Tuesday, July 14, 2015

A Tied Present

Hubby invited me over, I was just expecting to hang out.  Instead, as soon as I say hi, I see he’s beaming.  “I’ve got a surprise for you!”

“Oh?”  I said, a little confused, a little intrigued. “What kind of surprise?”

Hubby’s smile broadened as he answered.  “She is upstairs waiting for you!”

Just hearing that made my cock stir to life.  “Well, what are we standing around here for?  Let’s not keep her waiting.”

Hubby shook his head.  “No, she’s waiting for You.”  Hubby emphasizes the you.  “She had so much fun last time she wanted this and asked me to give you her.  There’s a camera that’s going to video you guys so afterwards I’ll get to see and we’ll have something to remember this night.  You’ll get a copy as well, a memento of good times.”

I just kind of stared a little incredulous.  You decided to explain it in terms that I’d understand with no ambiguity. “I’m going to wait down here, and the two of you are going to have fun, the only rule being you can’t fuck her ass, that’s mine.  When you’re done, you’ll come down here and I’ll go up for my turn.”

“Are you sure man?”  I asked, my mouth watering, my cock fully erect.  I didn’t want there to be an issue later.

“Yes, we both are.  She wants this so badly!”

Not wanting to delay any longer I smiled.  “Thanks, this is going to be awesome.”  You patted me on my back as I headed towards your bedroom.

When I got to the door I knocked with enthusiasm and I heard your voice inside.  “Come in!”  It was cheerful and welcoming, and I wasn’t sure how you were prepared for my arrival.  The door swung open slowly and the first thing I noticed was that the lights were dimmed, setting a playful mood in the air.  Then as the door opened a little further, I saw your bed, and you on it with your hands above your head.  It took me a second to realize that your hands weren’t just above your head, but rather your husband had cuffed you to the headboard and you were completely mine.

My eyes traveled down from your hands, down the length of your arms, passed the nervous look on your face, past your naked torso with your amazing breasts, past your already hard and knotted nipples, past your sexy tummy, past your bald pussy, and your legs, to your feet.  Then my eyes quickly went back up to meet yours.  “You’re tied up! Hubby didn’t tell me you were cuffed to the headboard!”

“Last time was so much fun that tonight, I wanted to be completely yours, Honey.  I had Hubby cuff me while we waited, I hope you don’t mind.”  You had this shy look on your face that aroused me even further.

“Are you sure?  You’re mine completely?”

“Oh, god yessss.”  You hissed.  “I need you.  But if I say IKEA, then you’ll stop what you’re doing.  OK?”

I licked my lips, “Absolutely Baby!”

“Good!”  You practically squealed in delight.  “Now turn on the camera over there so we can record it for our enjoyment later.”

I went over to the tripod and turned on the camera.  “Ok, and action!” And then I hit the record button.  On cue you started to struggle against the cuffs with a huge smile on your face.

I’m too excited to bother getting undressed, instead I come over to the bed and climb on.  I lean down and kiss your full lips, feeling your heat against me.  Your body starts squirming under me and I want it to squirm more.  I want to surprise you, to make you smile, to laugh and to take the nervousness away.

As I’m kissing you my fingertips move towards your skin.  Lightly I start tickling your sides, making you squirm and wiggle under me, helpless to stop me.  My fingers are moving all around your sides and belly, between your legs, everywhere, fast and darting.  You can’t control self as you say, stop, but you’re laughing so the word comes out broken and unintelligible, so I continue.  I’m touching everywhere except for where you’d expect me to, your breasts, nipples, and pussy.

When I finally stop your torment you’re out of breath and panting.  You’re expecting a break, but I don’t give you one.  My lips are now kissing your hands, you can feel my beard against your fingertips as I kiss down your hands, your arms, your neck, face, shoulders, upper chest, armpits, sides, belly, legs, inner thighs, knees, calves, toes, feet, and soles.  I kiss every inch of skin, savoring your salty sweat, teasing you with my lips and tongue, giving your body so much attention, but avoiding what you’d expect the most.

I walk over to dresser and I see a decrative feather there.  I pick it up and then bring it over to the side of the bed.  You’re expecting me to tickle you again, but instead I just let it lightly, slowly drag over you skin.  God your whole body is trembling with desire as you fight agains the cuffs and I haven’t even touched what you most need to be touched.  When I finish going over your whole body, I start to circle your breasts and you moan for me. “That’s a good girl, moan for me and show me how much you like it.”

You continue to moan as I circle your breast, you moving trying to get me to touch your nipple.  But no, I’m enjoying your teasing too much.  Your nipples are so hard and the skin so knotted that I am mesmerized as I tease you, watching them get harder then I thought possible.

