Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Reviews are In!

This has been a very exciting week here at eroticsatifiction.com.  After waiting on pins and needles for reviews, two have come in!

I would like to thank Travel Nurse (@budda1114) for her review of my book Sin City Stripping.  It is the story of Jessie who decides to giver her husband a surprise by sending him to Vegas for his birthday.  Little does he know that she and her two good friends are planning to be their strippers for the evenings entertainment.  While she starts out shy, she soon loosens up.

To quote from the review... "You know how with some books, you feel the need to skim over the "dry" parts, well, with this book there are no dry spots to skim over.  "

Be sure to check out her blog post and see what she had to say!  It's right HERE.

I also need to thank Maralyin over at ReviewsbyAM (@ReviewsByAM).  She reviewed The Ravishing.  There is a sample of the story on this blog and it recounts the night that I visit you and please you in my own special way.  It's a playful story, two lovers, written as much from her perspective as from his, that has elements of bdsm, however it's light and playful.  This is just an erotic adventure worth exploring further.

To quote from the review...  "The pure sultry description of feeling and lust and expression is just fabulous... I can personally say I wouldn't mind hearing it."

Be sure to check out the blog post and see all that she had to say.  You can find that HERE.

Thanks again for the reviews and be sure to follow both their blogs and twitter handles to find other great works.  And don't forget to check out my author pages to get longer samples and to buy the books.

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