Thursday, June 27, 2013

Story Snippet: Sin City Stripping

This is the story of Jessie, a housewife who decides to give Ryan, her husband, a birthday he will never forget.  She sends him and his two friends down to Vegas to have a good time.  Little does he know that Jessie and her two best friends are also in town.  And they have decided to be his entertainment for the night.  So meek Jessie and her two friends start dancing for the guys...

“You guys know what the rules are.  You can enjoy everything you see and we can touch you as much as we’re willing to.  However, you better keep your hands to yourselves or else we’ll cut this show short and take off, do you understand?”  Nicole stops fooling with the switches now that the lights are sufficiently dimmed and the boys are just staring at Nicole’s leather wrapped curves.

Not receiving an answer, Nicole stamps down with her boot and says loudly, “Do you understand the rules or do we have to stop before this starts?”

Ryan is the first to speak up.  “We understand, Nicole.”  This is followed by acknowledgements from the other two as well.

“Good.”  Nicole says.  “And Ryan, you know that even goes for this innocent one here, right?”  She nods in your general direction and Ryan grunts an affirmative.  “Ok, then.  You boys know the rules, now why don’t you turn those chairs around, sit back, and enjoy the show.”  Nicole turns around and then looks over her shoulder and adds, “Oh, and don’t forget to have fun!”

Erin starts walking towards Nicole, as if they are getting ready to start a routine.  The second song starts up and Nicole moves her head in time to the beat.  Erin getting into the whole scene then says, “On the main stage, can we have a big round of applause for Naughty Nicole and Erotic Erin.”

Immediately after their introduction, Erin and Nicole start gyrating in synch with each other as well as the music.  You stand there transfixed, simply watching the scene in front of you.  You’ve known Erin and Nicole for years and they are your best friends, but watching them move, wearing as little as they are, is incredible.

Erin is out there, smiling, laughing, enjoying herself and is incredibly attractive because of that.  Nicole on the other hand, is always a bit more in control and strict, but there is something about her body that you were always a bit jealous of.   As you stand there watching them together, you realize how well they complement each other’s differences perfectly.

You turn to look at the boys and check out their reactions to the show.  Their eyes are transfixed on the undulating bodies in front of them.  They sit there, mouths open, not saying a thing.  They are completely focused on enjoying the show that your two best friends are putting on for their amusement.  Ryan sits on the edge of his seat and you can easily make out the bulge in his pants as his fantasies come true.

You turn your attention back to the dancing, and you are surprised at how their dance has changed.  They are close to each other, both aware of their audience, and playing up to their expectations.  Nicole is behind Erin, her hands sliding over Erin’s curves.  It is obvious that Erin is enjoying the attention of both the audience and Nicole’s hands equally.  Her eyes are closed, head tilted back, and her hips are moving where the music takes her.  Something about how happy she looks and the way her golden hair flows makes you want some attention from the guys as well.

You make your way over to the kitchen and grab a shot of something strong that the boys have hiding in the cupboard.  From this angle you can tell that there are mirrors behind where the girls are dancing and this affords the boys practically 360 degree views of the action.  Tilting the shot glass back a second time, you want make sure that you got every drop.  You contemplate taking one more shot, but you don’t want to blackout tonight.  As embarrassing as it would be to pass out, if you black out, you’ll never remember this crazy night.

As the song wraps up, Erin opens her eyes and starts to get ready for the next.  You make eye contact with her and she beams, realizing immediately that you’re ready to join them.  Without missing a beat she says, 

“And joining the girls on stage, we have a first timer tonight, Chesty Jessie!”

The three guys start to whoop and holler, getting into their role as audience.  Somehow that makes you feel a bit more welcomed.

You walk up to the “stage” and make sure that your hips sway just a bit more than normal in order to accentuate your fishnet clad legs.  Then you feel the music match the rhythm of your beating heart and you start to let go.  Part of you realizes that they might be a bit thinner, but you’re in the best shape and you can still show them up on the dance floor.  You close your eyes and sway to the music, feeling a bit shy and awkward. 

Erin comes up behind you and you lean your head back against her shoulder.  She turns her lips towards your ear and says, “Just let go and enjoy yourself, Jessie.”  Then you feel an electric shock as her hands trace the sides of your body, from where your panties are to just under your bra strap.  You keep your eyes closed the entire time and just ignore the outside world.  It feels so good to just be up here and living out a fantasy.

Then, out of nowhere, Erin kisses you on the neck and starts to cup your breasts.  Your eyes spring open, shocked at both how good it feels, but also that Erin would even do that.  You turn your head and look into her eyes and she kisses you deeply.  One of her hands is on your breast as her crotch is pressed into your ass and her other hand is on the small triangle of cloth covering your pussy.  Not wanting to break the mood, you just go with it and the catcalls the guys are shouting make you feel like it is the right choice.

When Erin breaks the kiss, you turn your head forward, and she says into your ear, “Nicole was getting too much attention out in front and I was getting a little jealous of her.  Hope you don’t mind how I got the guys’ attention back.”

You lift your head up and can see that Nicole is dancing right next to Neil and he’s staring transfixed at her moves.  He’s got a wad of bills in his hand and is sliding some money into her thong’s waistband.  Immediately you realize what Erin and you are up against.  While Neil is still engrossed in what is in front of him, the others are smiling and staring at you two.

Erin breaks away from you and heads toward the birthday boy.  Then she starts undulating in front of him.  You absentmindedly continue to dance as you watch her place her hands on her knees and lean forward.  As she does, she moves her hips in a circle giving Ryan an incredible view of her ass in those satin panties.  Each pass gets closer until she’s almost rubbing his nose in her ass.  When he takes a bill from the table next to him and slips it into her waistband, your jaw almost drops to the floor.

Now both Nicole and Erin are giving what amounts to private shows, and getting some big tips.  Green bills are sticking out from all over their outfits.  Nicole even has dollars sticking out from the front of her panties.  

Despite being not quite sure what to do, you figure Kyle won’t mind if you experiment and head towards him in as a sultry manner that you can manage.

Feeling a bit emboldened, you look into his eyes and say, "Ready for your show, Kyle?"

As I said earlier this is just a little tease of the story, a snippet so you can see what is hidden behind the cover.  If you want a bit more then try a sample or buy the whole book...

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