Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Up Against the Wall

You’re naked on the bed looking at me me, waiting for my instructions.  “I want you to turn around, lean your arms against the wall, thrust out ass out, and spread your legs.”

You’re a good girl, and you position yourself up against the wall just as I commanded. I crawled up behind and meet you.  My hand drops between your legs as I inspect you like livestock, feeling your lips, slipping my finger between them, seeing how wet you are, how hard your clit is. I bring my hand up from the front of your cunt over your lips, past your hole, past your taint, rubbing over your ass and then up and out of your crack.

I bring my hand down and spank your cheek once, hard. Then I spank the other cheek, and I go back and forth until there's red handprints on your skin. Watching your ass wiggle as I do this, hearing you moan and whimper, only encourages me.

I take my hand and check your cunt again, it is soaked now, and I'm pleased with your reaction, such a good sex toy you’re becoming. I lean against you, you can feel the heat of my chest on your back and my breath moist on your ears. "You're ready now my slut, aren't you?"

"Yes!  And your slut need your cock Sir."

I take my cock in my hand and run in between your lips. I can feel the head get coated in your juices as I enjoy teasing your clit. Between the precum leaking out of me and your slickness, I'm ready to fuck you hard. When I position my head at your entrance, you wiggle your ass, trying to get me into you, but I just slide the tip in.

I lean forward and my hands reach around you. With one hand I surround your neck, with the other I grab your breast. When I have a good hold on you I push in hard and fast, and you moan like a porn star, encouraging my rough play.

I pull you back against my chest, and your hands are still flat against the wall. "Play with your clit for me like a good slut." The words are hisses in your ear and you know better than to disobey.

God every time I slam into your pussy your whole ass shakes, and I'm sure that you can feel the residual stings from the spanking I gave you. I tighten my hand around your throat as your fingers make their way to your clit and soon you're rubbing yourself with a deep desire.

As I push hard into your pussy I feel it quivering around me, and I need more. My hand leaves your breast and travels to your back. I scoop up your long hair in my fist and pull your head backwards. Now I can see over your shoulder, and I can watch your breasts sway and slap as I fuck you so hard your whole body shakes with each thrust.

I bite at your earlobe and say, "Cum now." It's not a suggestion and your fingers rub with more of a purpose then before. It only takes a few seconds before you're moaning and cuming on my cock. Your whole body is shaking and trying to fight the grip of my hands, but I hold onto you tight and you just buck against me.

As soon as your orgasm ends and you are at your weakest, I let go of you and toss you to the mattress. You fall off of me and I guide you up on all fours facing me. My hand goes back into your hair and I pull your head up. "Open wide my slut." And your mouth opens and I slide my cock into you, and before you know it I'm fucking your face before you even had a chance to recover your breath from your orgasm.

My hand lets go of your hair and moves to the back of your head.  As I thrust into your mouth I’m also pushing you onto my cock.  You’re drooling on me as fuck your face, using your hole for my pleasure.  I push deep into your mouth, past the entrance of your throat and downwards until your nose is pushed against my stomach.  I hold your head there, letting you feel my cock pulse inside of you before sliding out and letting you get some air.

I lift up your chin and look at your face.  Drool is glistening on your cheeks while your eyes and cheeks are wet with tears.  Your makeup is a mess but you’re smiling as you pant, trying to catch your breath.  “You’re becoming the perfect little cock slut, you know that?”

You nod in agreement and open your mouth as if asking for more.  I’m happy to comply as I slide my cock all the way down your throat in one long push.  You move your hands so that they are grabbing my ass and you use me as leverage to pull yourself even further onto my cock and I didn’t even think that was possible.

No longer needing to fuck your face since you’re doing it for me, my hands are free to explore your luscious body.  I lean down and my hands grab your breasts, squeezing them, tweaking the nipples, tugging on them roughly.  You moan, sending vibrations down the length of my shaft and this only encourages me to continue my painful play.

Your fingers are digging into my ass cheeks as you first pull yourself all the way onto my cock, and then push yourself off of me.  I look down at you, smiling as you look up with those puppy dog eyes you get when you’re in complete submission mode.  God you’re such a good toy, so eager to please me, and I can’t help but want to reward my slut.

Letting go of your breasts I lean forward and my finger slides down the crack of your ass.  I go further until I find your drenched pussy and shove a finger deep into you.  Your whole body jumps as I invade your cunt, but you manage not to touch my cock with your teeth, and I’m impressed with your self control.

When my finger is sufficiently coated in your juices I slide back out and move to your puckered asshole.  As I place the tip of my finger over it I can feel that it is opening and closing under me.  You’re trying to relax, to prepare yourself and I reward you by pushing into you.  It takes a second but I feel the muscles relax and then accept my finger as I push in as deep as I can.  When I get all the way in, your sphincter clenches around my digit as if to feel it’s girth.

Now I start fucking you again, and as my finger pulls out my cock slides into your mouth.  And then my cock slides out of your mouth and my finger pushes back into your ass.  Back and forth I go, sliding in and out of you as you moan and squirm at my touch.  All the while you’re looking up at my face, waiting for me to look into your eyes.

“Cum for me again my slut,” As the words leave my mouth, your hand leaves my ass and a questioning look flashes across your eyes.  “Yes, you may play with your clit.”  With permission your fingers slip between your legs and you begin furiously rubbing your clit.  I start pumping in and out of your mouth and throat faster and faster, trying to match the movements of your fingertips.

Your face is a mess as your eyes continually tear, and your drool cascades down your chin onto your swaying breasts.  Your moans are becoming louder and more abundant as your hand clenches around my ass.

A moment later and you’re cumming hard for me, like a good slut should.  I’m impressed because even as your body shakes, even as you spasm, your eyes are locked on mine as if you know that your pleasure means nothing if it doesn’t bring me any joy.  But you can see the crinkles in the corner of my eyes as you know that I’m smiling at how good you’re doing tonight.

As your orgasm subsides I place my hand on the back of your head and guide you to your knees.  Your are able to sit there without any additional support and I’m able to let go of you.  I slide my cock out of your mouth and you gasp for air.  Your hand flies to my cock to pump me.  When you can finally speak again you ask timidly, “Did I earn your cum, Sir?  I really want to feel it on my body.”

“Yes my slut, you’ve been a good girl, make me cum all over you.”

You fist starts pumping faster and faster as your other hand moves to my balls.  You can feel them tighten up under your fingertips and that only encourages you to tighten your fist as you pump me.  I lean forward, my hand resting on your shoulder as I try to maintain control of my body.  But you don’t want that and instead make one last request, “Paint my face and tits, Sir.”

A stroke or two later and you feel my cock start to throb and you begin to aim the tip so that the the first jets of my hot cum will coat your cheeks.  You’re a brave girl and you keep your eyes open and looking into mine as start to cum.  The first shot lands hot and sticky on your right cheek and between blasts you re aim so that the next one hits your left cheek.  As soon as that one lands you’re moving me again and the next few blasts land on your voluptuous breasts.  They look impossibly white against your pale skin.

When I finish cumming your hands move to your breasts immediately as you rub my cum into your skin.  “Thank you, Sir.  I love it when you mark me as your cum slut.”

I reach down and scoop some cum off your cheek and feed it to you.  “You’re welcome baby.  I love rewarding my girl when she’s been especially good.”  I lean down and kiss you softly as you continue to play with your tits.  We both know it’s time for you to go to work, and you can’t wait to put on your bra and head out the door, your chest covered in my cum for the whole day ahead.

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