Thursday, September 12, 2013


As you walked into the door, you placed down your purse and kick off your shoes.  It was one of those days at work and you were so glad to be home.  As you walked across the house to where I write, you could feel the stress melt from your shoulders.  It was the evening; your time.

You entered my office and excitedly crossed the distance between us.  Your arms slipped around my chest as you pulled me towards you, kissing me lips softly.  It was a gentle, nice, glad-to-be-home type of kiss.  The everyday kiss that most of the time would be returned in kind.  Today was different.

As you began to pull away, I swiveled in my chair and pulled you closer to me.  This put you a little off balance, and you placed your hand against my chest to steady yourself.  Our kiss became more passionate, and when my tongue parted your lips, you let out a sigh.  You are lost in the pleasure and urgency of the embrace.  Before you realized what has happened, your pants were in a pile around your ankles and you were left wondering when had worked my magic.

You pushed me away, slightly shocked at how forward I was being.  “Someone is in a mood tonight.” You said with a smile.

I noticed that you don’t even make a move to replace your pants.  My eyes traveled up your sexy legs and I admired your black satin panties.  They were cute, with polka dots all over them, but what really had my attention was how you filled them out.  Your body pressing against the fabric, giving it shape and substance which made my cock throb in my pants.

When my gaze finally made it pass your panties, past your tan shirt, I gazed into your eyes.  You could feel my lust as I studied your smiling face.  The way you returned my stare told me that you were enjoying being devoured by my eyes.  “Dawn, you always get me in a mood.”  I paused to lick my lips.  “Now, be a good girl and get over here.”

Immediately you moved closer and I motioned for you to get down on your knees.  You didn’t hesitate for a second as you got between my legs.  I leaned down and kissed you again, and this time you were ready for my passion.  You opened your mouth and our tongues played with one another, teased each other.  As your tongue circled mine I couldn’t help but imagine you playing with my cock head.

When I broke off the kiss, you realized that I had the bottom of your shirt in my hand.  A second later it was slipping along your body and then over your head.    As your head emerged from the shirt, your curls cascaded downward, bouncing slightly.  You lifted your head and looked up at me with those saucer shaped eyes of yours and I got lost in those blue jewels for a moment.

“You are so fucking sexy.”  The words came out more as a moan then as a sentence.  You just smiled at me and leaned back, thrusting out your breasts in that workday green-gray bra of yours.  You had me mesmerized by your cleavage.  My cock pumped as it begged for attention.  “You ready to be a good girl, Dawn?”

“Always.”  You say with that cute, innocent looking smile of yours.  It always belittled the vixen hiding just under the surface.

“Good.  Cause my cock needs your attention.”

As your hands reached out for my belt buckle, your eyes were riveted to the bulge in my pants.  You were always so amazed at how hard you make me.  You could feel your clit throb and your pussy dampen as you worked on setting me free.

With the belt undone, you easily popped the button open and moved your hand lower.  As you slid down the zipper, you licked your lips.   I couldn’t tell if it was conscious or unconscious, but either way it made you look even that more irresistible.

As the top of my jeans parted, your eyes widened as you saw the dark spot on my briefs where it was soaked through with pre-come.  The attention you’re giving me was fantastic, and my dick visibly throbbed in appreciation and anticipation.  Knowing that your treat was so close, you hooked your fingers on my waistband and I lifted my hips, which allowed you to remove my briefs completely.

I looked down at you, sitting on your knees, your ass filling out your panties perfectly, the curve of your back as you leaned forward, and the way your hair fell about your shoulders.  You have always been a picture of perfection and I couldn’t help but appreciate your body as you prepared to appreciate mine.

I was awakened from my daydreaming as your hand reached for my cock.  I felt the contrast between the firmness of your grip and the softness of your hand.  Slowly you began stroking my cock, making the pre-come drip out of the tip.  You were being a tease, knowing that I needed your mouth wrapped around my cock.

I didn’t have the patience for that kind of play.  Instead, my left hand went to your head and slipped into your hair.  You felt my gentle pressure as I lead you to where I needed you.  I felt you raise my cock up as you looked up at me, your eyes and smile showed how eager you were to please me.  Then, as you kept eye contact, you lowered your mouth onto my cock.

I watched as you took the head into your mouth.  You paused, allowing your tongue to lick up all the pre-come, savoring the light sweet flavor of my arousal.  When there was no more of my juices left, you pushed forward taking as much of me into your mouth as you could.  With my cock buried in your mouth you looked up at me.

“You’re such a good girl.  Such an adorable slut.”  I said, my hand stroked your hair as I spoke.

When your eyes slowly shifted downward again, you became possessed.  You sat up on your knees as you gave my cock the attention that it craved.  It was a magical feeling, and although I couldn’t describe your actions exactly, I felt so good.  Memories of suction, licking, moving up and down, hands; I was lost in the world of bliss you created for me.

My hand fell from your hair to your shoulder as your movements intensified.  I felt you try to force my cock down your throat, pushing forward and gagging slightly.  My hand wrapped around your neck and I could feel you swallow my cock, my pre-cum and your excess saliva.

“Fuck, yeah, Dawn, that’s it, uh, suck my dick.” 

You must have known I was close because your hand moved to my balls and you played with them lightly as you continued to work your magic.  By now you were also moaning lightly, vibrating the head with each sound you made.  You were playing me like an instrument and you knew exactly what notes you wanted to play.

I grunted.  “I bet you want to show me what a good girl you are, don’t you?”

 “MmmmHmmm.” Your answer was muffled, however, your mind was focused on my pleasure.

Between the vibrations of your answer and the magic of your fingers, I felt my body tense up.  You must have felt it as well because your movements intensified as you tried to push me over the edge.  Then, with a flick of your tongue, you pushed me past the point of no return and I began to come.

My entire body tensed up as the orgasm rose in me.  Then with a loud moan, the first shot of come was released into your waiting mouth.  I wanted to open my eyes, to see you take my seed, but it was too intense for me.  Instead my eyes closed, my hands tightened their grip and I was aware of your hand milking every last drip of my juices into your mouth.

The orgasm felt like it lasted minutes, and even after I stopped coming, I still felt the aftershocks pass through my body for a longer time then normal.  My cock began to soften and you let it fall out of your mouth.  Opening my eyes, I looked at you.  Your face was streaked with a few tears from the self imposed gagging, and your mouth hung open, showing my load sitting there.  I watched as you closed your mouth and you looked at me for a second.  I guessed you were swirling the come around on your tongue savoring the reward I gave you.  Then you tilted your head back slightly and swallowed.  My hand was till around your throat and I felt as my come passed by.

My hand dropped to your shoulders and I gently lifted you up.  I leaned down, meeting you half way, and kissed you slowly, a slight hint of my come still in your mouth.  When I pulled away, you leaned your body against mine, my dick nestled in the cleavage of your breasts, your head on my chest and I petted your hair.

“You are such a good girl.  I bet you want to come yourself.”

Not bothering to look up at me, you say, “I need to come for you.”

I pulled you closer to my, and sighed.  “You will come for me, but after dinner.  Right now you should put in your little butt plug while I finish getting the food ready.”

You squeezed your thighs together, trying to dampen the heat between your legs.  You wanted your orgasm now, you needed your release.  But you also knew that in your heart you are a good girl, and that I had your best interests at heart.

Sighing, you stood up and headed to your toy collection, your whole body begging for release, but your mind focused only on dessert that was sure to follow.


  1. “You’re such a good girl. Such an adorable slut.” I said, my hand stroked your hair as I spoke.

    Ahhh what a lovely line ;)

    Christina Mandara