Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Thanks for Making the Heat Waves Rise!

Oh my gosh, you guys are awesome!  Last week Heat Waves became free on Amazon and we did so well.  We made it all the way up to #15 on their free erotica list!  That's fantastic.  I need to send out a hardy thank you to everyone who downloaded and helped us reach this height!

Not only that, but we got one review, and it's five stars!  To quite the reviewer... "I enjoyed this delightful treat. It's summer-themed which was perfect for the weather. Where I live, it's the rainy season so snuggled with a fleece blanket, and reading about those hot, steamy, and sexy scenes really set the mood."  Thank you for such kind words.

Now, unlike many titles, Heat Waves is going to continue to be free permanently.  So if you didn't get a chance to grab it yet, well, what are you waiting for?  Now is the perfect time to check out the eight erotic stories by eight talented authors.  I'm really proud of how this anthology came together and have to thank Carrie Anne Ward for the opportunity to be included in such a great freebie.

Now with this book done, I'm working on a few more projects which hopefully be done in the next few months.  I can't really tell you more about it right now, but I'm excited by the possibilities.  Hopefully I'll have something more to share next week.

And don't forget, The Ravishing is only 99c!  Today I'll end this post with a little snippet from that one:

My lips graze your neck as they move down your shoulder and over the top of your chest.  The soft tops of your breasts feel so sensual on my lips, inviting me to explore them further.  As alluring as they are I find that I am too preoccupied to dawdle in any one place.  My lips drift across your skin and my tongue darts out to lick the sweat forming on the top of your cleavage.  This is such a rush that soon I am burying my face as deep as I can between your perfect tits.  Being surrounded by your soft, velvety flesh is heavenly.  My tongue travels up and down your cleavage.  Getting to taste you, to smell you, to be surrounded by you is fanatic. You’re enjoying feeling my beard against your body along with my eagerness.

My mouth moves left, to your exposed breast, and I slowly circle your areola.  Feeling the skin tighten and knot underneath my slippery tongue is an incredible sensation for both of us.  I smile enjoying the feeling and physical proof of your arousal while you let out little whimpers and gasps.  Slowly I circle, creeping closer and closer to your nipple, knowing that it needs to be flicked, that it needs to feel my sharp teeth clamp down upon it, but I resist rushing, I am enjoying it as I add to your growing need.  Until I can tell you desire nothing more than the lightest of touches on your nipple, I will not give you the sensation you crave.

I feel you squirm, and even with my hands pinning you down, your yearning for more is giving you muscles more strength allowing you to move when you had previously been completely trapped.  I give in to your body's desires and suck your nipple into my mouth, flicking it with my tongue.  I move slowly at first, and then gradually pick up speed until your body is writhing at my touch.  Without a warning I stop, place my teeth at the base of your nipple and drag them along the length of it.  You let out a moan as I shift back down, and then up again.  Each scrape sends shivers through your body and we both know you’re lost in bliss.  Knowing how much you’re enjoying this play, I suddenly stop and you feel a frustration build within.  I move my mouth off you, letting your alert nipple feel the relatively cold air of the room again and show you a mischievous grin.

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