Thursday, September 19, 2013

Fire and Ice: Suzy’s Submission

Suzy’s heart pounded in her chest as she waited, blindfolded, tied up.  If it wasn't for the restraints she would have run away already.  Instead she lay on the floor, naked;  intricate knots binding her arms to her back and her calves to her thighs.  She tried to steady herself, to keep her composure, yet her mind wandered as she waited.  She wanted to cry out to get His attention, but instead bit down on a ball gag in her mouth, which caused her drool to escape out corners of her lips.
As she lay there completely exposed; she tried to listen for any hint of His return.  Suzy concentrated on every noise, every smell, every movement of air, hoping that she’d be alerted to His  presence.  When it finally came, she steeled herself, trying to convince herself that she was ready for anything that He had planned.  The part of Suzy that was honest with herself hoped that it was true.

The first thing she was aware of was the footsteps, heavy and echoing throughout the room.  They seemed to fill the space, pushing Suzy’s presence down against the floor.  The menacing sound made her shrink back into her safe mind-space.

“Well, Suzy, sorry for taking so long getting back to you.”  She could hear Him smile as he spoke.  “I just had a few things to do after I got your knots set up, and well one thing lead to another and time slipped by…  I hope you've been alright waiting for me.”

Suzy swallowed the lump in her throat.  She knew that His story was complete BS, but He wasn't really trying to fool anyone.  She tried to say, I’m fine, Sir. However, with the ball gag it came out as, “Imm fuim, surr.”

“Very good.  I have a little surprise for you tonight.”  As He spoke He bent down and showed her the toy he was about to use.  It was a stainless steel hook, vaguely “J”-shaped, about an inch and a half thick, one side ending in a gentle curve and the other ending in a loop.  Suzy’s eyes widened as she took in the anal hook, and immediately she felt herself getting wet.

He stood there as she gazed at the toy.  As she watched He proceeded to coat the tip with lube.  “Now, Suzy, I don’t want to scare you, but well, I had to store this in the freezer.  I couldn't have anyone just finding it lying around.  You understand.”  He paused, as if waiting for an affirmative.  Suzy didn't say anything, so He continued.  “Anyway, the point is, it’s still pretty cold, but with all this lube, it should slide into your ass easily.”

Suzy tried to turn her head as He moved out of her line of sight; however the restraints made that impossible.  A moment later she felt one hand on her ass cheeks, trying to spread them apart.  She closed her eyes as she prepared for the hook to enter.  He seemed to anticipate everything, and instead of simply sliding it in, He slid it around her puckered asshole.  The cold metal, the slippery lube, and the expert movements made her clit throb as He played.

He waited until her hips started to rock, until her body was begging Him for more.  He pushed the toy slowly into her ass as she bit down on the gag, moaning in pleasure.  He had managed to focus her complete attention on her asshole, and feeling the cold metal slide into her warm body made her whole being shudder in delight.

When He managed to work the toy in completely, He stood up and wiped His hands on a towel He had nearby.  From the corner of her eye, Suzy was aware of Him moving over to His rope collection as He picked out the right piece for whatever task He had in mind.

He returned to her side, and Suzy hoped that He was going to finger her, to see how wet her cunt was.  She wanted to show Him how good she was, how she enjoyed being His.  Instead He began petting her head.  She felt her body relax as His movements soothed her nervous mind.

She was lost in the simple pleasure of the act and didn't realize that as He pet her, He was gathering all of her hair up into a pony tail.  Then, He began winding the rope around the base of it, near her head, until it was tied up tightly.  He tugged lightly on the loose end, and Suzy felt her whole head move.  It hurt, but there was no danger of pulling out her hair.

As she began to ponder why He chose to do this, she felt Him move back down to the anal hook.  It dawned on her that He was threading the rope through the eyelet.  She felt it getting snug, pulling her head back and changing the position of the toy.  He pulled the rope tight, tied it off, and then let go.  She felt her head move forward again as slack was reintroduced into the line.  Where He tied it off was only slightly annoying, but if she moved at all, her body was filled with discomfort.

Suzy realized that she had lost track of Him.  He had moved away from her as she tested the limits of her bindings.  She tried to figure out where He was as she reached out into the room with her senses.  She heard the sound of match on striker a split second before it sizzled to life.  There was the faint smell of smoke as the match was extinguished.  In the light of the room, she could see a shadow dancing in front of her.  It was obvious that He had lit a candle for atmosphere.

His footsteps approached her trapped form, and this time she knew the folly of trying to watch Him approach.  For the first time in her life, she knew what it meant to give herself to someone completely, to trust someone implicitly, and to submit her mind as well as her body.

