Friday, November 11, 2016

Dress Code

“You know, we have a strict dress code at work, and there’s been some complaints about your work attire.  This isn’t the first time we’ve talked to you about this.”

You sat in your chair and looked at the guy from HR staring back at you.  You smiled and finally laughed.  “But I’ve listened to your guide lines.  Sure I’m showing a little cleavage, but it’s within the boundaries that you set last time.”  You reached up and pulled on the neckline of your top exposing your magnificent breasts to him.  “See, it’s just my breasts are huge, and when the other girls see a little more skin, well they just assume I’m showing a lot.  But look…”  And you put your breasts away, “When you see the shirt now, you can see that most of my tits were behind fabric like you’ve requested.”

The guy from HR squirmed in his chair, obviously turned on.  He licked his lips and practically had to wipe the drool forming in the corner of his mouth.  “Ok, we can concede that point.  But what about the water cooler talk of you showing a whale tale that was clearly indicating you had on a thong?”

You laughed again.  “I’m wearing a dress how could that be possible?”

“Well they clearly saw something, People described a purple bow…”

You laughed again.  “Well then they were peeking up my dress because I was wearing panties with a bow in the back.  But not thongs!”

The HR Guy raised his eyebrows and you knew he wasn’t going to take your word for it.  So you stood up, turned around and lifted up your skirt.  Then looking over your shoulder you said, “See, they are not exactly a thong, but pretty damn sexy.”  You shook your ass playfully and then let the dress slide back down to cover your perfect round cheeks.

When you turned back around you caught him rubbing his hard cock through his pants.  He became red as he realized he hadn’t stopped quick enough and you caught him in the act.  You just flashed him your seductive smile to put him at ease.

“Does that answer all your questions?”

“Yes.  Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.”  The HR guy started to stand up and walk to the door to your office.

“Wait.”  He turned around and tried his best to look you in the eyes.  “Just so you know, you don’t have to trump up these charges every week just to take a peek at my body you know, I love sharing myself.”

“I’m afraid I do, company policy.”

“Then I’ll pencil you in for around the same time next Thursday?”

He smiled.  “Yes, and remember it’s probably best that you did wear an actual thong, it is Thong Thursday for a reason and I’d hate to have to reprimand you.  Last time my hand hurt from spanking your ass so hard.”

You smiled thinking back to that delightful incident.  “Duly noted,”  And as he left your office you rubbed your clit quickly, just to take the edge off to make concentrating on work easier.

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