Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Erotic Tease: A Kiss

I study your face, the way your lip trembles, the way the fire burns within your eyes.  Silently, I reach out, my hand grazing along your cheek, slipping under your hair, pushing it away from your neck.

Leaning down, I kiss the top of your shoulder blade, feeling you move closer, hold me tighter as my lips follow along your exposed skin.  Slowly they move, creeping closer and closer to your neck.  Gliding along, teasing the fine hairs that are raised on your sensitive skin, my hands reach for you body and support you.

As I kiss your neck, your grip on my arm tightens, as you fight against the pull of gravity, your legs wobbly and weak.  But you can feel the strength in my arms as I hold you up.

Exhaling hot breath against your aroused skin, I sigh.  “You were meant to be savored, slowly, deliberately, completely.”

You expect me to speed up, to go further in my exploration, but instead I return to the same slow steady pace and enjoy all that you are.  There is no rush…

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