Tuesday, May 26, 2015

An Offer I Can't Refuse

by John Satisfy

When I walk into the room you are lying their naked, a smile on your lips.  Slowly, you spread your legs wide, letting your aroma waif up and fill the space between us.  My gaze moves from your eyes and glides down your body in tandem with your hands.

You place your left hand on your mound and move it over to your leg, spreading yourself open for me.  Then, deliberately, you take your right middle finger and run it over your clit.  You let out a moan as you tease your body.  It wasn’t enough and you start tapping it with your index finger, sending pleasure throughout your core.

You’re licking your lips as you grab your clit hood and start rolling it between your fingers.  I’m watching as your juices leak out of your slit and glisten in the warm light from the candles.  I move my gaze back to your adorable face and I can see the glint of lust in your eyes.

Your breath is starting to become ragged and you breathe in sharply.  As you exhale you manage to form words, “Want a little taste?”

 I don’t answer with words, rather my eyes widen as I take a step closer to your tasty treat.  I feel like I’m floating on your aroma trail as I make my way to you and settle myself on the floor next to you computer chair.  Without me saying a word, you lift your legs over my shoulders.

Digging your heels into my shoulder blades, you pull me forward and I eagerly go along with your plan.  I watch, completely mesmerized, as you stroke your clit inches from my face.  As you finish your teasing, with one hand on your mound you spread your fingers, which in turns spreads your lips, showing me your dripping sweetness.

I’m snapped out of my daze as your hand tangles in my hair and pulls me into you.  As soon as my lips hit yours, I am kissing, softly teasing at your silken folds.  You are squirming in the chair as I play with your hot flesh.

“Please, give me what I need!”  Your voice is pleading, insistent, with a hint of desperateness.

Feeling your need, I slide my tongue out and slip it between your perfect lips.  Immediately your taste coats my tongue, and like the addict I am, I can’t help but lap at your sweetness.  My tongue is flowing all over you, but when it reaches the slick patch by your hole, I’m in heaven.

My tongue has a mind of its own as it wiggles into your body, eager to find the source of your amazing juices.  As it swirls inside your body, your hips rock in perfect synchronization.  Each time you move, my tongue rubs against your clit and you let out a moan of pleasure.  And as I work my magic, I’m amazed that your flavor becomes even sweeter, even thicker, as it coats my tongue, my lips, and my beard.

Your hand tightens in my hair and you drag my face up and out of your drenched hole.  As you position me at your clit, I know that you’re close.  My lips wrap around your clit hood as I suck you in between my lips.  At the same time my finger slides into your tight hole and finds your g-spot.

As I lick the top of your clit with the tip of my tongue, my finger rubs against your g-spot.  As I work my magic, I can feel your body tense up.  You hips are moving erratically now and I can start to feel your legs tightening around my head.  This encourages me to push you over the edge.

Redoubling my efforts, I’m flicking my tongue over your clit faster and faster as my finger presses against your g-spot and quickly rubs circles over the sensitive patch.  Your fist tightens in my hair, pulling it, and I know whatever little pain you’re causing me is nothing compared to the pleasure I’m giving you.

As I suck your clit deep in between my lips repeatedly, your thick thighs clamp around my ears.  A second later I feel your whole body tense before the electrical blast releases through your core.  Your whole body is writhing against my face as your muffled moans just barely reach my ears.  Being this close to you as you come is the most erotic sensation in the universe, as if I’m surfing on the orgasmic wave flowing through your soul.

As your legs slacken and slide off my shoulders, I look up over your heaving belly and chest and see the smile on your face and I can’t help but think it is almost as wide as mine.  Your eyes slowly roll around and land on me.  Your eyes widen and I know that this is only the beginning…

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