Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Distracting You from the TV

You were in the living room watching your favorite crime show, eyes glued to the screen as you got lost in the plot.  I should know better than to want your attention at this time of night, but how could I not want your attention all the time?

Seeing how you were on the edge of the couch, it didn’t take much for me to walk over the back and slide in behind you.  Before you realized what was happening, you were sitting between my spread legs, my hands on your shoulder.  Leaning forward I kissed the side of your neck. “Just watch your show.”

You let out a little laugh, and I’m pretty sure it was because I implied that even this would be enough to distract you from the TV set.  Nope, the attraction you felt to it was too strong, and besides, I was around whenever you needed me, your favorite show was only on for one hour each week.

So you continued to lean forward, wrapped up in the investigation of the week, trying to piece together the clues along with the stars of the show.  And as you did so, my fingers wrapped around your shoulders as I massaged them, and you felt the stress of the day escape.

As the episode wore on, my fingers moved lower, my thumb finding the knot right below your shoulder blade.  The daily stress had managed to flow into your shoulders and the knotted muscles were the physical manifestations of your mind’s worries.

My thumb felt the all the knots, all the tight muscles below the surface of your skin and I worked them through, helping them relax and unwind.  As I worked on you, I felt you sigh and felt the stress escape out of you on your breath.

At the end of the middle commercial break you reached behind your back and unclasped your bra.  My hands went to the bottom of your shirt, and then inside and up your back.  You felt my nails scratch where the band was as you worked your arm back into your shirt.  After a little effort, you had your arm out of the bra strap and slipped it back through the sleeve.  Finally you reached around to your other arm and like a magic trick; you pulled your bra out of your shirt.

Feeling playful, you flipped it backward and it landed on top of my head, the cup in my face.   The residual heat of your body struck me hard and the scent of your perfume filled my nostrils.  Placing it on the arm of the couch, I went back to massaging your back.

You must have been enjoying yourself because you leaned back against my chest, using me as your own arm chair.  But this chair had more than just arms, it also had hands.  And since they were already under your shirt, as you shifted and made yourself comfortable, my fingertips traced lazy circles as they traveled over your ticklish sides and to your amazing belly.  They wrapped around you tight, holding you in a bear hug, making you feel a mixture of desired and distracted.  Playfully you slapped my hand and said, “It’s almost over, behave!”

But I didn’t want to behave.  I wanted to distract you; I wanted to turn you on.  Call me selfish, but I couldn’t see the harm in pushing this just a little bit farther.  I slid my hands up your soft belly and a short while later you felt them wrap around your breasts.  God, you have perfect breasts, so soft and firm, big enough to be a little more than a handful, with nipples that got delightfully hard between my fingertips.

As the last act of the show unfolded, my hands were alternating between gently squeezing your breasts and rolling your nipples between my finger.  Your hands were resting on my thighs and I felt them clench against me which encouraged me to continue teasing you.

By the time the show was wrapping up you were squirming between my legs, constantly moving, unable to keep still.  Using your hands on my thighs as leverage, you pushed yourself backwards, pressing your back and ass against my chest and crotch.  Every move you made I felt though my nipples and my cock as you successfully teased me in return.

As the credits rolled and the promo for the next show jumped onto the screen you turned your head around and kissed me with pent up desire.  Our tongues were dancing, playing with each other, touching the tip, sliding down the center, appearing to be everywhere and at times nowhere.  It was so seductive and I’m sure you felt my cock throb against your ass crack.

We broke the kiss and you immediately said, “That wasn’t nice, distracting me like that.”

Before you knew it I had your pants undone and my hand was down your panties.  Your pussy was soaked and as much as I wanted to taste your juices, that wasn’t in the cards right this second.

“I should have distracted you like this huh?”  As I finished speaking my lips played at the back of your neck while my hand rubbed your clitoris fast and softly.

“Uhhhh, yes, just like that…”  Hearing you moan while so close was almost too much for me.  Especially as your hips began rocking against my throbbing cock.

God I must have had you so worked up because you were moaning and moving like you were really close and I had just started playing with your pussy.  Not wanting to deny my Princess of her orgasm, I moved my hand on your clit a little faster and a little harder while rubbing your nipple faster between my fingers.

When I started to suck your earlobe and tease it with the tip of my tongue, I felt your whole body shudder.  I kept doing what you seemed to be enjoying so much and I felt your fists dig into my thighs.  I knew I couldn’t stop doing what I was doing.

When I heard your breath catch I held you as tight as I could while still playing your body like the delicate instrument that it is.  As you fell into an orgasm I held you tight, catching you as you fell into your own personal bliss.  Your whole body shook and wracked against my body, but I kept holding you tight, kept milking out as much pleasure as you were capable of.

Finally you went limp in my arms and I stopped teasing you and just held you tight as you started to drift off on cloud nine.  I picked you up in my arms and walked you over to your bed and placed you gently down on the mattress.  You wrapped your blankets around yourself as I crawled in and spooned with you.

As you fell asleep you felt content.  You felt happy.  You felt protected.  And you felt my cock throb against your ass and you couldn’t help rubbing it against me as your eyes closed.  It felt so good, and my cock head was so slick with pre come that each movement was building off the next.  You pushed back harder against my throbbing cock wiggling a little faster.

Before I knew what was happening, I felt my balls tighten and my cock begin to throb.  I wrapped my arms around you, holding you tight to my body as I came hard in my briefs.  The come was thick and copious as let out all the pent up sexual desires from the last hour.

As my orgasm subsided, you stopped wiggling and I felt your body relax.  I rolled over and took off my underwear, wiping up the come that was sticking to my body.  Wadding it up and throwing it into the hamper, I rolled back around and held you lightly in my arms.  As we snuggled, we listened to the sound of each other’s breathing and welcomed the approaching slumber.

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