Thursday, September 26, 2013

Teased & Pleased Still Free, And Other Info

Wow!  You guys are such amazing fans.  I've been humbled by all the support that I have received from various authors, readers, and strangers.  I woke up this AM to #3 on American Amazon Freebies!  Can I make Number 1 by Sunday?  It's up to you, please continue to help spreading the word.

Still, I've got a ways to go in the UK, and most other territories.  Every single "purchase" helps me so much and it really is easy.  Click this link and you'll get to your countries Amazon, and with one other click, you've got yourself some free erotica.

Still I can't believe how successful this has been.  Thank you all.

Now, if you've been coming to this site for a while, you're probably expecting a new story.  Well this week I've been to busy to finish the story I've been working on for you. So instead I'm going to return the favor of sharing with you some amazing author's blogs.  Each of the links that I post will connect you to a series of stories, with one of mine on the page.  It's a great way for you to check out some new authors who you might also enjoy.

Nicole Ryan is an amazing lady.  She's a great help to the indie writing community and recently had me on her blog twice.  The first was in her Bearded Man submissions.  These were male authors writing about Fall/Winter and Beards in 600 words or less!  Tough challenge, but she had some great stories come out of it.  Check it out here.

And while you're at Nicole's Site Check out the little promo for Teased & Pleased she was kind enough to post.  While at this point there's no reason not to download the entire book, there's a new snippet from the first story, "Breakfast in Bed".  You should enjoy it.  Check it out here.

Also, Suzy Ayers has been a tremendous help.  Her blog has had some great stories and great promos.  Recently she had posted a few promo's for a few different authors books.  The first post has a new excerpt from Sin City Stripping.  If you were wondering what it's like deeper in the book, then this is your best place to find out, without buying the whole book that is.  Check it out here.

Suzy also went out on a limb and surprised a few of her favorite authors with a reposting of her stories on her blog.  We knew nothing about it until it was posted!  What a kind way to help get the word out.  While you've probably already read "Punishment for Being Lazy", there are also bunch of great other stories by other authors.  Oh, and since we're talking about, Playful Punishments is available on Amazon and Smashwords if you need to keep a copy with you at all times.  Check it out here.

So that's the post for today.  Lots going on. Lots of excitement.  I'm sure next week I'll have a new treat for everyone.  Until then, thank you for getting me to Number 3.  Number 1 isn't that far away now! :)

-John Satisfy

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