Tiring, I decide to kick up your anticipation a notch.  I get where you can see me and look into your eyes.  Then slowly I unbutton my shirt, slowly stripping, slowly revealing my body to you.  When I get the shirt off I toss it over to the corner and then move to my pants.  I unbuckle my belt and pull it swiftly through the belt loops.  Your eyes widen and I take note.  Soon I’m standing there in just my briefs, and you can see the outline of my hard cock, the dark spot where my pre cum has soaked through.

I take the belt and let the tip of it drag over your body slowly.  The leather is soft and it almost feels like a smooth dry tongue against your over sensitive skin.  Without warning I flick my wrist and you feel the lash of the belt against your inner thigh.  I do it again, hitting the other one, then the soles of your feet, the palms of your hand, the underside of your breasts.  I hit you all over, not hard, just enough to sting, so you feel it, so that you know I have the power.  As I work I can hear the wetness between your legs, and your aroma strengthens.

I drop the belt to the floor, and move to the foot of the bed.  I push your legs apart and crawl up so that my face is inches from your dripping cunt.  My mouth goes to your inner thighs, kissing, licking, biting teasing as my hands reach up and tease the sides of your breasts.  You’re squirming, begging me for more, but I’m not giving in yet.  You need to really need it.

As I tease I watch the juices drip from your ass and coat your asshole.  “Please, Honey, I’ve never been this ready before!”  I continue to tease ignoring your pleas.  “I need it, I need you!”  You’re almost screaming and I give in.

Before you know what’s happening, my lips are wrapped around your clit and two of my fingers push deep into your cunt.  Your body jumps at the sudden invasion and the feeling of my tongue on your clit.  You’re trembling like you are a vibrator.

I slide the fingers out of you and slip them into your mouth, pushing them down your throat.  As I do this, my other hand takes over the fucking duties.  Not once has my tongue stopped teasing your hard little clit.

I can feel the vibrations of your moans on my fingers, and I keep fucking both your mouth and cunt at the same needy pace.  I side an extra finger into you cunt, and you jump at being stretched that wide.  It slips out and when it pushes back into you it slips easily up your ass.  I’m fucking all three of your holes while licking your clit.

“Ok, it’s time to cum for me.”  I say before going back to teasing your clit some more.  It doesn’t take much longer before you’re being my good girl and cumming on all my fingers.  The vibrations on my fingers in your mouth, the milking action of your pussy on my fingers, and the clenching of asshole as you cum hard, fighting the against the headboard.  I know when hubby watches this part, he’s going to be in awe about how hard you’re cumming for me.  I wonder if he’ll be a little jealous.

Before you’re done cumming, my hands slip out of you, and in a moment my cock is at your spasming pussy.  I push in deep continuing your orgasm.  My hands grab your ankles and I push your legs part and back towards your head.  I’m fucking you hard and deep and you’re helpless do do anything other then let me.

I lean forward and my mouth sucks your right nipple.  I feel your breasts shake as I push into you, and that only encourages me to work my tongue faster and faster.  I jump over to the other nipple and this time I’m biting, sawing it with my teeth.  Your moans are loud and constant as you try to contain the pleasure that I’m sending through your body.

You’re about to cum again, I can feel it, and I leave your breasts alone and move up to your earlobe.  You can feel your nipples rubbing against my chesthairs as I suck and nibble on your earlobe.

“Last time, Hubby wanted me to fill you with cum, and I didn’t.  I’m not going to disappoint him twice.”  God just telling you what I’m going to do pushes you over the edge.  You’re cuming and your cunt is milking my cock like your mouth usually does.  I can’t hold back anymore and you feel my cock throb and shoot my hot seed deep in your hungry little cunt.  It’s like a feedback loop and each one of your spasms makes me throb again and again drawing out the pleasure of the orgasm.

When I finally finish, I pull out of your and you can feel my cum leak out of your gaping pussy.  I crawl up your body and then put my softening cock at your eager mouth.  “Open up Baby and clean me off.”

You’re a good slut for me and you open your mouth, cleaning off the mixture of my cum and your nectar.  You’re so greedy I feel my cock start stirring again and I know that I’ll be at least semihard when I’m finished.

“Ok, so as Hubby said, I’m going to go down stairs and let him come up here.  What you’re going to do is tell him to fuck your pussy right now.  You need to feel his bigger cock in you.  Make him feel good.  Then as he fucks you, you will tell him everything I just did to you, trying to stop him from cumming until you’re done.”

Your Mmmhmmm was excited and I let my cock pop out of your mouth and headed down stairs so Hubby could have my sloppy seconds….

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  1. You're mixing your tenses. The story starts in third person then it slips into second person half way through. You need to keep it consistent. At the moment, it's all over the place.

    1. Thanks for comments. I do have an issue with tenses, but I think that the perspectives are what I was going for. It's all from a first person perspective, but I describe what the first person sees of the second person. Thanks for the constructive criticism I will keep that in mind.