it is just under your breasts, where your bra normally cuts across your flesh.  This is much thicker then the wire you're used to feeling and the smoothness makes this feel very different.  As it tightens around you, you swallow.  Your mind and body are trying to anticipate my next move.  I wrap the rope around you once more and then I bring the ends up around your shoulders.

Chris-crossing the ropes around your neck I pull the ropes down your cleavage and round the horizontal strands of rope.  I pull it tight and you feel the cords lifting your breasts.  Next, I bring the ends back around your neck.  I let one side dangle while I work the end of the rope between the vertical rope and the horizontal rope around your sides.  I make a  zigzag pattern on the side of your body, and you feel your breasts being pulled apart.  You begin to smile and I know that you feel like you're wearing the sexiest bra you've ever owned.

I repeat the process on the other side and then tie the rope off behind you.  As I finished my work I pull your arms straight behind your back and bind them together tightly.  This thrusts your breast forward, almost putting a spot light on your stiff nipples.

As I finish my work I move in front of you.  You see my pull out your phone and take a picture of your naked, tied body.  I smile at the results and show you how beautiful you look.  You can feel your cheeks redden, partly in embarrassment, and partly because you're so turned on by what you see.

I take the phone and press a few buttons.  Then I show it to you again and you see that it is about to post to the internet.  All it needs is one more push.  I bring it up to your face and you squint to see it.  "Press the button.” My words are soft, but you feel the commanding tone.  “Show the world what a slut you are and how much fun you're about to have."

Your eyes swivel to look at me, pleading me not to force you to do that.  When you see no sympathy you pause and our safeword floats into the from of your mind.  You stand there, silently rolling the word around in your mouth.  You can feel it on the tip of your tongue about to be set free.

Instead I watch as you swallow.  Without saying a word you lean forward and press the screen with your nose.  In a second you hear the response that it was posted.

Your heart is beating like a jackhammer and you felt your legs get weak.  You were so turned on, and after all this humiliation, you knew that I would have a big reward for you.