Friday, November 4, 2016

Au Natural

I led you down the trail, quietly looking for the turn off. I had found the perfect spot a few weeks earlier and was excited to show it to you.

You were a little nervous as you walked behind me in only the summer dress that I picked out for you to wear. You could feel your heart racing and you were sure that it was in anticipation and not from the hike.

We continued to pass other dayhikers until I grabbed your arm and drew you off the wall worn path. Your mind raced as I brought you to a hidden, secluded grove.

It didn't take me long to lift the dress over your head and you were completely naked, save for your shoes. I brought you over to a thin birch and opened up the backpack. Pulling out a length of rope you started to see what I had in mind.

Soon you were tied up to the tree, head down and ass up, as you felt the hand cuffs snapping closed around your ankles. The cold weight sent a shiver down your spine.

You lifted your head up, trying to see beyond your hair, and all that you could make out was your dress hanging from a limb about fifty feet away. Still you were aware of the fact that I was still rummaging through the pack but you couldn't see for what.

You could hear the trail hikers walking along unaware of your predicament. It only made your heart beat faster. You started to tremble as you stood there.

I placed a comforting hand on your back and softly cooed. You relaxed right up until you felt the lubed tip of a plug against your asshole. You let out a moan as I slid it in, but a moment later you wondered if you were too loud. Would the other hikers find you? And did you secretly want to be found?

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