Trapped by her binding she laid there, waiting for the sting of a crop against her bare cheeks.  Suzy knew that it would happen when she least expected it, and so she tried to let her guard down so she could feel the kiss of leather against her skin.

Just as the wait was becoming impossibly long, she felt the stinging sensation against her flesh.  Immediately, Suzy’s eyes flashed opened and she bit down on the gag, threw her head toward the floor, and grunted in pain.  The pain was sharp, hot and it spread over her flesh, while at the same time her hair pulled at the metal toy in her ass.  It was unlike anything she had felt before in her life and she was not prepared for it.  Tears started to roll down her cheeks, but she didn't want to stop, she wanted to see how much she could withstand.

Again she felt the stinging heat flow over her back and down the side of her body.  As she tried to push the pain away Suzy was vaguely aware of His voice.  “Hot wax is delicious, isn’t it, Suzy?”

She managed to grunt an “Umm Humm.” as if to answer His question.  Her brain was struggling with the pain and the fact that she was drooling at both ends.

He bent down and placed the candle about a foot in front of her.  As His hand moved away, she felt the heat of the flame against her cheeks, the scent of burning wax filled her nose.  It was a large pillar candle, and it dawned on her that He had taken so long before the first pour so that there would be a river of hot wax to rain down on her sensitive skin.

Suzy jumped again as she heard the sound of an electrical wire slap the floor as He prepared for her next surprise.  Her eyes were still filled with tears as she looked around for some sort of clue.  This was not what she had expected, and yet it what she had been craving.

“You’re a dirty little slut, aren't you, Suzy?  Don’t answer, your dripping pussy tells me just how turned on you are.”

Suzy began to think of a response, about how she’s His slut, about how she loves submitting to Him, but her thoughts were interrupted.  Without warning He slipped His thumb into her gushing pussy and turned on a Hitachi Magic Wand on her clit.  Her body jumped at the sudden invasion and once again she tugged painfully at the anal hook.  As the burst of pain faded, she settled down and concentrated on the pleasure building up inside.

His thumb rubbed against her g-spot as the powerful vibrations traveled along it into her body.  Her clit was throbbing against the head of the vibrator as she arched her back.  Her whole body was humming with pleasure as He mercilessly played with her.

 His thumb relentlessly vibrated against her g-spot as Suzy moaned against her gag.  She lowered her head slowly until there was a gentle tugging from her ass.  As her brain shut down she became an animal only interested in her own pleasure.

The intensity of the play was too much for her and she arched her back and let out one long moan.  Her body began quaking as the bliss coursed through her body.  She felt the saliva drip out of her mouth and down onto her chest as she rode the waves of orgasm that had her in its powerful grip.

As the vestiges of the orgasm wash through her body, she became very sensitive and expected Him to remove His finger.  The vibrations at her clit were beginning to become painful and she tried to re-position her body off the toy.  Instead she felt His grip on her body intensify.

“Give yourself to me.  You’ll feel some discomfort but it will pass and then your next orgasm will be very intense.”

Her eyes grew large as the words sunk in.  That last orgasm was one of the most intense she ever had experienced, and that wasn't an “intense” orgasm?  She tried her best to relax and go into the safe place in her mind.  She tried to leave her physical body and take comfort in the safety of her mind.

Just as she started to withdraw into her mind, the vibrations on her clit became pleasurable again.  Immediately she left the confines of her safe place and became focused on her own physical pleasure.  The build up to her second orgasm was quick, and she felt an urge to pee.  Before she could even assimilate that feeling the second orgasm hit her like a freight train.

This orgasm was like nothing she had ever experienced before in her life.  As soon as the first wave hit she felt the toy in her ass slide out of her and she began squirting all over His hand and wrist.  She let out loud moan that seemed to be barely muffled by the gag in her mouth.  She felt her body shake and fight against the ropes that bound her.

When it finally passed, He pulled his finger out and turned off the toy.  Suzy had collapsed onto the floor, panting, fighting for air, fighting for the ability to make sense of what just happened.  In her fog she felt fingers undoing her gag, tugging at the ropes.  She felt the fabric slide over her oversensitive skin, and finally felt herself free.  She rolled over and could see His smiling face standing over her.

It was so strange to stare up at Him, to see Him in normal street clothes, smiling.  After all she just experienced, how changed she felt, He seemed completely normal.

“Give it a few minutes, Suzy.  You’ll be ready for what I've got planned next shortly.”

Understanding flashed across her face as Suzy realized that this was only the beginning.

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